Prepositions after "apply"

"apply to" or "apply for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases apply to is used

The same fees apply to renewals.

These exclusions applied to 10.

That applies to all age groups.

So the traditional/modern ways of finding Sponsored jobs still applies to 95% of you.

The same applies to smaller appliances also such as kettles, toasters and microwaves.

This law applies to the initiate who has transcended the stage of self-consciousness.

And that applies to each one of us, whether you are a journalist, or an actor or a businessman or a school teacher.

You can't compete with that! Not everyone (and this applies to men and women) is capable of loving just one person.

This is the way things would have stayed were it not for quantum mechanics, which we can also apply to an empty void.

Be aware that all the modifiers that are applied to the text in the Fontstyle editor are applied to the shadow too.

In 34% of cases apply for is used

Step 8 Apply for numerous jobs.

Please click here to apply for U.

Patel, applied for a work visa.

You apply for student credits when you are applying for a social insurance payment.

If you apply form inside Australia you will receive another year on your current visa.

You do not need to apply for a NYS driver license unless you become a resident of NYS.

He didn't even have time to apply for anticipatory bail since we had no idea a non-bailable warrant had been issued.

Here's the thing -- only employees of MERS members are allowed to apply for authorization to be named MERS officers.

Megabusplus Terms &; Conditions These General Terms &; Conditions apply for journeys wholly on megabusplus services.

It is the academic side of the apprenticeship that is hoped will allow cadets to apply for government student loans.

In 6% of cases apply in is used

You should apply in these formats.

The same rule will apply in all cases.

The same applies in the world of tech.

Some applicants may apply in subsequent cycles using a different version of their name.

This even applies in New Zealand, which in geographic terms could not be more remote.

I also believe that Give less and take more policy was what he applied in release of SF.

Does the hire and fire principle apply to seconded employees? The same principle should apply in employee secondment.

Joint ownership is most often applied in the real estate market, where it refers to two people who jointly own a home.

The rules are blind to meaning; rather, the rules apply in terms of the grammatical categories to which words belong, i.

On a different topic, if the law were applied in every detail at all times I think life would be pretty uncomfortable.

In 2% of cases apply by is used

Compress can also be applied by a trained professional.

For full consideration, please apply by November 19, 2012.

Temporary Tattoos can also be applied by using an airbrush.

You can pay your reservation fee online when you apply by using PayPal through this link.

The differentials currently applied by banks do not appear sufficiently wide and are not universal.

Deirdre Brennan and team, accompanied by very stylish and colourful make-up, expertly applied by Ms.

After the end of that period, non-disturbance requirements may apply by virtue of an investigation notice under Part 6.

In-situ treatment Some concentrated preservatives (applied by brush or airless spray) are commonly used in New Zealand.

The concept was applied by Engels, who of the two founders was particularly interested in the natural sciences, to biology.

So, in that sense, you had a tremendous amount of pressure applied by non-governmental actors in ways that governments didn't do.

In 1% of cases apply at is used

This principle applies at every stage of our lives.

And for a stay of more than 3 months they can apply at www.

Because background colour applies to the cell it can not be applied at the text level.

However, this surmah will have to be applied at night and removed the following morning.

I have shown in my book that the rules that govern courts were not applied at Nuremberg.

Green legislation and emergency measures will be invoked, and almost certainly applied at times partially or politically.

An adjustment factor was applied at the enumeration district level for non-responses to preserve the self-weighting nature.

Various topical agents applied at night or as superficial peels at a salon may improve the appearance of photoaged facial skin.

For instance, if the tax is applied at the location of the trade, it's quite likely that trading will migrate to tax-free havens.

In 1% of cases apply on is used

Soil Science can I apply on the seat of M.

It can be applied on the eye area which i really like.

Permanent 40 mph speed limit applied on A303 approaches.

This tip only applies on summer days or those days which have a very hot temperature.

International Atomic Energy Agency safeguards are applied on all civil nuclear activities.

I spotted a very intricate ala Indian border applied on a vitrine that turned out to be Ann ’ s original creation.

In January 2011 the Norwegian authoraties applied on my behalf for benifits because I lived and worked in England many years.

Baba's Udi (sacred ash) is most efficacious in such cases; it is to be applied on the seat of pain, and so Narayanrao searched for it, but found none.

In 1% of cases apply with is used

The same applies with Vishal Singh.

Take heed though, this does not apply with perfumes.

Please apply with your comprehensive Curriculum Vitae.

Justice must be just, to be applied with blind equity but also with human compassion.

Try to be creative and comprehensive from the information that you apply with meta tags.

I liked it when you had to go into a company and drive there and apply with a paper application.

MSIC Application Procedures The price for getting a MSIC varies from what kind of issuing body you have applied with.

The nice part (for you) is that these techniques can be applied with a friend, family member OR a character in your books.

The same should apply with regard to their terminal benefits, in case of pensioners who have been in one form of employment or another.

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