Prepositions after "ambivalent"

ambivalent about, to, towards, in or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 72% of cases ambivalent about is used

Something I'd very ambivalent about.

Be ambivalent about any relationship.

And I'd often ambivalent about the job.

I was often ambivalent about him, but to his credit, he rarely invited a shrug.

I met young people who, like me, felt ambivalent about their rural communities.

At the present time many, perhaps most, Maoris are ambivalent about New Zealand.

I am aware that many circles in both Britain and the US were ambivalent about the rise of fascism in Germany.

She's notably ambivalent about technology, too, which might be a shocker to some given to whom she's married.

Culturally we seem ambivalent about all the alterations people do, whether it be for stamina, brains, or looks.

Comments (27) Bazza: 16 Nov 2012 1:48:12pm (( Seven Psychopaths) ) 7 Somewhat ambivalent about this production.

In 6% of cases ambivalent to is used

I am ambivalent to that choice.

I'd fairly ambivalent to wearing a poppy.

Ladies, I'd a little ambivalent to your woes.

I am ambivalent to the certainty of this outcome.

More ambivalent to how the games consume the city.

So in CA the state law is ambivalent to the issue.

Several years later, I'd kind of ambivalent to sex.

The film's characters are at best ambivalent to these events.

I am ambivalent to the idea that addiction is not a brain disease.

I am ambivalent to much of the administration's responses to this issue.

In 6% of cases ambivalent towards is used

Voters are clearly ambivalent towards politics in general.

I have been ambivalent towards the problem until recently.

Garvin Grandison, a JUTC commuter, is ambivalent towards preaching on the bus.

Adel represents an isolationist worldview which is more ambivalent towards the US.

On a personal level, I'd quite ambivalent towards the argument on defense budgets.

The narrator is ambivalent towards polygamy as she is towards many of the differences she finds in Surinam.

However, surveys indicate that the public is either ambivalent towards CCS or has reservations about its use.

There is nothing wrong with being average and that is why I have always been ambivalent towards Heath Miller.

Shanahan's actions this year do not seem to prevent dirty hits and until they do, I will remain ambivalent towards them.

In 4% of cases ambivalent in is used

Marx himself was rather ambivalent in his writings.

Again you are ambivalent in your stance on 13th amendment.

As for Russia, it has been ambivalent in this power struggle.

Like various other words in the B vocabulary, duckspeak was ambivalent in meaning.

Ambivalent in their nature, computational objects can be approached in different ways.

The Prussian King in a decree dated 13 th March appeared ambivalent in his opposition to France.

Doubtlessly my father was undoubtessly a bit ambivalent in certain times of life, ie no females of similar class were available.

Islamist movements are generally less well-organised and more ambivalent in their approaches to power than their communist and fascist counterparts.

I confess I have been a bit ambivalent in the past about copyright issues, and free-illegal downloads of material whether musical, visual or literary or otherwise.

In order to answer your question more precisely, I must go back a little, to the start of the 1990s and the formation of the Democratic Party, which was ambivalent in its nature.

In 4% of cases ambivalent on is used

I'd kind of ambivalent on this trend.

I am ambivalent on the switch theory btw.

I met almost NOBODY who was ambivalent on the subject.

Whenever they are ambivalent on a point that's important to you.

That's why I find myself ambivalent on this latest of his gambits.

Personally, I've been rather ambivalent on the subject over the years.

Jurists, however, remain either conservative or ambivalent on the topic.

But I am somewhat ambivalent on the question and find it necessary to set forth some reasoning.

It was obvious that representatives from ' government-run ' media houses were ambivalent on this note.

That does not mean that there is a contradiction between the two nor does it mean that Jesus is ambivalent on the topic.

In 2% of cases ambivalent as is used

Durkan's responses to date have been equally ambivalent as the UUPs.

If you're ambivalent as to why, have a listen to the mix he's put together for MIG.

It seems I am alone in being completely ambivalent as to the existence of the Mazda MX-5.

The irony is, in the case of rape, that some of the New Atheists are ambivalent as to whether rape is a moral wrong.

Guy who opened my account was ambivalent as to whether the fee would actually be charged if you had less than the? 10k.

Every year, I remain ambivalent as to whether that is a good thing or a bad thing; but I still read the whole thing, every year.

Frankly, I am ambivalent as which one has the controls because all I care about is The Arsenal and as long as there are checks and balances in place, either of the two evils will do.

In 1% of cases ambivalent at is used

California is sounding awfully ambivalent at this point.

As for the search for alien life by scientists, UFO club members are somewhat ambivalent at the prospect of a breakthrough.

During the 1960s US efforts to thwart the emergence of Israel as the world's sixth nuclear nation were ambivalent at heart, and self deceiving in action.

I was fairly ambivalent at the begining but over the weeks, going through the assignments and the feeback and the blogs, I am glad that I took this module.

Somewhat like Ymos I was pretty ambivalent at the outset of this race with a preference for Obama based on his opposition to the war compared to her support for it.

I think Paul was very ambivalent at the time: *he* was the one who wanted Simon &; Garfunkel to keep on doing what they were good at: creating great songs as a duo (BOTW is simply perfect).

The majority of offenders are also alcoholics or drug addicts who are often unmotivated, in denial or ambivalent at the start of a rehabilitation programme -- but become engaged once it gets going.

In 1% of cases ambivalent toward is used

Indeed, Kenyans are ambivalent toward drinking.

Americans are remarkably ambivalent toward mental illness.

I've read most of his stuff, much of it several times over, but I am ambivalent toward him.

Church leaders in Mongolia said the outcome was significant, especially in a country whose citizens are largely ambivalent toward Christianity.

Before purchasing the weapons and rounding up the victims, society needs to be persuaded to hate the target population, or at least become ambivalent toward them.

In 1% of cases ambivalent with is used

I feel so ambivalent with both of us keeping secrets.

Thanks for the info you have made me less ambivalent with respect to the Obama reelection.

I'd ambivalent with my relationships and it sometimes bothers me a lot but I guess it's all part of life isn't it? It's never easy.

Banana Republic, turd world racist nonsense! I was deliberately ambivalent with the comment in order to see what type of reactions it got.

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