Prepositions after "aggressive"

aggressive in, with, towards, on or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases aggressive in is used

Please, be aggressive in your prayers.

The next step - be aggressive in our approach.

Also, he seemed very aggressive in the movies.

I was very shaken; he was so very aggressive in his manner and really out of line.

Lehtonen looked just as he has all season, confident and aggressive in his crease.

We were aggressive in our approach when people lost faith in private sector banks.

I think the reason they came to me was that I? m very aggressive in my approach to mixing these kinds of tracks.

Apple seemed to get away with ignoring the law for a while, even as Italy got more aggressive in its enforcement.

Over the years the harsh working condition and turbulent times have made us aggressive in our behavioral approach.

In 13% of cases aggressive with is used

Just so aggressive with every ball.

He was aggressive with his talents.

Try to be aggressive with this hero.

Open your mouth and be aggressive with your friends and family who don't get it.

And, sometimes, these women can become aggressive with their advances, she said.

Don't - whatever you do - be rude or aggressive with a client that went elsewhere.

Exmilitary was certainly a shot in the arm and fiercely aggressive with it: it had a fair amount of play here.

Tip #5 You have to be aggressive with your website by constantly updating it via SEO, articles, blog posts etc.

The team is still learning how to set each other up, but also be real aggressive with taking your man to school.

He's consistently hammering me about leaving money on the table because I'd not more aggressive with promotions.

In 8% of cases aggressive towards is used

They're aggressive towards them.

No one was aggressive towards me.

Be aggressive towards other dogs.

I was aggressive towards my family, so my mother decided to slaughter a goat.

It's hardly just the east coast that gets this aggressive towards bike riders.

The police tried to reason with her, but Quinn remained aggressive towards them.

Let's assume that you buy a pair of birds, and it's known that the males can be aggressive towards females.

Since the child is aggressive towards one particular child, we need to figure out why is this is happening.

You have taken this off-rails and assumed something that isn't true, now you're being aggressive towards us.

Now, he is very aggressive towards any new dogs he meets, but is fine with dogs he knew prior to the attack.

In 8% of cases aggressive on is used

He is more aggressive on both ends.

I was more aggressive on his second serve.

This year, he may need to be as assertive on offense as he is aggressive on defense.

Alisha Latyn made clutch saves in the game and Julia James was aggressive on defence.

I was pretty aggressive on the throttle, which you have to be to be fast around here.

It was just packed with energy and we really changed, in the form and it made us a lot more aggressive on stage.

Andrada was in his usual gritty mode, aggressive on defense and grabbing rebounds whenever the ball came his way.

Hence, it intends to turn more aggressive on capital recycling and asset enhancement (AEI) / asset redevelopment.

So even if you're wildly aggressive on mitigation, you can't put all your adaptation eggs in the 2 degree basket.

In 6% of cases aggressive about is used

You've gotten aggressive about marketing.

They are aggressive about church planting.

They're just particularly aggressive about it.

But they definitely will need to be more aggressive about Internet marketing in 2013.

However, by being assertive and not passive or aggressive about the entire situation.

First of all, companies are becoming far more aggressive about how much they outsource.

Be Aggressive About Pitching You shouldn't expect editors to come knocking on your door if you're being lazy.

I used to hang around with people who all were very aggressive about their belief and their faith in Marxism.

I think there's something very aggressive about your kind of production, even with its messages of compassion.

From the outset, in the face of ridicule chaos advocates were aggressive about the value of their discoveries.

In 5% of cases aggressive to is used

He was also unduly aggressive to me.

Bees are more aggressive to dark colors.

Others even tend to be aggressive to him.

However, results indicate that women were more aggressive to their partners than men.

He can easily shift from someone very aggressive to someone very submissive on his roles.

I was sexually harassed in the 7th grade by a same-age girl who was aggressive to an extreme.

You probably don't mean to do it, but by boasting about your accomplishments, you come off as aggressive to her.

However, she is nervous with other dogs, aggressive towards unknown dogs and can try to herd dogs she knows well.

Once a KIWI pod system is fielded all kinds of options become possible from the very aggressive to the very safe.

He is usually aggressive to his subordinates at the workplace, but he had never been that to her or her daughters.

In 4% of cases aggressive at is used

I came out aggressive at times.

Cabrera is aggressive at the plate.

Extroverts just seem so aggressive at times.

And the German demanded that drivers need to be less aggressive at the start of races.

KURZWEIL: So I'd aggressive at taking care of my health, and I am known as an optimist.

You know, I'd a guy that lets the game come to me but is also aggressive at the same time.

Bell has shown that he can be devilishly aggressive at the top of the order, but he can also play spin artfully.

They were the last carrier to adopt smartphones but now one of the most aggressive at marketing their smartphones.

