Prepositions after "bankrupt"

bankrupt in, by, for, as or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases bankrupt in is used

He was made a bankrupt in 2006.

Scotland wasn't bankrupt in 1707.

The company went bankrupt in 2001.

It started as a weekly in 1907, changed to daily in 1912, but went bankrupt in 1915.

They are good programs but need to be reformed or they will be bankrupt in 20 years.

Ferretti had gone bankrupt in 2008 when its sales plunged during the financial crisis.

This can not continue for very long and leads Henry Blodget to worry Nokia could go bankrupt in two years or less.

He had bought too many farms and had gone bankrupt in the agricultural depression at the beginning of this century.

Building halted in 2009 when the Fontainebleau became the largest commercial construction to go bankrupt in the US.

I can't speak for Texas, but if any of the Mid-Western Farming states are involved, they'd go bankrupt in 5 minutes.

In 7% of cases bankrupt by is used

It is expected to go bankrupt by 2017.

That means that Medicare goes bankrupt by 2024.

Businesses went bankrupt by the tens of thousands.

Telling rakyat that if we don't cut out subsidies, the country will be bankrupt by 2019.

The country will go bankrupt by mid-October if it does not get an expected 8 billion loan.

I see that you have a crystal ball that suggests Scotland would be bankrupt by the economic crises.

If you can't afford the bankruptcy fee, than you can essentially do the same thing as going bankrupt by doing nothing.

I have seen people made bankrupt by payment defaults on credit facilities of less than $10,000 which I think can be avoided.

I have a hard time thinking SriLankan would go bankrupt by provided a better economy class meal service than other airlines.

In 6% of cases bankrupt for is used

Europe? Been bankrupt for 20 years.

Sprint can just go bankrupt for all I care.

The Times has been going bankrupt for years.

In the last year I? ve nearly been arrested and bankrupt for stealing from my clients.

They are only in office to make money and the country can go bankrupt for all they care.

All it takes really is one or two medium-sized companies to go bankrupt for a domino effect.

Those from the East would consider us to be spiritually bankrupt for even questioning the reality of this doctrine.

Many Malaysians smart alecs also predicted Malaysia will be bankrupt for as along as I remember when roaming the internet i the last 10 years.

That said, I still believe people should have the right to refuse service to whoever they want- and then consequently go bankrupt for being biggots.

The UK had to pay, in cash, until bankrupt for all it's US made war material, then received credit of which it paid it's last payment in the late 90's.

In 5% of cases bankrupt as is used

That is why athiesm is so bankrupt as a view of life.

California tried that theory, and went bankrupt as a result.

We, as a party, are now as morally bankrupt as the other two.

Big J: 23 Feb 2012 4:41:46pm Spot on! Journos are as morally bankrupt as the pollies.

They are as intellectually bankrupt as the mainstream economics ' profession ' globally.

A lot of people who initially had that motivation became burnt out and bankrupt as a result.

After completing construction of the third, the ship-builders went bankrupt as the price of diamonds sky-rocketed.

I'd just saying don't say we will ever default or go bankrupt as a nation, we will just hyperinflate ourselves to oblivion.

In case anyone doesn't know perhaps we should remind them that we are bankrupt as a Nation but still living beyond our means.

It is quite astonishing that an organisation as morally bankrupt as the BBC can still command 4B per annum of taxpayers ' money.

In 4% of cases bankrupt because is used

We are bankrupt because of Brown ' prudence '.

Illinois is bankrupt because we keep voting democratic.

I know, I know, Borders is bankrupt because of people like me.

South London Healthcare Trust has already been declared bankrupt because of PFI.

On the other hand, it is entirely baseless that they will go bankrupt because of the price cut.

No business goes bankrupt because of income tax assessments, unless they were already cooking the books.

People should not have to go bankrupt because of illness or denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions imho.

Most dictatorship and authoritarian regime stem from failed states that went bankrupt because of idiot economic policies.

The engineering company went bankrupt because of greedy Australian bosses trying to make mega-profits and fiddling the books.

The principle upheld by the high court's ruling is that no American should go bankrupt because of illness, the president said.

In 4% of cases bankrupt with is used

I watched born bankrupt with Jeff Randall.

The affirmation gets bankrupt with great moisture.

No order for reparation was made because Roest is bankrupt with no assets.

Bowles sat, General Motors, went bankrupt with substantial costs to the government.

Polly altogether than the miserable bankrupt with whose dyspeptic portrait our novel opened.

In the year of our Lord 2024 London will be bankrupt with 23 million unemployed and the city divided.

