Prepositions after "appall"

"appall by" or "appall at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 64% of cases appall by is used

I have been truly appalled by the things that have started to come out about this campaign.

As a man I am appalled by the behaviour of the players and the clubs who seem stuck in the stone age.

Ron Paul and were appalled by the shameful way he and his supporters were treated by the Republican establishment.

We were appalled by the fact that the opposition is always being sued if they said something against the government.

People should be in no doubt that we are on the side of the law-abiding people, who are appalled by what has happened.

I wrote what I did because I was appalled by your tone and by what you were asking of people, and I obviously wasn't alone.

I live in his riding and have been consistently appalled by his pronouncements and actions -- and these before I encountered your blog here.

Most liberals will tell you that they were appalled by the death threats and the hysteria generated by religious leaders in India and abroad.

Professor Ryan is appalled by the decision to recklessly freeze MHNIP funding before a full evaluation of the program has even been completed.

In 29% of cases appall at is used

I was appalled at what was happening.

Today I went over to Safeway and I was absolutely appalled at the prices.

Others are appalled at Woolas's treatment while the case is still in the courts.

I witnessed the scenes at Southall and was appalled at the behaviour of the miscreants.

He said most activists of the party were appalled at the way President Mills was handling situations in the party.

When I found out that the date does not support the claim, I was appalled at how the left fabricates its data to fit its points.

Helen was appalled at the speed and severity of the stroke; suddenly she felt very nervous indeed as the fact that she was to be next sank in.

While they will gladly accept private welfare from family, they would be utterly appalled at the thought of participating in any kind of public welfare schemes.

I was appalled at the quality of reporting that exists these days! Little time was spent on the actual event and more was spent attacking one or the other candidate and building up the other.

In 2% of cases appall about is used

One can feel morally appalled about such a decision, but the world community should not have the right to force or use sanctions against those nations until they change their ways.

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