Prepositions after "pink"

pink in, with, for, on or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 22% of cases pink in is used

I love that pink in your scarf.

I do not like to see pink in that.

It's white as well as pink in color.

It would be pink in colour, would cost me next to nothing and would also be fun to make.

The rose mountain is really pink in color at a distance when the sun shines bright on it.

Mamie Eisenhower had it going on when she planted pink into our head oh so many years ago.

Raw red bananas have a flesh that is cream to light pink in color and are sweeter than the yellow Cavendish varieties.

At the age of 11, the family moved to Brighton but returned to Brixton where Adele remembers watching Pink in concert.

But when I say this, she snaps that ' those ones are too blue ', or ' those have got too much pink in them ', or whatever.

In 2006, Aurangabad, a crime-infested city in the state of Bihar, was painted pink in order to uplift, to authorities, its.

In 18% of cases pink with is used

Pink with the black accent tiles.

Walls will be pink with black trim.

Pombal has turned pink with pleasure.

Dry blue cobalt chloride paper turns pink with this liquid - the liquid must be water.

They were registered in Lord Randolph's colours - pink with chocolate sleeves and cap.

We just lovingly shined up all of it's fixtures and pink with light blue trimmed tiles.

Crochet is a matte orange, Guipure is a shimmery peachy pink with golden shimmer and Chantilly is a matte coral pink.

Jul's silk jacket was also good - she had paired the pink with a dark brown silk - the colour combination worked well.

Acessorize's Love Struck* is a bright, punchy pink with a matte finish and the colour made me mutter ' oooh yeeeeeah '.

Also, who is doing the talking? Maybe the private sector is tickled pink with your brand, but the government is fussed.

In 17% of cases pink for is used

We are going to be in pink for a day.

Navy for the boys and pink for the ladies.

A simple, pale shade of pink for your lips is.

But surely the days of pink for a girl and blue for a boy are behind us, alas it isn't so.

Think Kate Moss, Angelina (during her Billy Bob years ), and Pink for badass bootspiration.

Shades: This would have been a great product for me if it weren't too pink for my skin tone.

This is the perfect weekend lip color! I love to combine Oversized Orange and Curvy Pink for a cute coral pink shade.

Then as the sun disappears, different layers of clouds take turns to shine pink for the last time as night settles in.

They should only be cooked until they just turn pink for optimal flavour and texture, and should be served immediately.

In 11% of cases pink on is used

I've got pink on the brain, too.

However, it's so sheer that it looks pink on the nail.

Take a stand against bullying by wearing PINK on Feb 29.

If the girl is wearing pink shoes on page three, the shoes need to be pink on page five.

You definitely want the meat to remain pink on the inside so please don't overcook them.

You don't need to put breasts or curves or pink on a character in order to make her female.

Pink on the skin of the lips around the quality requirements is quite high, if you have acne, or stain, use concealer.

Hollywood in Vegas? The red and pink on the map of the world (follow link above) shows where it's been warmer this year.

So I send it back and it comes back clearly microwaved for a few seconds and guess what? Still freakin ' pink on the inside.

If wearing a splash of pink on the uniforms will remind one woman that she needs to have exams, I don't see a problem with it.

In 6% of cases pink to is used

Win it by texting PINK to 3343 or be listening.

The leaf stalk is typically pink to reddish brown.

Its inside is typically pink to white and iridescent.

The waves were good, and the sun set was gorgeous changing from deep yellow to pink to red.

Dusk is the most beautiful hues of pink to violet and then dark purple turns to pitch black.

You can use light red to dark red, pink to red, white to red, silver or gold to red et cetera.

Discoloration of the lips is a condition when the color of the lips changes from the usual red or pink to dark shades.

Assign pink to character number one, blue to character number two, green to all other characters and yellow to the narrator.

Goose/url American gooseberry fruits are smaller (to 1/2 inch ), perfectly round, all becoming pink to wine-red at maturity.

There is pink to him to, hooves, the gentle flush of his cheeks, and of course, his lips, soft and shiny and pink, and so soft.

In 4% of cases pink at is used

Young buds are light green, with just a hint of pink at the tip.

I can't help but think he is tickled pink at that kind of mistake.

There was a band of pink at the bottom and the top block was of gold.

I still don't like it, but I do love pink at the moment in any shade (coral, peach, hot pink.