What is even more disturbing is the fact that companies across the world are going bankrupt with increasing frequency.

Over the years I've helped with the paperwork for retirees and pensioners go bankrupt with only a few thousand dollars of debt.

As a result of the recession in the year 2008 in USA, many big companies declared bankrupt with the result that about more than 3.

Lehmans who have never reported a loss in their 100 odd year history becomes instantaneously bankrupt with 150 billion dollar debt.

In 4% of cases bankrupt on is used

The state will go technically bankrupt on July 1.

I started on a Monday and the company went bankrupt on a Friday.

Leslie Greyling has also been declared bankrupt on numerous occasions.

We could not even get a rental with cash because they say I had a bankrupt on my CR.

How do I become a bankrupt? You can become a bankrupt on the actions of your creditor.

If you are ajdudicated bankrupt on 1 Sept 2012, you will be discharged on 1 Sept 2015.

Trying to argue that GM is going bankrupt on the basis that the Malibu did poorly in one comparison test is idiotic.

Her dad, who has been married to her mother, Elaine, for more than 30 years, somehow managed to go bankrupt on two separate occasions.

At a time when Ireland can appear to be morally and economically bankrupt on so many fronts, her success offers us so much hope for the future.

People don't good go bankrupt on rides -- they'll actually do things like bod Councillor racing cars or participate in sea-robber cutter splash fights.

In 4% of cases bankrupt of is used

Our nation and society is bankrupt of ideas.

Messianic Marxism is also bankrupt of hope for the world.

Why? Because the other side is virtually bankrupt of ideas.

Urban?? s Dredd combines crisp enunciation with a delivery that is bankrupt of emotion.

We need to shun old ideas and old leaders who are bankrupt of new ideas and embrace the future.

I think Mallam Sanusi is bankrupt of ideas for trying to contract the economy rather than expand it.

Unfortunately the opposition is so bankrupt of ideas that this is about the level of political discourse we're getting from them.

These people are bankrupt of morality, ethics and dignity and can even sell their mothers and sisters to the US as long as they get dollars.

The Renegade Master rotcoddam wrote: is this sad remnant of what was once a newspaper really so totally bankrupt of any news gathering abilities.

DM If you actually knew real science, math and logic you would know that its evolution that is bankrupt of any credibility and scientifically bogus.

In 4% of cases bankrupt after is used

He went bankrupt after six months.

Britain was bankrupt after the second world war.

The country is bankrupt after a Labour government.

But if even he could become bankrupt after investing his lifetime savings in contesting Mr.

But by the 1920s Britain was bankrupt after the war and couldn't afford such elaborate preparations.

The US government will be bankrupt after another four years of the same Obama we had for the past four.

Dx Oh no! Then we should buy the manga x 'D! It would be unfair for Aoyama to become bankrupt after all the work.

California-based solar panel maker Solyndra Inc went bankrupt after receiving its money and laid off 1,100 workers.

True, he was declared bankrupt after his disappearance, but that was so we could deal with his creditors in his absence.

On the other Spain's fourth bank Bankia and most of the savings banks are virtually bankrupt after years of mismanagement.

In 4% of cases bankrupt from is used

The whole business is bankrupt from start to finish.

Their business model is bankrupt from what I read here.

All of Europe is going bankrupt from single-payer systems.

The person is bankrupt from the time of the creditors making the sequestration order.

In the long term USA saved us from nothing and now USA is bankrupt from its endless wars.

By the early eighties, the 400-plus parastatals, were running bankrupt from massive thievery.

However, at the same time the United Kingdom was exhausted and virtually bankrupt from the prosecution of the war.

I local paper reported our waiting time for an appointment is 50 days! The state is going bankrupt from the program.

Nor was theirs merely a love born of necessity, and when Mary returned bankrupt from the Crimea it was her white ' sons ' who rallied round to save her.

No one goes bankrupt from medical bills and the cost of private insurance is cheap as chips compared with the mortgage size payments to your medical insurers.

In 3% of cases bankrupt at is used

They are really bankrupt at that point.

He was declared bankrupt at the age of 34.

Fraud, yes well morally bankrupt at any rate.

Of course the US government was not bankrupt at the time because it had not bailed out the banks.

If you have been declared bankrupt at any time you should give details of the bankruptcy proceedings.

It costs around 600 to make yourself bankrupt at the local County Court, however has certain consequences.

Greece has been persuaded that it is better to accept more debt against austerity measures than to go bankrupt at this time.

Sent to Harrow, from which he ran away at sixteen, he attempted to become a film producer, and went bankrupt at twenty-five.