I am a proud Jamaican and will forever be, despite the fact that we are aggressive at times, which is not always bad.

They are turning self-assertive, even aggressive at times, so much so that Muslims are now apprehensive of Hindu resurgence.

In 2% of cases aggressive against is used

Fox was very aggressive against us.

He never was aggressive against any man or class of men.

Thus Orion and I are very aggressive against these excuses.

This is being rapidly reduced however, as the JPS gets aggressive against electricity theft.

One of her findings was that Islam's core texts are the most aggressive against other groups.

When the Saints defense get overly aggressive against the run, look for the play action daggers.

In fact, I've ended up pretty aggressive against the disembodied voice in my car (even if I do still use it.

To remain affectionate, the mother animals have to be aggressive against anyone who dares to approach the young ones.

This program was a sign of progress on our end because opposition has started becoming more and more aggressive against you.

Sorbonne scholar finds Islam's core texts the most aggressive against other groups Tina Magaard is a linguist who got her Ph.

In 2% of cases aggressive by is used

Andhrayets are aggressive by nature.

Any Chinese posture considered aggressive by U.

Kaiser William II was ambitious, rash and aggressive by nature.

He has been helped though in being aggressive by having the team he has had over the years.

You will be perceived as apprehensive, emotional, hostile or aggressive by the other person.

The drugs are aggressive by nature and the pain from the pulled muscle lasts for weeks on end.

I think it would have being okay to react in that situation but the problem was it was bit too aggressive by Sanga.

The baby sized branded dukeaccoutrements acclimated today are aggressive by the accoutrements acclimated in the 17th aeon.

You have enough natural immunity to infectious diseases, but being fiery and aggressive by nature, you could be accident-prone.

The dog has never bitten anyone or anything, wasn't deemed aggressive by the animal control officer who picked him up as a stray.

In 2% of cases aggressive for is used

Bucks can also become aggressive for no obvious reason.

They're still absurdly aggressive for their jobs, though.

So that's a lot different than racing aggressive for a win or that type of thing.

There are instances where a rabbit may become aggressive for none of the above reasons.

There are some dogs that are aggressive for reasons that have nothing to do with their owners.

Native animals are by nature timid, however, having been provided food from people, may become aggressive for food.

He started to growl at her to loudly and aggressive for my liking, she looked really scared and on the floor so i stopped him.

The country needs to be far more aggressive for any kind of growth to even make a difference to average income levels quickly.

In 2% of cases aggressive toward is used

On average, each student was aggressive toward 0.

They were bred to be aggressive toward other dogs.

Pit bulls are not commonly aggressive towards people or children.

One dog is wonderful with people but aggressive towards other dogs while on leash.

It just seems like it's okay for girls to be aggressive toward boys, but not vise versa.

The other dog is wonderful with dogs but aggressive towards people, especially strangers.

He also has been aggressive toward me even though he has not ever seriously hurt me or my daughter physically.

Corrupting: The alienating parent encourages the child to lie about and be aggressive toward the other parent.

Actually, I was a little apprehensive about using it, as I thought it might make him even more aggressive towards me.

The 2 pitbulls are aggressive toward other dogs and the puppy is aggressive toward any stranger that comes to the house.

In 1% of cases aggressive without is used

We can be aggressive without being rude.

Teach them to bev aggressive without making mistakes.

He's fast, accurate and aggressive without feeling the need to showboat.

The young players are aggressive without that same understanding of game situations.

He knows that teams can get away with being overly physical and aggressive without being punished.

For the video for A New Brutality I wanted something that was violent and aggressive without any actual images of violence, war, weaponry etc.

He was aggressive without going too far, stood up to some of Romney's policies far more effectively than last time, was more confident and assured.

She was efficient, aggressive without being reckless, and intensely focused on maneuvering the compact sports car through the narrow crowded streets.

Finally, NASCAR should allow drivers to ' drop ' a race which would allow drivers to more aggressive without fear that coming up short would ruin their season.

And honestly, there's a desperate shortage of female sci-fi characters who can be decisive and aggressive without lapsing into some ridiculous Bitch Archetype.

In 1% of cases aggressive over is used

The virus became more and more aggressive over the years.

Their developement will be too aggressive over the season.

He asked if I was a bit more aggressive over the past few weeks.

I hit the ball well today so I can and will be more aggressive over the weekend.

I find PTSB collections department to be very aggressive over the phone and they have a habit of loosing phone records.

What this usually leads to is aggressive over cleaning of the face which may not be helping you at all and only end up damaging the skin.

Disney has been pretty aggressive over the years, acquiring Pixar (the makers of the immensely awesome Toy Story franchise ), so adding Star Wars to its portfolio certainly strengthens it a lot more.

