Prepositions after "attain"

"attain to" or "attain by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases attain to is used

Those devotions are only means to attain to the end.

He attains to my own form if he has faith in My teachings.

Here the way is pointed out through which man can attain to real greatness.

They do not attain to that degree by performing salaah, fasting, or giving zakaah.

But he needs this light in a greater degree for attaining to the great spiritual goal.

Just being in the presence of someone who has attained to the experience, something mysterious will be transferred to you.

So what can be done? The only way -- and I emphasize it -- the only way is to live with someone who has attained to the experience.

Some bear grudges against the system or village members especially if such feel they did not attain to certain heights in the ministry.

The girls are problem-solving creatively in an attempt to transfer one boy's affections from a girl he'll never attain to a girl he stands a chance with.

It had been rumored that Nero had himself started the fire so that he could attain to glory by rebuilding the great capital city in more glorious fashion.

In 26% of cases attain by is used

Green Cards to STEM degrees attained by foreign-nationals.

Nibbana is attained by not wanting, not desiring, not hoping, not yearning.

Which of the following behaviors indicate that this is attained by the group? a.

It is not His reality (haqiqah) that is attained by someone who strikes a similitude for Him.

The degree of devotion attained by this brotherhood of religion was stronger than the ties of blood.

Happiness can be attained by cultivating a state of mind which is unaffected by fortune, good or bad.

Sufism can not attain by worldly means, but only by knowledge and practice, deep insight for things, and love for humanity.

He is always in the spiritual sky, which he attains by being transcendental to the sevenfold covering by the effect of his devotional service.

Notable results were attained by Jacob Patel in level 2 who was second overall, placing second on all apparatus except parallel bars where he was third.

In 8% of cases attain in is used

Self-government was attained in 1959.

This can be attained in various manners.

Once Protectorate status had been attained in 1912, France and Spain negotiated, and then signed, the Franco-Spanish Treaty of 1912.

The root is perennial and tapering, simple or more or less branched, attaining in a good soil a length of a foot or more and 1/2 inch to an inch in diameter.

As for the real and genuine good, that good which human beings ought to attain in this life, there is nothing higher than the coolness of the kind that is found in Dhamma.

You will rarely have this opportunity to spend quiet time away from the busy schedule of the city life, so make the most of it by knowing what you really want to attain in life.

In 5% of cases attain through is used

This isn't to say that naturalists argue that a just society can be attained through legal mechanisms alone.

We also believe that the goals of spiritual life can be attained through any religion, as long as it is practiced sincerely.

In 2% of cases attain at is used

However, honor attained at the detriment of so many sacrifices being made, may not be a virtue, but an illusion.

Direct Transition between School and Tertiary Education: Overall Trends The level of attainment a student attains at school impacts on the choices they make about tertiary education.

In 2% of cases attain with is used

The book caused a genuine scandal and gave Easton Ellis an infamy that it had become almost impossible to attain with the printed word.

In 2% of cases attain from is used

Deposit / Equity The LTV or loan-to value ratio you can borrow to get a purchase to let mortgage is generally lower than you would be capable attain from a classic residential mortgage.

In 2% of cases attain during is used

The 31 year old has only occasionally reached the heights he attained during the Euro 2008 finals and has on the whole been a huge disappointment at the Emirates Stadium.

In 1% of cases attain over is used

The Christian life is a journey, a growth that is to be attained over the course of a lifetime.

In 1% of cases attain before is used

People who have drowned describe the state of near madness attained before accepting the first gasp of water into your system.

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