If I were only rewarded financially and with recognitions such as this morning 's, I would quickly become bankrupt at a deeper level.

On Tuesday night, Syed Sobri revealed that he was declared bankrupt at a gathering of some 300 Umno members at his home in Alor Setar.

In 3% of cases bankrupt due is used

Large numbers also go bankrupt due to health care costs.

Entire cities go bankrupt due to mismanagement and miscalculation.

Now Social Security is bankrupt due to Congress reckless spending.

The Settler government by the late 1860? s was almost bankrupt due to the Land Wars.

He also went bankrupt due to a poor decision regarding a financial firm that he partnered.

Anyone can go bankrupt due to serious illness or injury, whether you have insurance or not.

When Putin was elected as President of Russia in 2000, Russia was bankrupt due the looting by Khazarian Zionists.

How many banks went went bankrupt due to using depositor money to speculate in the market (after the repeal of Glass-Steagall )? Zero.

Some of the companies involved in constructing the unique sea beast went bankrupt due to the difficulties in executing Starck's design dictums.

Asbestos is actually creating some opportunities for Berkshire to buy companies that went bankrupt due to asbestos claims -- free of asbestos liabilities.

In 3% of cases bankrupt under is used

States aren't allowed to go bankrupt under the Federal Bankruptcy Code.

Ontario nearly went bankrupt under Bob Rae (admittedly not wholly his own doing).

The company went bankrupt under fire for fraud, and the Enron employees became unemployed.

The company went bankrupt under Obama and then suddenly conservatives wanted to pretend it was cronyism.

Four years later our provincial utility effectively became bankrupt under the weight of $38 billion in publicly-owed debt.

Questioning of the bankrupt under oath with respect to the bankrupt's conduct, causes of bankruptcy and disposition of the bankrupt's property.

A Member who is declared bankrupt under the Insolvency Act 1986 is disqualified from sitting and voting in the House during the period of bankruptcy.

People should be ready to pay the actual market price of petrol and diesel, otherwise the oil companies and eventually India would go bankrupt under the burden of subsidy.

In 2% of cases bankrupt during is used

After a few good years, the store went bankrupt during the recession of 1921.

Child support assessments All liable persons who are declared bankrupt during the.

In fact, more than 100,000 firms went bankrupt during our 23 months inside the system.

Bankruptcy Cases Example: Mary, the proprietress went bankrupt during the year 2011/12.

Everyone else was going bankrupt during the crisis or the perception of going bankrupt.

Some enterprises will go bankrupt during this process, and send their employees on the run for new jobs.

It was actually bankrupt during the stock market collapse, and had managed to set a record for the longest period spent.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa did not allow the private banks and state banks to go bankrupt during the world economic recess.

One BIG negative to layaway plans (and gift certificates for that matter) is if the retailer goes bankrupt during the period.

Probably because the US nearly sent them bankrupt during the second World War charging them for all the war supplies under the Lend Lease programme.

In 2% of cases bankrupt before is used

The publisher goes bankrupt before your book is published.

Without the bailout funds, Greece may go bankrupt before the end of the year.

If he is reelected we will be bankrupt before 2016, and at that time the dollar will be WORTHLESS.

How does anything get done in that country and it is shocking Italy has not gone bankrupt before now.

But if the insurance company goes bankrupt before your death then your $1m payment is not certain anymore.

It's not exactly a failure when feds predicted to the month when the company would be bankrupt before the deal was even made.

Anschluss - Union with Germany was forbidden Reparations - Austria was to pay reparations but went bankrupt before the rate could be set.

It has also been investing in cheap fibre that has been laid by companies that have subsequently gone bankrupt before completing rollouts.

If the lessee becomes bankrupt before the lessor issues the notice of default, the 36-month limitation then commences on the date of the bankruptcy.

Have you gotten the latest hype from Greece, the near Bankrupt country (seems a land must get near bankrupt before turning to riches, example Finland).

In 2% of cases bankrupt within is used

We are bankrupt within the next decade.

Of those that do, half go bankrupt within three years.

Eight or ten railroads went bankrupt within a couple of months.

The service peaked with about 200,000 customers only to go bankrupt within a couple years.

The famous Union Pacific, which did win the race, went bankrupt within three years of the feat.

I remember seeing somewhere that nearly 1/3rd of all big lottery winners go bankrupt within 5 years.

Have you been bankrupt recently? Mortgages are nearly impossible to get if you have been bankrupt within the past 3-5 years.

