Prepositions after "balance"

balance by, in, on, with or between?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases balance by is used

It is also balanced by our successes.

Private rights were always balanced by public safety.

Each thought must be balanced by whomever creates it.

Both have risks and benefits, and these must be constantly balanced by investigators.

The fruit you get up front is nicely balanced by the perfect acidity and fine tannins.

And in this same way, intellect not balanced by intuition can not exist, unless you are a psychopath, which is possible.

If insufficient organic material is produced on the plantation, the deficit can be balanced by regularly adding compost.

In your mouth you get more cassis and black cherries that is balanced by some nice acidity and very well integrated tannins.

This would be to introduce a directly elected executive along American lines, balanced by a proportionally represented legislature.

In 16% of cases balance in is used

There are no checks and balances in the new structures.

I don't see anything balanced in your statement either but I'd fine with that.

We need to have checks and balances in place on whether and what data the users want to share.

European countries tend to be more balanced in their approach to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Well balanced in terms of looking at the whole work and not focussing on certain elements or pet issues.

This is because your eyes will not be balanced in terms of glasses and correction for any short or long sight you may have.

In 2002, the GOI removed measures previously requiring local content and foreign exchange balancing in automobile industry.

You have to remain balanced in order to manual and the ability to drive from the hips and not the arms/ lower back is the key.

Money can flow like water -- if your home is clean, and you use your Water room the bedroom to heal, rest, and stay balanced in Snake year.

Late Summer is Earth, balancing in still tranquility and represented by the Stomach and Spleen as the organs that allow us to be nourished.

In 16% of cases balance on is used

Balancing on the Equator line This was amazing.

Hats balance on heads and wide eyes sit above rictus grins.

There were hardly any checks and balances on political power.

As long as you can balance on your toes and heels, you're good.

It is an obvious way to put checks and balances on our governments.

Just the act of balancing on the ball alone will help tone abdominal muscles.

Still balancing on tiny features he reached up with his left hand and found another poor hold.

What you need to work on is teaching your horse to balance on his hind end and power forward with his hindquarters.

It included a slow-motion video of a man balancing on top of a car as it drives down a straight road in the Outback.

While I do not agree with their tactics I think there should be checks and balances on how this issue should be handled.

In 10% of cases balance with is used

He wants accountability to be balanced with independence.

Openness must be balanced with personal liberty in this case.

I? ll double-check to make sure that the various instrument groups are balanced with each other.

The bike needs to be balanced with good handling characteristics; you need to be able to ride with no hands.

This ia a clear anomaly, fostered by the automobile lobbyists and needs balancing with our workplace standards.

Freedom of speech, therefore, has been tempered and balanced with responsibility in USA and other western democracies.

The key seems to be not on what a country spends on government alone, but how it balances with the country's deficit and public debt.

Enjoyment appears at the boundary between boredom and anxiety, when the challenges are just balanced with the person's capacity to act.

After all, education is about the value-added components of building character/ sending positive messages balanced with the rigors of academics.

The builder knows how to deal with the nuts &; bolts of the project so plans are balanced with construction that makes sense and doesn't bust the budget unnecessarily.

In 9% of cases balance between is used

I spend a lot of time balancing between faith and disbelief.

Confessions of a Mormon Boy is balanced between two sentences.

It looks great, the handling is very good, well balanced between comfort and sport.

They balance between these extremes, demanding some social programs, but not all social programs.

Whats the big deal now? So I believe life is better if we can balance between the luxury and the simple.

The checks and balances between Ministers and bureaucrats have all disappeared in our system of government.

This was a country-smart poetry, beautifully balanced between frontier transcendentalism and the long gaze of Asia.

Numbers on the council are tightly balanced between Labor and its allies, and those in the lord mayor's camp, almost ensuring a tense time for most debates.

Abroad programs would not make that much of difference on your resume unless you are in a situation where your grades or scores are just balancing between acceptance and rejection.

In 5% of cases balance against is used

This is all balanced against a frame of smooth tannins, great acidity and pleasant minerality.

Scientists are, of course, only human so they have a vested interest in advancing their own theories but this interest is balanced against critique and peer review.

This consideration would, however, have to be balanced against the objective of protecting consumer welfare, which would seem to fit into India's democratic credentials.

The album plays like any of the old school Green Day albums in the sense that the tracks are evenly balanced against each other and the sounds and tones are fairly consistent.

These matters are balanced against community concerns such as the importance of protecting vulnerable members of the community and providing a reasonable deterrent against such behaviour.

By freeing markets from public regulation and taxation -- that is, by dismantling checks and balances against exploitation and free lunches -- neoliberalism becomes a doctrine of central planning.

Either way, it shows up the risk inherent to outsourcing, which has to be balanced against any benefit you get -- like a cheaper price, or innovative delivery -- that you get from that outsourcing.

In 3% of cases balance for is used

The chance of going higher and lower is balanced for today but it's unlikely for a break out of the range.

Lets keep this amazing country balanced for ALL and not tip the balance to this bunch of tantruming 4 year olds.

The moment we all balanced for Peace and Harmony in sync with other stone balancers around the world was a very special moment.

In Spain, fears over sovereign debt and financial sector stress are likely to have contributed to June's lower confidence balances for manufacturing and services activity compared with February.

In 3% of cases balance to is used

That had the inevitable consequence of moving the focus of checks and balances to the external arena.

A balancer connection is not required, therefore, as each cell will automatically balance to the other after connection and during charge.

With this growing enthusiasm for this art form I decided that this would be a great time to introduce Stone Balancing to the American West.

Transfer as much balances to low interest cards and pay minimum on those, and then pay off the one with the highest interest by paying more than the minimum.

If a society is ever to recover, it has to create the conditions for internal checks and balances to regenerate whenever the Empire gets a jolt of negative external feedback.

In 2% of cases balance at is used

It's not perhaps an even balance and it would seldom stay nicely balanced at half/half.

After that do a balance sheet and see whether your accounts balance at the end of 3 months.

Admittedly, they weren't all balanced at the start: dedust was often regarded as a one-sided map that gave Counter-Terrorists the advantage.

So it simply not possible for the banking system as a whole to make its deposit balances at the central bank decline by trading with anyone other than the central bank itself.

In 2% of cases balance from is used

For part of the show I would like to include images of Stone Balancing from the international community which could be part of the show.

In 1% of cases balance across is used

Will this contribute to national development that is balanced across regions? Most certainly not.

In 1% of cases balance as is used

Germany are more balanced as a team and more versatile in terms of their attacking combinations.

The year 2012 will give you balance as well as power with their really like as well as mental binding as well as intimacy.

In 1% of cases balance out is used

The biggest problem is the venting and how they construct the molding as it is simply a casting, milled and balanced out of standard grade mild steel.

In 1% of cases balance over is used

Presenting like a cat in heat whilst carefully balancing over the edge of the chair seems almost like a trap.

In 1% of cases balance through is used

While he did nt record any huge wins, he was active and balanced through the whole season.

Birds are flock animals and are more likely to be content and remain well balanced through puberty when kept with avian companions.

In 1% of cases balance within is used

It was such checks and balances within the traditional scheme of authority relations, especially among the Akan, that led the British anthropologist, Robert S.

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