Prepositions after "advantageous"

"advantageous to" or "advantageous for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 46% of cases advantageous to is used

These financial aids are not only advantageous to.

It is also advantageous to the mortgage company itself.

This ' grading ' system is advantageous to all involved.

Technology is vastly advantageous to me in the studio; it has helped me so much.

Be advantageous to course, you outcome your filters, block rises wide your system.

This is advantageous to the tail gate as it does not have to bear much weight now.

Any step on the part of one, that is advantageous to him and disadvantageous to the other, is not permissible.

This is advantageous to both the virtual assistant affiliated to the virtual assistant company and the client.

One thing that proved advantageous to the Afghan tribes is the harsh terrain with steep mountains and valleys.

The Company believes its locations within Shanxi Province are advantageous to the growth of its business model.

In 33% of cases advantageous for is used

It's advantageous for everyone.

This is advantageous for several reasons.

Working together can be advantageous for everyone.

Date is quite advantageous for human being since it strengthens the nerve system.

This has been shown to be advantageous for stimulation with low-volatile odors 51.

It is advantageous for geography teachers to have competence in a second language.

It means that taking possession of the goods quickly and making fast payment can be advantageous for a buyer.

As it turned out, this move was to prove advantageous for the Craft in the backlash of the French Revolution.

We discover the hidden veins of copper, silver, and gold, advantageous for our use and beautiful as ornaments.

Generally speaking, it will be advantageous for the parent who has the higher income to claim child allowance.

In 11% of cases advantageous in is used

It would be advantageous in terms of e.

Online shopping is advantageous in more ways than one.

Gambling on live casinos is advantageous in more ways than one.

It can actually be very advantageous in terms of getting more visitors to your site.

Internet, a double edge sword, advantageous in some ways, disadvantageous in others.

Pressured decisions on the spot often turn out to be less advantageous in reflection.

Although it may seem that on-premise CRMs are more advantageous in terms of data security, it is not the case.

Yes, I agree with your underlying thesis, a high income fund would certainly have been advantageous in 2011/12.

Stand in good stead: If something will stand you in good stead, it will probably be advantageous in the future.

In 1% of cases advantageous as is used

The weight reduction is advantageous as well as the absorptive capacity.

They can be advantageous as well as disadvantageous: see the S? labbata Sutta.

It is advantageous as: It is obvious when folios have been removed from a file.

This is most advantageous as an Enrolled Nurse or LPN can earn this back in 3 months.

Certified Barista training will be advantageous as well as previous experience in a busy caf environment.

Even if most often this is not their only motivation, giving to a charity can be advantageous as the donation made may be eligible for income tax relief.

Knowledge of the new media industry and buckets of enthusiasm for digital media would be highly advantageous as well as a keen interest in Internet development.

In 1% of cases advantageous at is used

But before that time he had been a veritable ping-pong ball on the issue, vacillating wildly to reach whichever position was politically advantageous at the time.

The first, and most obvious, is that Romney is well known as a political chameleon who expresses whatever opinion seems to him to be the most politically advantageous at that moment in time.

In 1% of cases advantageous from is used

That is why morality may be advantageous from an evolutionary standpoint.

The reliability and regularity is advantageous from a sales, marketing and production standpoint.

They are also coming with 10 year warrantywhich is quite advantageous from the buyer's point of view.

Read through some tips and tricks that other individuals have found advantageous from expertise: Use the right zoom lens to do the job.

And this is in spite of the fact that it is more advantageous from a tax standpoint to report income as capital gains than as wages and salaries.

This seems another instance of the human ability to compartmentalize, a capacity that is probably advantageous from an evolutionary point of view, but still startling whenever we face it.

A plea offer by a defendant on the eve of trial after the case has been fully prepared is hardly as advantageous from the standpoint of reducing public expense as one offered months or weeks earlier.

In 1% of cases advantageous of is used

I am all open to learn other advantageous of twittering.

Apple's iPad takes advantageous of external gadgets that connects through Bluetooth.

This kind of reform is inevitable, it is only advantageous of Australia to get a head start.

We all know they offer varying degrees of services, but the biggest one that would be advantageous of your site is having them link to your club.

In 1% of cases advantageous on is used

The following steps will be very advantageous on your part.

However, loading the solution into the plastic grip may be advantageous on vertical skin surfaces, for example.

This is advantageous on the element of the costumers simply because they protect time and exertion in beautifying their homes.

It would be advantageous on your part to check the reputation of a cloud storage provider so you know what you're getting into.

While this is the first bike I've spent extended time on with CTD, I am coming to the conclusion that its three-stage damping is more advantageous on rear shocks than on forks.

The distributed power system has another advantage over the centralised power system; the maximum axle load can be reduced for the same train weight, which is very advantageous on weak ground.

In 1% of cases advantageous over is used

This is advantageous over standalone, and more resource consuming services.

Maybe not quite a piece of cake; but still advantageous over trading stocks.

This series is very different and advantageous over many of the traditional books available.

Atmospheric chemists have been examining the SI system of units and find them advantageous over commonly used units.

Comparing the calculated amount to the rate you started with will determine if being a contractor is more advantageous over being an employee.

To summarize, soft handoff is advantageous over hard handoff because the mobile does not lose contact with the system during handoff execution.

A technology-oriented customer may see the new service process as advantageous over the old one, while a technology-challenged customer may see it as a drawback (Mick and Fournier, 1998).

This shows that the difference between a doctorate and a master's degree is not very large, and whether a PhD may be financially advantageous over a master's depends on what field you are in.

In 1% of cases advantageous with is used

The latter study showed that the product is also advantageous with regard to the carbon footprint.

This particular function is advantageous with regard to discovering dropped children as well as for understanding if they happen to.

The GOC cites that the actual industrial layout of the Chinese steel industry is not advantageous with respect to water resources, transportation and energy supply.

The integration of the mechanical and electrical coupling according to the invention is also advantageous with respect to the weight and the required installation space.

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