Prepositions after "protective"

protective of, against, about, over or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 75% of cases protective of is used

They are protective of the bag.

Men are protective of their domain.

He feels naturally protective of you.

People in Europe and Canada (places i know) are very protective of their time off.

Fathers and brothers are protective of their daughters and families stick together.

They're very protective of their family and don't like their family to be offended.

Russel's impending movie adaptation? Sure, I think we all feel protective of the franchise, just as the fans do.

The Congress is being protective of the Gandhi son because it knows it can not waste him on a defeated election.

Mother squirrels are very protective of their young and if threatened have been known to attack people and pets.

Musicians previously unconcerned about ownership suddenly felt compelled to be fiercely protective of their music.

In 6% of cases protective against is used

These are protective against a lot of this toxicity.

I would be very protective against seeing this again.

It is also protective against HIV and most other STIs.

Tomatoes and cooked tomato products: may be protective against prostate cancer.

In fact, some studies suggest that full-fat dairy is protective against diabetes.

Presumably the materials should be protective against nanoparticle conglomerates.

Some religious artefacts, such as amulets and talismans, were also thought to be protective against poisoning.

Interestingly, smoking may be protective against aphthae, even though smoking makes many oral conditions worse.

Conclusions: Breastfeeding is protective against SIDS, and this effect is stronger when breastfeeding is exclusive.

Another beneficial use of the BCP and DP is that they are both protective against future chances of ovarian cancer.

In 4% of cases protective about is used

Sanju has always been protective about me.

I am also very protective about my writing time.

He was very protective about his leading ladies.

I was also protective about her as I felt her to be too innocent for our Gurgaon.

We were new parents so understandably very protective about where we finally went.

I'd not really interested in being territorial or protective about what it is I do.

And he's slipping generally on the things he's normally protective about and the care he takes, because of D.

He kept his wife and kids away from the limelight only because he was so possessive and protective about them.

He is protective about his bowling -- even defensive -- when it comes to his tendency to bowling many no-balls.

Karan Johar twitted how Khan was one of the best fathers he had known and how he was protective about every kid.

In 4% of cases protective over is used

How protective over her own children.

In fact, I feel quite protective over him.

I'd really protective over the whole thing.

The five males, especially the alpha male are very protective over the den site.

I have felt connected to and protective over a fictional character in Half-Life 2.

At the same time he is very protective over his sister and always puts family first.

I am protective over my boys and want with every inch of my soul for their childhood be be just that, childhood.

I was disappointed that we couldn't swim with it because the mother would get protective over its new born calf.

Although I'd sure that Karl Rove and the Koch Bros are not quite as protective over their little project anymore.

It is natural for a parent to be protective over their child despite being aware of the profession of the instructors.

In 2% of cases protective for is used

Yes, they are protective for you.

The new sun visor is also more protective for the eyes.

In fact some methods of birth control are actually protective for your body.

It is the insecure and the weak that are so protective for their nationalistic separatist.

He was just far too possessive and protective for my tastes, and he lied and hid things too.

WB feeding was protective for some parameters of DSS colitis; early weight loss and colonic shortening.

Moderate drinking can be protective for middle-aged men and women who are at risk of some forms of heart disease.

Breast-feeding may be protective for ADHD, and it's known to be beneficial for the baby's overall health, she said.

She links to one about fat being protective for dialysis patients, and that article is actually based on real studies.

The reason, they say, is that this would be more protective for her and others since the crowd would be lighter at that time.

In 2% of cases protective in is used

She was protective in a very loving way.

Cholesterol also becomes protective in old age.

In fact, current smoking was protective in the OPT.

But then, sometimes the darkness is comforting and protective in those dark places.

The talisman is protective in nature, whisking him away during near death moments into 2012.

I love the way she draws Dean and Castiel because Dean always looks very protective in her artworks.

Depression I believe takes us into what I call the womb-like place that is quiet, often floating, protective in some way.

All three proteins BSA, casein, and lactoferrin were less protective in the duodenal flushings than in the stomach flushings.

Dalmatian Dalmatian are white coloured dogs covered with black spots and are known to be very aggressive and protective in nature.

Helen Kim at the University of Alabama at Birmingham suggests that soy, taken in the diet, may actually be protective in the brain.

In 2% of cases protective towards is used

I feel very protective towards them.

You might feel protective towards them.

We all felt a bit protective towards Emma.

Mike felt protective towards her, which would have mortified Mel had she known.

She's made a lot of close friends at Jigsaw who are very protective towards her.

I feel protective towards the graves of those 177 men whose VCs are now in my collection.

Jools is blessed with an openness and an honesty that, at times, makes you feel as protective towards her as she is to her family.

Whereas a man tends to be protective towards a mentally inferior woman, a woman can not do the same because of her hypergamous impulses.

It may sound odd but you keep the same body over the academic year and you actually become very fond of it and feel protective towards it.

These t-shirts and coats are not only modern but when you know or not these are is often protective towards quite a few items which a canine might deal with.

In 1% of cases protective to is used

People always wonder why ELF are OVER PROTECTIVE to our boys.

Normal cholesterol levels were NOT protective to those with high CRP.

Philippine Parents In the West the parents can really be protective to a certain point.

Hofer, I understand he is protective to the press usually, but his actions often contradict his words, that is my point.

It may be that you will befriend a mentor figure (technically tin yute gwai yan) or that you will discover deeper resources within yourself but the ambience of the Dragon year is protective to you.

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