Prepositions after "assist"

"assist in" or "assist with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases assist in is used

Should be able to assist in corporate matters.

Flynt, assisted in the preparation of this series.

And do you assist in doing chila and do you charge any thing.

He offers to assist in getting Kirk back if Spock and McCoy will return to his office.

Gradually emerging from the perimeter, Jakob Silfverberg had two assists in the period.

Szabolcs Huszti has registered a total of seven assists in the Bundesliga this season, one more than Franck Ribery.

The same could be organised in any state, for any discipline, which assists in the Pro/Am aspect to Dave's comments.

Amassing no goals and no assists in the Premier League since arriving, his 20 million transfer fee is hardly fitting.

Iceland has now hired a PR company to assist in improving its global image -to convince the world they are not thieves.

In 20% of cases assist with is used

We also assist with visa for all countries.

Your travel agent can assist with this as well.

Day 3 A gentle day to assist with your acclimatization.

Thanks to the research nurses from the Section of Surgery for assisting with data.

A good example is found in the support team of volunteers who assist with the program.

The grass on the exposed slopes assists with erosion prevention and water management.

Their staff were willing to assist with our strict requirements and they delivered to our expectations on schedule.

The concert is in aimed at assisting with the spiritual upliftment and transformation of lives within our nation.

Olivier Jarda, a policy associate at the Center for International Policy, assisted with the research for this post.

Level Test Engineer who is an experienced Turbofan Engine Test Engineer to assist with a HTF7000 Engine Test Program.

In 15% of cases assist by is used

So more dumbing-down to come (assisted by Offa).

He was assisted by Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP ), Mr.

She is ably assisted by recently-graduated Sister Jackie, also from Uganda.

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick had one-in-forty residents were assisted by a food bank.

But ultimately, the case for free speech is not assisted by the notion of children's rights.

If he is a Bishop, he might be lucky to be assisted by the Church to have a retirement house.

The Dems and the media relentlessly sold this idea, assisted by many libertarians and more than a few Republicans.

Ephraim Kwateng, being assisted by (ASP) Joseph Addi, both are products of University College of Education at Winneba.

While coming from Muzdalifa to their tent in Mina, the elderly couple lost their way, and were assisted by KRW volunteers.

As a result then the best way to improve growth hormones remains sleep, assisted by a few exercise along with a hot shower.

In 2% of cases assist for is used

F Nic Petan added three assists for Portland.

Steve Nash, who had four points and seven assists for the Lakers, wasnt happy about dropping to 0-7.

Forward Jason Thompson, shifting to center in place of Cousins, had 15 points and 10 assists for Sacramento before fouling out with 9:46 left.

Mata's assist for Hazard on the counter attack against Norwich and Hazard's assist for Mata against Spuds are glimpses of what we should be seeing week in week out.

The Bakita Center that we have been assisting for several years ran into a serious problem last year A problem that thanks to one of our friends we were able to help solve.

In 2% of cases assist on is used

Nathan Lutz assisted on the tally.

Assisting on the defensive side, Judkins was equally dominant in 2012.

Can somebody assist on this? Thanks in advance Hey, I apologize for any delay.

Evan Rankin also assisted on the goal, giving him six points in the last seven games.

Van der Vaart, if anybody is going to score or get assists on Tottenham it would most likely be him.

Can somebody assist on this? I'd using Payoneer services for 15 months now and I have pretty much active account.

Single Leg Squats Assisted on Smith Targeting the quadriceps and the glutes, secondary muscles worked are the hamstrings.

In late 1965, Britain sent a senior Foreign Office official and propaganda specialist to assist on the spot with the anti-Sukarno campaign.

Justin Schultz assisted on the game-tying and game-winning goals to lead Oklahoma City to a 2-1 overtime win over Milwaukee Friday night.

Future leaders can benefit by accompanying mentors to important meetings, assisting on special projects or at peak periods, or just discussing strategic issues.

In 1% of cases assist against is used

Johnson went 5-of-5 the second half, 3-of-3 from three, scoring 13 points with four assists against one turnover.

In my own opinion song is d 1 of our best player last sesaon, (4 example, exptional skiful assist against dotmond player).

Nor will I ever forget his assist against Borussia Dortmund, dribbling past 3 players and picking out an inch perfect cross to.

In a four-game sweep of the Blues, He scored two goals and four assists and he has two goals and two assists against the Coyotes.

Amin Affane (Roda JC ): Affane continues to excel in a bench role, and he provided the game tying assist against Twente over the weekend.

The two point guards, who accounted for 16 second-half points in KU's 69-55 come-from-behind victory over the Mocs, also combined for nine assists against four turnovers.

In 1% of cases assist as is used

Hill got his second goal of the game less than 11 minutes later, then added three assists as the Flyers beat the Blues 6-4.

In 1% of cases assist at is used

Two of them have to assist at both ends of the pitch while the third links them.

Consistently produced goals and assists at club level and looks destined for a move away from the Eredivisie eventually.

A US Coast Guard MH-60 helicopter was also dispatched from a US Navy base in the Bahamas to assist at the request of Bahamian authorities.

He assists at Saint James ' Fordham, the Bronx, as well as holding the position of Deputy Inspector of Elections for the Diocese of New York.

Brother of former Fulham striker Collins John, Ola has all the attributes of a modern winger and has started notching up the assists at Benfica.

Victoria Liedtke is in the process of recording her vocals in Brooklyn, New York, ably assisted at the desk by Bryan Scary along with multi instrumentalist Giulio Carmassi.

In 1% of cases assist from is used

In addition, Fort Worth received assists from Phil Fox, who had one.

Whenever there can be points you need assist from and / or end up being tackled back to you, www.

Both assists from Poldi have been to Giroud, and both assists have come from crosses outside the box.

If that's not enough to convince you, overall this season Lewandowski's got 22 goals and 10 assists from 39 games.

Oscar has scored 15 goals and 16 assists from 50 appearances for Internacional and has given great performances for the Brazilian U20 team.

Two assists from Giovani dos Santos against Sevilla gives them cause for hope, however, especially when he is matched with the free-scoring Tomer Hemed up front.

In 1% of cases assist per is used

There he averaged over 16 points, four rebounds and three assists per game, helping the Blaze make the NBL semi-finals.

In 1% of cases assist through is used

With 4 assists through his first 5 games, Stone looked good on Saturday night.

The brain can also assist through identifying the wound, and then by releasing proteins and platelets to seal it shut.

This ugliness and ' love of vice ' was not curable by our own devices but had to be assisted through the colonizing powers thus the attempted erasure of African heritage.

In 1% of cases assist to is used

Together will often assist to sluggish our fee in being ran.

He was assisted to the May Pen Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Because the device assist to ways to apply it plus make money using listed here.

His leg was dangling as he was assisted to the dugout by manager Joe Girardi and trainer Steve Donahue.

At that point young Rashmi Kharel, dressed in the colourful garments of a hill tribal, was assisted to the stage.

Possessing this period of time between your meal and giving your dog the scraps will assist to distance the connection in between begging and your dog receiving a table scrap.

Tharpe led the way with five assists to no turnovers the first half; Johnson had four assists, one turnover the final half after a zero-assist, three-bobble effort the first 20 minutes.

Shane Long -- four Premier League goals and four assists to his name despite the fact he has yet to play 90 minutes this season -- showed Fernando Torres how to play as a lone striker on Saturday.

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