Prepositions after "answer"

answer to, in, by, for or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases answer to is used

I answer to no one but the Lord.

Man answering to man and himself.

Do not answer to these brickbats anymore.

So the answer to your question is that in civil society, marriage is a legal contract.

Take the following illustration: Companies need to answer to two aspects of their operations.

I think one day, these people will have to answer to God for the desecration of his grave and the removal of the cross.

It answers to asked questions, make recommendations, and perform actions by delegating requests to a set of web services.

Answering to your second question: no, there is no chart that shows that kind of information at the moment, I am afraid.

Mark says: 11:47am 14/11/12 Agreed, they are now made to answer to stakeholders which in turn demand a return on investment.

In 17% of cases answer in is used

They all answered in the affirmative.

Answer in a comment for a chance to win.

Argentina answered in the bottom of the second.

It has a fee because it is live and questions will be asked and answered in real time.

The Bharatiya Janata Party Images has a lot to ponder over and also to answer in this case.

The calls were automatically answered in the State or Territory from which they originated.

Do you have any methods for dealing with your to do list of secondary priority chores? Please do answer in comments.

How safe is it? ANSWER In North America, propylthiouracil has been the drug of choice for hyperthyroidism during pregnancy.

In 15% of cases answer by is used

But that question is already answered by Allah (swt).

Answer: Answer by Candice Its a conspiracy! Just kidding.

It is a cry for help that ought to be answered by a bullet.

Because of the referendum situation, the big questions must be answered by all of us.

It was immediately answered by a similar whistle about twenty-five yards to the right.

The argument here is not answered by the well known infinite sum 1 / 2 + 1 / 4 + 1 / 8 +.

Perhaps the challenge you set people who share your perspective should be one that you answer by starting your own blog.

This riddle could be answered by Ancelotti going back to the striker-less formation he touched on at times last season.

It is answered by Stephen, who is fat (yes, yes, get on with it, we know that) and swathed in chinoiserie and camperie.

It will be led by a floating belfry of eight bells named after the royals, with peals being answered by local churches.

In 11% of cases answer for is used

I'll answer for everyone -- YES.

My friend Olaa: I'll answer for you.

Don't try and answer for your child.

Abdul Karim, Masing, WSK and all those within BN allies got to say? I will answer for them.

Sin of omission, we all shall be required to answer for why we chose to remain silent &; do nothing.

You can reject His laws all you want, but you will answer for it when you pass from this earthly life.

Most of the questions from the suggested framework can be asked and answered for these two contrasting illustrations.

A rule like the following would answer for city councils and other similar bodies that have the power to enforce attendance.

It implements approximate reasoning for standard TBox and ABox reasoning, as well as conjunctive query answering for QL, EL and DL.

When I had to think of what to answer for the strengths and weaknesses question, I really found quite a bit of things I have to work on.

In 8% of cases answer with is used

Jay Harrison answered with his goal at 8:20.

Every question from the front desk answered with a smile.

Ask open-ended questions that can't just be answered with a simple yes or no.

You for a reason before they can answer with ultra-thin condom, the thickness of only 0.

I challenged them to give what they could and they answered with donations right back.

Just a thought and a question I have yet to see asked or answered with regard to BB10.

Now will she/he be able to do that? That will be the question only the child will be able to answer with real proofs.

You might see a forum where someone is asking a question about your niche; something that you can answer with confident.

When it asks what war is good for, it answers with a list, first of concepts such as science, religion, domination etc.

The following are some suggestions, if these questions are not answered with clarity, then better not venture into this scheme.

In 3% of cases answer about is used

She has many questions to answer about her time as a lawyer.

The book consists of question and answers about this increasing problem.

It's just that we want straight answers about employment rights for our staff.

They know an infinite amount, massive amount of details that we couldn't answer about the classic series.

But answers about why the Jets signed him, coming off an 11-5 season with a backup in place, still aren't forthcoming.

If he did, then Surrey Police have some serious questions to answer about their failure to investigate, but of course I can not call them on that while you continue to obfuscate.

In 3% of cases answer on is used

Nah, he won't even really answer on this one.

The work also includes a few pages on questions and answers on different themes.

If you have any questions which are not answered on these pages, feel free to contact us.

Be willing to answer on your website the same questions you answer face to face all the time.

Why do idiots turn to Yahoo Answers on important information? Well, it depends on your point of view.

Since we can ask and answer on the spot, the lines will be drawn more clearly, opposed to posting something online.

FAQ: MaxDB high availability This note deals with questions and answers on the subject of the MaxDB/liveCache high availability.

They thried to offer me 5 but that's not somthing I am expecting from them what I am expecting is my order to be deliver and they can't answer on that.

After reading this post, you must have a query answered on whether or not acquiring a new franchise is much better than getting an current franchise.

In 2% of cases answer before is used

Wiseman - Rotherham I think he may have some more questions to answer before then.

Setting yourself up for success If you want your efforts to be successful, there are a number of key questions that need to be answered before embarking on any social media activity.

In 1% of cases answer after is used

You can ask up to 4 questions of the user to answer after finishing the test.

Who will be stronger, ex-world champion from Bulgaria or the player at her peak from Ukraine? This question will be answered after four games, and, if necessary, a tie-break.

In 1% of cases answer as is used

When you question me as a media person I too answer as a media person.

In 1% of cases answer at is used

So if nobody answer at the door, you may try to shout a few time is name.

He will look for solutions and answers at every point except where they can be found -- in himself.

So are we abiding by these lessons at Spira? It's a tough question to answer at times because it can feel like you are getting everything wrong.

In 1% of cases answer from is used

Because, whole life they kept on expecting and hearing answers from Krishnamurti.

The affiliate marketer remembered that you can find inquiries to answer from the visitors.

But we, expect answers from others, even, we get answer -- we don't follow; we can't follow because answer was from outside, it didn't come from inside.

In 1% of cases answer within is used

Provident Funding is the one suing us for Foreclosure Yes, we answered within the 28 days stating we wanted to save our home &; requested court mediation in the matter.

In 1% of cases answer without is used

It is a straight forward issue that must be answered without shivering by the party hierarchy and her loyalists.

You mention a couple of points in your question that are difficult to answer without an in force illustration to see how the policy is performing and what the projected future values will be.

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