Drexel would be bankrupt within two years, but the Dow would rise 27% from the date of the SEC's charges to Drexel's bankruptcy filing in February of 1990.

And the jobs of 3,700 people at two UK car plants are at risk after General Motors warned it would be bankrupt within months unless it received a bailout from the US government.

They did offer to involve all providers, not only Clinix and Meridian, but most of us refused, knowing that to genuinely offer those services for that price, we would be bankrupt within a few months.

In 2% of cases bankrupt without is used

Greece would have been bankrupt without the rescue measures.

Otherwise our governments will go bankrupt without sustained development.

It would have been bankrupt without this deal or without complete nationalisation.

So no matter what I say, what I believe, and what I do, I'd bankrupt without love.

So, no matter what I say, what I believe, and what I do, I'd bankrupt without love.

Unfortunately, the freight forwarder went bankrupt without remitting the payments to the carrier.

Under the Corporations Act you are prevented from managing a corporation while bankrupt without approval from the court.

If you trade in a name other than that in which you were made bankrupt without disclosing this name, you are guilty of an offence.

Indeed, the financial press is filled with stories that the FDIC might well become bankrupt without a further infusion of taxpayer funds.

In 1% of cases bankrupt like is used

You do not want a bankrupt like CSJ to manage the country.

It is better to act now before India go bankrupt like Greece.

LOL, you, an adult!! If you vote for Obama, all you are voting for is the US to go bankrupt like Greece next four years.

We want to go completely bankrupt like Angola and then we will feel really vindicated for taking up this sulking position.

Progressive38, I guess when we go bankrupt like Greece, you'll be in the streets rioting because you're not getting your welfare check or food stamps.

We will be bankrupt like California, and we elect dimwits like Moonbeam Brown (Obama and Biden ), along with the Pelosis, Boxers, Willie Browns and Arnold who live well off the taxpayers.

Will the Howard Theatre, soon to open in April, end up bankrupt like the Lincoln Theatre on U Street? Both are historic U Street area theaters that were revived at significant public expense.

In 1% of cases bankrupt despite is used

Strangely the post office would go bankrupt despite the praise.

In 1% of cases bankrupt over is used

Any company that doesn't have its books will go bankrupt over time.

I excavated Tom Beckett's old monastery until the unit I was working for rather abruptly went bankrupt over the space of one weekend.

It was hardly by accident than WestLB, the only German bank which went bankrupt over the past few years, was answerable to local politicians.

Neither of these items value would have any impact on resolving a personal bankruptcy (being declared personally bankrupt over the sum of e1600 is obscene) Don't fall for it.

Perhaps the most shocking moment of the whole film is the sight of George Bailey coming home, aware that his business is about to go bankrupt over a large sum of missing money.

The worst came when Greece had to declare itself bankrupt over its sugarcoated budget reports and did what it was expected to do: Holding out a tin up towards Brussels and cry for financial support.

How can you accept affected dresses and not go bankrupt over them? You can acquisition an affluence of food with an even added best of marriage dresses and formal dresses, decidedly on the Internet.

In 1% of cases bankrupt since is used

Ireland is bankrupt since 2008.

You'll already be bankrupt since what money your new country already has will be useless to you.

How would you reduce the rates burden? A bankrupt state-bankrupt since 2008- most certainly can not provide the funding.

Twenty-six municipalities have gone bankrupt since 2010, and more are likely to as it becomes harder and harder to push off inevitable financial meltdown.

In 1% of cases bankrupt through is used

The other option is for one of your creditors to seek to have you declared bankrupt through the courts.

But, as the nineteenth century has gone bankrupt through an over-expenditure of sympathy, I would suggest that we should appeal to science to put us straight.

With the coming US$16 trillion economic calamity building up in the US, entire savings can be wiped leaving a person here in Malaysia bankrupt through no fault of his.

The Republicans know that the only way to beat a recession is to spend, yet they demand austerity while watching those European Countries go bankrupt through austere programs.

In 1% of cases bankrupt to is used

You appear to have missed the sarcasm as I have on a number of occasions compared being more bankrupt to being more dead.

Trustee in bankruptcy in the case of the bankruptcy of a tenant in tail by deed to dispose of the land of the bankrupt to a purchaser 261.

If the estimate of 500,000 bankrupts is taken with an average of one bankrupt to five blacklists, this may work out to be three million bankrupts and blacklisted citizens if not more.

I wonder just how much Argentina legal costs are? I mean they're always in court lately aren't they? 5) Sounds like the badgers have stopped NML for declaring Argentina as bankrupt to me.

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