Roast the turkey until no longer pink at the bone and the juices run clear, about 2 more hours.

At the minute, I'd having my first adventure in ombre, except it's going from red into pink at the ends.

Well-done steaks are grey throughout, no pink at all, quite firm, although can still be juicy, and is very hot inside.

The leaves are purple all year round and the flowers, which are three inches long, are white at the base and pink at the end.

Chairperson Jennifer Green came up with idea and initially asked the female members to wear pink at last Tuesday night's meeting.

Personally, I am alarmed at how the blue seems to be fading out of the Conservatives and they are becoming increasingly pink at the edges.

In 3% of cases pink as is used

I also never wore pink as a child.

It is said that pink as a natural occurrence.

I didn't like pink as a child and I still don't like it.

Eyes You'll need a silvery grey (not charcoal ), a pink as well as a beige/pearl pink eye shadow.

People nowadays are so inured to nothing-but-neutrals that they think of pink as an outrageous choice.

Wearing pink as a gesture of support for breast cancer awareness is common in the world of professional sports.

The make up artists thought it was so much fun to go out there so I got lots of blush, blue eyeshadow with pink as a highlighter.

For instance, a female interviewee aiming to join a creative company can choose pink as a main colour, and wear a pink blouse and pink pumps.

A great opportunity to find a nice spot overlooking Il Campo, grab a glass wine and some tapas, and watch the square turn pink as the sun goes down.

Still, it's a very good toastie, buttery-crisp on the outside, lined with ham as thin and tender and pink as a kitten's tongue, and gooey with jarlsberg.

In 3% of cases pink from is used

Her face was pink from the hot water.

Saturday the theme will be pink from head to toe.

You are surrounded in a sea of pink from the moment you enter.

Smells a little strong from the camphor in it and it's pink from the calamine but IT WORKS.

There are slight variations of colour, with crimson and pink from red, and grey and sky-blue from blue.

Very softly, his lips brushed over those wet streaks, coming back pink from the drops still shimmering on them.

If I ever remodel my bathroom again I pledge to go retro pink and hunt near and far to save the pink from certain doom.

I'd so thrilled about my soon-to-be pink bathroom!! The toilet &; sink are American Standard blush pink from about 1963.

His cheeks stood out pink from the cold outside, and yet he wore only a thin, dark blue shirt, tucked into grey trousers.

Congregating and feeding at Lake Nakuru, the flamingos are so numerous at times that the lake actually looks pink from a distance.

In 2% of cases pink by is used

I liked the pink by the way, Purple would be cool.

I turned six (one for each decade) phone boxes pink by wrapping them in an alternative version of the union jack.

Shappi Khorsandi has no material to speak of but she seems to be tickled pink by what she's saying, that's probably the key.

Tickled pink by Penn's outburst, his guests at the Agora pavilion by the Riviera festival palace duly paid out a total of 1.

Make sure to stop by the Pink by Design Blog to see the other Design Team's fabulous projects and link up your own favorite pattern.

The start/finish line for Friday night's Nationwide race was painted pink by race sponsor Dollar General, and the grandstand tickets were also pink.

At five years of age, little Julia, (whose favorite color is pink by the way) had already developed compassion for those less fortunate than herself.

For More Information please visit the official site of MAGGIE SOTTERO Pink By Paradox Wedding Shoes Pink have the most charming designs and the attractive colors.

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset -- One of the most famous New York sights, for free! Walk through China town then over the bridge for unparalleled views of the city stained pink by the sunset.

In 1% of cases pink without is used

Najib lips can turn pink without lipstick.

Gums healthy looking &; pink without receding, redness, bleeding or swelling.

It keeps them soft, and dry skin free and makes them look plump and pink without the need for lipstick.

This is a brighter pink with visible shimmer, and stays pink after blending, while Highbeam is a softer pink without detectable shimmer.

In 1% of cases pink about is used

There's nothing pretty and pink about it.

She stood by the tea-table in a light-coloured muslin gown, which had a good deal of pink about it.

Progressives should be tickled pink about having such a nice, big demonstration project from which to showcase their superior economic philosophy Reason Foundation.

In 1% of cases pink under is used

The Coral Sea turned pink under us.

Halima turned pink under her ghumta, sure now that he had seen her behind the wooden slats.

Freddy sat silently, holding a fishing rod, while Charlie lay back, his bare chest turning pink under the Summer sun.

