Prepositions after "act"

act as, in, on, like or upon?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases act as is used

The disk acts as a tie breaker.

The SIM acts as the secure element.

Act as a facilitator for the circles.

This will act as a barrier and keep your fillings from bulging out the sides of the cake.

ECB bond buying might, but is it really the ECB's job to act as the conduit for monetary.

Acted as legal adviser to the Initial Public Offer (IPO) of shares in Golden Web Limited on the Ghana Stock Exchange.

Sports Arena Saturday from his Wild Card Gym training camp in Hollywood to act as commentator for the Brian Viloria vs.

In particular we: Act as a catalyst, taking the lead in the establishment and driving early development of each project.

She has continued her work in a small unit that acts as a clearing house for mobile phone videos smuggled out of Syria.

In 18% of cases act in is used

To act in the place of parents.

They act in plays celebrating it.

Every goal should act in this way.

Europe's financial requirements outstrip its political ability to act in a united manner.

Both sides acted in ways that are consistent with two of the main findings in this book.

They are confusing us, the tried and tested divide and rule strategy is being implemented and we are acting in FEAR.

The FAI's failure to act in the summer resulted in the limp, directionless performance against Germany on Friday night.

I mean, denial of death at some point becomes a delusion, and we start acting in ways that make no sense whatsoever.

Here a Society would seek to act in areas where no other organisation or non-governmental body might be expected to act.

In 16% of cases act on is used

Not acting on that awareness is.

As for the novelty acts on the show,.

Some may even act on those intentions.

Partial knowledge is more dangerous, we should use caution before we act on what we know.

You must take appropriate steps to investigate Member Content if you intend to act on it.

Does that mean you should act on any urge that you get in your head during a LSD trip? No.

While this has confirmed that good managers do actually make a difference, it wouldn't allow Google to act on the data.

This is important to ensure that emergency agencies, the media and the community are acting on accurate information.

Obviously we want the data to stand up to scrutiny if we are going to persuade the regulator or Government to act on it.

Dealing with the admissions made by the plaintiff and its impact on the judgment His Lordship Soza, J stated as follows.

In 15% of cases act like is used

Please -- start acting like one.

Internal waves act like surface waves.

We just need to start acting like it.

This is the hard truth and acts like temple attacking will only reinforce these fears.

SO PLEASE STOP acting like yall don't know they are still married, because they are.

I don't care if she acts like a tomboy and her acting skills isn't good enough for you.

Why does he allow his kids to ACT like this? If he really wanted to he could put an end to the ex wife thing going on.

India SEO community should decide up on a basic minimum price structure, ethics etc to act like an organized industry.

Parodied with Dave in Flight of the Conchords, who acts like an expert in all things, especially being a ladies ' man.

What sort of animals are we breeding in the nrl, in fact even animals would not sink so low as to act like these players.

In 5% of cases act upon is used

But a building is acted upon by its occupants.

Most of us know that and just don't act upon it.

Some hold acting upon Ahad is only preferable.

It's precisely all that blurry planning that has to be taken into account and acted upon.

In life you will have acted upon fear and love, which option proved to be the most fruitful.

Information is fed in, processed, integrated and then a response is formulated and acted upon.

Sometimes it is just inertia, that an object in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by some external force.

People that do think and do act upon their thoughts are just sick, and they're the ones that deserve to be eradicated.

You preach love, peace, faith, forgiveness, but as is the case with all of us, the majority of you fail to act upon it.

In 4% of cases act with is used

NUC has not acted with discretion.

And when you act with Him in mind, He.

We can choose to act with a sense of urgency.

If they decide to act with malice, the individual has little protection from harassment.

When you say that and when the army acts with impunity, he will have to look the other way.

If Australia has already acted with generosity and effective diplomacy on stage one, it could make this achievable.

There on the 27th it made contact with a small force of the 1st Cavalry which had raced northward along the main road.

It is pressure from the US DEA that is behind this and CRUK should act with a more independent and patient-centred approach.

The first week was all about getting comfortable in the space and with the people we will be acting with for the next year.

In 3% of cases act for is used

Get up and act for positive change.

They want to think and act for themselves.

The poor mother was left to act for her child.

They sometimes act for both parties in the transaction and take a fee from both parties.

At the Screen Actors Workshop, we make it clear to our students that when acting for the.

Whether selection acted for? the good of the group? or on individuals was debated for a long time.

Representing Gazza I acted for Chris Waddle throughout his entire playing career and still regard him as a good friend.

The victim may, of course, still bring an action in damages for the breach and repudiate the contract for all future breaches.

She pointed out that it was illogical for them to be deprived of his services when he had acted for them in the Part 8 review.

McCheap set about printing off bills and time sheets for a selection of files in which Venal &; Grabbit had acted for The Firm.

In 2% of cases act against is used

Police has powers to act against such deals.

She used other family members to act against me.

Lactobacillus GG acts against yeast and clostridia.

Harris violated his oath of office, by actively acting against the First Amendment.

But, KP must have realised, there is no way ECB/Flower are going to act against Swann.

My conscience tells me what is right and wrong, and I must never act against my conscience.

The entertainment industry, which has for years pressured Google to act against online piracy, applauded the move.

However, I, myself, having come from Mindanao, do not know how to act against this madness the Ampatuans have (allegedly) done.