In 1% of cases aggressive of is used

Be more aggressive of the greens.

I don't care it aggressive of medium.

The opening track is the more heavy and aggressive of the two.

No doubt about the power and aggressive of a pit bull being able to actually kill.

Rodriguez said the Rosario Test would be one of the most aggressive of the tournament.

The most aggressive of the bigger companies in recent years has been Kinross Gold Corp.

Amazon is not as aggressive of a selling market as eBay, but it is very popular with a nice sized customer base.

These toxins and chemicals cause a range of health problems from general malaise to the most aggressive of cancers.

Yeah, I know, I'd very aware of this pattern and that's why I'd so careful and aggressive of the incubation process.

In that year the western frontier state of Qin, the most aggressive of the Warring States, subjugated the last of its rival state.

In 1% of cases aggressive like is used

They still have the hamster going at full speed, but they are aggressive like men.

If we look before in 1995, Player of any team was not aggressive like present time.

I wish Thulasi was aggressive like Sudha, so that she can have control over her life.

Warm colors are bright, splashy and aggressive like mountain lava oozing out from the crater.

I'd sorry for being aggressive like this, but all this ridiculousness for something so simple is just.

I try to play fast and aggressive like her and she had a great serve, so I am trying to have a good serve too.

The quickness of the movement adds to the perceived aggression without being verbally aggressive like last week.

If one who is given less becomes aggressive like the first man in the story and calls it cruelty, it is rudeness.

Wat can u do to bring love among them? IT's not pleasant to watch/hear people bitching, yelling and being aggressive like this on TV.

Naturally the Bangladesh batsmen are more aggressive like us, so probably shot selection could be detrimental for losing so many wickets.

In 1% of cases aggressive from is used

In fact, he was aggressive from an early age.

Look for him to be very aggressive from the outset against the T'Wolves.

He needs to be consistently aggressive from game to game on O and the boards.

You have to be very, very aggressive from the very first corner, and just let it all hang out.

The professionals welcomed the increase in distance, as the race was aggressive from the start.

This makes them rather benign from a military position, but very aggressive from a trade position.

People feel free to be arseholes and more aggressive from the safety of their PC Don't expect to change anyone else.

One of my dogs is leash aggressive from getting attacked by a dog who was running around the neighborhood and lived 3 blocks away.

Oliver Nelson Have u? got a nice car Brian edge160 The old rear was better looking, but it does? looks more aggressive from the font.

They're expected to be aggressive from the 45th over anyway, therefore the requirement to take the last PP before the 40th makes sense.

In 1% of cases aggressive during is used

Probably should have been a bit more aggressive during the last month.

Antawn Jamison: C Still haven't seen Jamison aggressive during a game all season.

Generally docile, unagressive during day, but may become aggressive during night.

They are polygamous, the males becoming very aggressive during the mating season.

Khan conceded he was also aggressive during the brawl but did it only on provocation.

The security was not being overly aggressive during the encore or during any other point.

And it is not easy to be aggressive during a debate without appearing overbearing or desperate.

I tend to always be aggressive during pre-match and half time if losing, draw, or winning by 1 goal against weak teams.

I have never felt violent or aggressive during the period when I used them, perhaps because I am a fairly passive person.

Even so, I have observed that animals become aggressive during the mating season because there is now attachment to the mate.

In 1% of cases aggressive as is used

Being aggressive as a mouse tends to be.

I think Romney is aggressive as a debater.

Must be a kind of martial art that's calm, gentle and not so aggressive as the ordinary.

Junaid has two different types of game, he can be very very aggressive as well as very defensive.

I was a big fan of Yao as well, just wish he could have been a little more aggressive as a center.

He needs to be careful to not be too overly aggressive as a way of compensating for the President's poor debate.

They are more easily trained and they are more aggressive as well as embodying the feeling that they are invincible.

When, however, the person is not gifted, and is by chance aggressive as well as expansive, he is socially objectionable.

Things get more and more aggressive as the video goes on, then, at about the 1:30 mark, things turn disturbingly violent.

In 1% of cases aggressive after is used

He didn't stay aggressive after the 1st debate.

I also discovered I am less aggressive after eliminating beef from my diet completely.

Anthony got aggressive after that possession, taking four shots in the final 3 minutes of the first half.

I have on occasion had people get aggressive after a gig -- some coked-up guy, and he was being a smartarse.

He had become aggressive after being attacked a few years ago and new the time would eventually come but it did nt make it any easier.

He hasn't got a chance!!! October 9, 2012 at 4:35 pm jnpa Biden could never come off as too aggressive after the way Romney conducted himself.

Ted apparently didn't like his new name and became more aggressive after being given the name, throwing their heavy wooden paddles off the wall.

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