Found it very hard to get the right foundation to suit my skin tone, all the pale foundations seem to have a pink under tone which doesn't look right on my skin.

In 1% of cases pink through is used

It's an interesting design- a mottled grey- white with squiggles of black and flecks of pink through it.

Peaches prone to leaf curl will need a copper spray now as the buds start to move (you'll start to see pink through the buds as they gear up to open).

The popular bows that is definitely pink through 2007 is in reality a recommended white colored actually yet could very well turn out to be easily altered so that you can whichever you decide on.

In 1% of cases pink of is used

No flamingos in the lagoon, but the lagoon was all pink of the stuff flamingos eat.

A tight little flock of human sparrows who, from the lambent and pampered pink of their faces, could only have been Boston politicians moved toward the plate.

Thousands of Caribbean flamingos - the largest and pinkest of the five species - gather each winter on the estuary of the Ria Celestun on Mexico's Yucatan peninsula.

The PAP and the elites are white as snow in their clothing and we the citizens are too, only it is our face which is white as snow (Bin pek pek -- bloodless) whereas theirs is pink of health.

In 1% of cases pink like is used

I know the meat shouldn't be all pink like that.

The sun would be rising on the shore and the sky would be pink like carnival cotton candy.

The prosciutto wasn't even the right color - it was too pink like a traditional boiled ham.

Or maybe pink like the bouquets of peonies and sweet pea she'd bring to Glenys at the post office.

They are actually pink like pigs, the orang putih, but fool the world and you fools call them white.

The fragment of coral, a tiny crinkle of pink like a sugar rosebud from a cake, rolled across the mat.

They have hearts that beat and blood which courses and feelings and their tongues are all pink like mine.

I wish it had had a delicate shade of salmon pink like the one you see with the original recipe, but it was okay.

The Pink Terraces rose more steeply, rather like a giant staircase, were as smooth as enamel and pink like coral.

Pretty in pink Like males beginning their socialization in blue, females are traditionally gender socialized in pink.

In 1% of cases pink during is used

They get their color from their food -- tiny green algae that turn pink during digestion.

I'd thinking about one in Prague which David Cerny painted pink during the ' Velvet Revolution '.

It's not uncommon to see a lot of pink during the month of October, and this year is no exception.

In 1% of cases pink around is used

Probably just a tinge of pink around my whole face only.

The hockey rink is bright blue, with the pink around the edge.

Above, the sky shaded from pink around the setting sun to deepest blue-black in the east.

The shower is tiled in pink, with pink around the sink basin, but the toilet and other porcelain fixtures are white.

They've allowed her to stay the night, to sit in a metal chair and guard her husband's sleep, to watch the gauze darken at his throat, the hole in his neck rising pink around the rim.

In 1% of cases pink against is used

Pink against orange, red against black, a stripe, a zigzag, a diamond star halo.

The background combines the same shade of pink against some blue for the mountains.

Towers, spires, faades, of Portland stone were white or pink against the dimming sky.

The redbuds were hazy blurs of pink against the clear, May-softened sky when David returned Home.

Find out what backdrop you'll be up against: white against white, pink against red etc won't work.

I added just a touch of a trailing pink vine look to give that light blush of pink against the all white house.

While I love the contrast of the pink against the warm tones of her hair and the eyes, I think the lid eye shadow is killing the look.

This was magical: here I was thousands of feet up a Bavarian mountain, in perfect silence save for the wind, watching the sky turn pink against a backdrop of Alpine peaks.

He swished the spatula once more and took careful aim at his wife's thinly covered bottom where the swell of her once bronze cheeks now contrasted deep pink against her white panties.

In 1% of cases pink after is used

Still so vividly pink after hours in the satchel.

But then it turned pinker after 5 minutes or so.

It should go from being purple to very pink after the blood is all gone.

This was the month to go pink after all, what with it being breast cancer awareness month.

Mark face was slightly pinker after this evening of merriment, the cause of which is indiscernible.

Gram Negative bacteria will go pink after this dyeing, whereas Gram Positive bacteria will remain purple, from the original purple dye.

This is a brighter pink with visible shimmer, and stays pink after blending, while Highbeam is a softer pink without detectable shimmer.

If your feet are warm and pink after walking and you can feel pulses (inner ankle and on top of the foot below the big toe) the blood flow is okay.

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