The failure of the gram panchayat to act against the dhaba despite a written complaint, has given room for doubts, they have said.

In 1% of cases act according is used

Yet, it is essential to act according to the license agreement.

He listens to whatever Gwyn says, and acts according to his master's will.

In case of an emergency, the staff will act according to the best interest of your pet.

In all negotiations conducted by Arafat, it appeared that he was acting according to the saying.

The Muslim woman who is acting according to Islamic manners eats and drinks with her right hand.

A lot of people become careless because they do not observe situations carefully and act accordingly.

Nor must he or she be prevented from acting according to conscience, especially in religious matters.

Amongst the merits of the common law system is its versatility to act according to the progress of the society.

This did not mean that it had stopped pulling the strings, and ensuring its puppet acted according to its dictates.

This is in effect indicating to the jury the charges in the indictment and the jury's duty to act according to the evidence.

In 1% of cases act at is used

This photo is Obama acting at his best.

Deacon began to act at the age of 12 and trained at the Anna Scher Theatre.

Does it sound appealing for you? As a freelancer you are able to act at will in order to create your own way.

This allows the team to act at the decisive moment and forge a numerical advantage in the key parts of the field.

No wonder the this sounds so grand! As a freelancer I have the ability to act at will in order to create my own way.

Born in Glendale, California, Nathan began acting at the early age of three and soon after landed an animated feature.

I am saying this with reference to how foolishly I acted at the Oliver Thambo International Airport in Johannesburg on my way to Dar Es Salaam.

I remember a time when we were invited to be one of the opening acts at a concert in a Bulawayo local stadium and the crowd boed us before we even sang anything.

Any one can act at any time, under special given conditions; and inasmuch as any one can act at any time, it is virtually saying that all are acting at the same time.

Any one can act at any time, under special given conditions; and inasmuch as any one can act at any time, it is virtually saying that all are acting at the same time.

In 1% of cases act by is used

It acts by attracting and absorbing dust and dirt.

She was driven to act by her desire to protect her son, it has emerged.

The whole process could be called edifying, which acts by exerting a subtle influence on people.

The films best parts come when the cast are not actually acting, but these are frequently distracted by the uninspiring production of Shakespeare's play.

Every scene is unpredictable, every piece of acting by the main characters is superb, and it's almost impossible not to hang to every word on the dialogue.

He believed that God created original kinds, that all modern species descended from those kinds, and that natural selection acted by conserving rather than originating.

Be that as it may, the age of oligarchic conglomeration now has been given the executive sanction though foundation was laid in 2002 February by amending the Essential Commodities Act by NDA.

In 1% of cases act from is used

There seems little doubt that he acted from principle.

And that there were plenty of dog acts from both sides, not just from NSW.

The good people of this country will act from outside both party establishments and save it.

The former are idealists acting from highest motives for the greatest good of the greatest number.

Graphics are a bit clunky and there's no voice acting from either Matt Smith (the Doctor) or Karen Gillan (Amy).

They are joined by up-and-coming local artists, like singer Dasha Logan, and quality acts from Brazil and Indonesia.

It also represents the headquarters of any Dharma organisation for it is the nucleus, where the Lama resides, works and acts from.

Although people who do it are acting from good motives, the damage they cause could be very serious (Translated by Xiaoyu Guan).

In foreign policy this has made them believe that they are a moral example to the rest of the world and that they only act from the highest motives.

Keeping a good sense of humour and spending time with those that uplift your mood will help to reduce stress allowing you to act from with a calmer outlook on life.

In 1% of cases act out is used

Why did he do it? Gabriele was acting out of love for the pope and his Church.

And if any of those dealing with the crisis were acting out of malicious intent.

In Numbers 12, we see two people acting out of pride, against Moses, who is humble.

For Kant 1, what is important is that a person acts out of duty, not out of inclination.

It is immediately evident to family and friends that the person is acting out of character.

They said Knec was acting out of? malice? and? mischief? in the way it had handled the matter.

This is an opinion piece about what would have happened in Detroit if the terrorist was a Christian, never mind if he had acted out of his Christian beliefs.

It also retains Kant's intuition that acting out of (intellectual) commitment to the good is better than following simple inclination and maybe getting it right (without fully intending to).

In 1% of cases act under is used

He had acted under very great provocation.

Learn who is cool under pressure, who takes the lead and how clearly each board member sees, thinks and acts under duress.

In addition to the death squads acting under color of government authority described so far, there are two other types of death squads.

A terrorist can readily be attracted by any strayed ideology, act under influence of terrorist, and engage in any kind of cruel and ruthless act.

In 1% of cases act without is used

It is evil to act without regard for right.

But the reality is, no one can really act without any rules.

All I wanted was to retire and I feel that they have acted without honour.

Get the bit between one's teeth - act without restraint A metaphor from horsemanship.

I would say that anyone who acts without paying attention to what he is doing is wasting his life.

Impact is the ability to get individuals to act without depending on the energy of your position to convince them.

Seungri lives every day like he's having loads of fun, and I think it would be wonderful to act without any worries.

What they didn't know was that the discount operators are the ones most likely to act without regard for the environment.

A terrorist brainwashed by mass psychology of terrorist organizations acts without blinking an eye, kills innocent people, is surely a non-believer.

The government has an interest in pleasing the public and so commissions research which will give the required ' evidence ', or simply acts without any evidence at all.

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