Prepositions after "admire"

"admire by", "admire in" or "admire for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases admire by is used

He is well respected and admired by the UN family.

I am sure it will be admired by many on our wedding day.

Nevertheless the horse was very much admired by good judges.

Jobs that not only pay well but also have high prestige and are admired by their classmates.

It finds a resting place on the kitchen counter where, like in a museum, it's admired by visitors.

Soldiers, models, beach boys, athletes &; the man on the street are presented here to be admired by all.

Somehow, this beauty is admired by men but does not lead to the kind of love that eventuates in a marriage proposal.

Young men top physical specimens, admired by thousands and there they are Queuing for the same sexual partner all their mates had.

If you're want to make a million to impress other people and to be admired by them, you're going to be very miserable at some point.

She is clearly a woman who is admired by most people, and exerts a powerful influence in the lives of the girls during their school years.

In 22% of cases admire for is used

Jamaican Chinese are greatly admired for being hardworking, diligent and courteous.

He was admired for his tenacity, spirit and fight; Big Sam is taking steps to ensure that in.

Swansea is a team many have come to admire for the sweet and free flowing manner they play the game.

I admire for young mothers who manage to juggle time for study and family well because it's too hard.

Gdel has to be admired for his intellectual imagination; everyone else thought that Hilbert was right.

Rajasthan is one of the most preferred destinations and it is widely admired for its opulent culture, heritage, tradition.

In this class and among other people our family knows, Timmy had been admired for his speedy development, particularly cognitively.

Being admired for something I do comes from me proving that I can do the task well, and admiration from friends or even strangers is free.

You want to be loved and admired for talent and skill, and if you do not feel either one, anxiety and frustration will lead to a sense of nervousness.

In 17% of cases admire in is used

I find something new to admire in every hearing.

Talk about a characteristic you admire in others.

There is plenty to see and admire in these places.

Acting is the most greatest profession i admire in my whole life.

It stood alone, tall, beautiful and much admired in front of the house.

But there was plenty to admire in Liverpool's battling qualities and this point should be something to build on.

There is forthrightness about him, which I have always admired in spite of the many differences of opinion I hold.

You can accessorize your black dress with red jewelry and you are going to be observed and admired in a very special and elegant way.

I think what Hye Kyo admires in Ms Portman is that Ms Portman doesn't mind putting her career on hold or even losing it as long as she can continue doing what her heart desires (ie.

In 9% of cases admire about is used

That is something I really admire about him.

And yet, for all there is to admire about Germany's fan culture, there is a darker side.

One of the things I admire about her is how she's reinvented herself time and time again.

Obama won and if you'd read my comments in the thread of the guest post as a former campaign manager in my days with Labour, there is much to admire about Obama's machine.

In 5% of cases admire as is used

Cascadia Records: Who do you admire as fellow up and coming talent in the scene? Eximinds: Wow, there's a lot.

Credited with rescuing the faltering campaign in Afghanistan, he was admired as a tactician and strategist, especially about counter-insurgency operations.

In 5% of cases admire from is used

I can admire from afar but I am really kind of scared when it comes to tattoos.

In 3% of cases admire on is used

Back to the hotel, admiring on the way the old PORTUGUES FORT, the HOUSE OF WONDER and the PALACE OF THE PEOPLE.

A recent graduate of Virginia State University, where she was an RA, LaToya was admired on campus and even considered herself and her then-boyfriend to be the Michelle and Barack Obama of VSU.

In 2% of cases admire at is used

I am looking forward to learning all I can about how to be a great teacher, the kind of teacher I admired at school and learned a great deal from.

In 1% of cases admire of is used

Although her face and persona has been regarded as an icon for being the queen, much is to be admired of her personal self Elizabeth.

In 1% of cases admire with is used

The admire with the sort of custom that has sustained Cheap Baseball Hats for all these ages has long been section of the way in which New Era can enterprise.

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