Prepositions after "pending"

"pending in" or "pending before"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases pending in is used

His case is now pending in court.

The bill is pending in the Senate.

Cabot &; Gas) are pending in the U.

Why government is taking back his lokpal bill which is pending in standing committee.

There are about 650,000 casespending in court houses pendingadministration of justice.

In the Philippines, we have a Bill on National Land Use Act still pending in Congress.

How do you view the legal implications? A: To comment on this would be subjudice as it's pending in a Court of Law.

He rejected the application and asked them to go to the High Court since the matters are pending in the High Court.

Under the change, approximately 300,000 deportation cases pending in immigration court will be reviewed case by case.

In 17% of cases pending before is used

See (pending before the Commission).

The case is pending before the NCAA.

The bill is pending before the House.

Ravi earlier in the day said no bailout package is pending before the Government.

The case is now pending before the House of Lords - the highest court in Britain.

The FOI bill has been pending before Evardone's committee since February last year.

Simon Kabui from the Digital Decoder Dealers Association says more than 13 applications are pending before CCK.

We will make no further comment at this stage on these issues as the matter is pending before the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court had allowed Zia Latif to continue until the final disposal of his cases pending before the LHC.

The whole matter is pending before a High Court but the outcome will be to revert the project to the intended use.

In 13% of cases pending for is used

It can remain pending for months.

An IMF deal that was pending for too long.

This is pending for the last eight months.

And it is because of people like Rehman Malik, bill is pending for last three years.

The number ofland related cases pending for a prolongperiod of time is over 150,000.

However, her permanent residence application has been pending for the last six years.

There are about 35 cases at the Police pending for more than a year without ever being filed at the courts of law.

Thereafter, cases are kept pending for decades with the witnesses and the victims ultimately tiring of the process.

The regulator said that going forward there won't be any case left pending for more than a year, the reports added.

He also called on the Maldivian Parliament to enact the law on disaster management that has been pending for some time.

In 9% of cases pending against is used

I also have a patent pending against my aim.

A party inquiry is now pending against Haritwal.

In 2010, around a thousand were pending against Shell.

He has never been accused of any offense and has no charges pending against him.

They will also finalise all enquiries pending against the officers in any matter.

The Court granted bail to Baruah while hearing the last case (50 K06) pending against him.

He has over 32 cases pending against him, including that of the assassination of Telugu Desam home minister A.

Akhilesh Yadav? A case of disproportionate assets is pending against his father Mulayam Singh in Supreme Court.

Several cases are pending against him in different courts, he said, and Muslims are constantly searching for him.

A habitual wildlife offender, Aji has four wildlife crime cases pending against him, filed over the past six years.

In 8% of cases pending at is used

Excavations are pending at ' site B.

SB 2649 is pending at the committee level.

The lawsuit remained pending at year's end.

However, the same case is still pending at the FCT High Court, before Justice Adebukola Banjoko.

Persons whose application for asylum or refugee status is pending at any stage in the procedure.

On the other hand, the lone surviver Kassab is facing a death penalty in India -- his plea is pending at Supreme Court.

He said there were 33 sentenced Indians and 5 more prisoners whose trials are pending at Welikada at the time of the riot.

I also raised a grievance on protal for which i got a reply after 30 days saying my claim is pending at DA initiator level.

The controversial Singur Act has been legally challenged by Tata Motors, and an appeal is currently pending at the Supreme Court.

In 7% of cases pending with is used

Now the issue is pending with the court.

Let this matter be pending with that matter.

There is a deal pending with Marriots for a hotel but that could be three years away.

He said 10827 cases were still pending with his office due to acute shortage of funds.

This is a discussion on Complaint pending with Reliance Mobile for more than 2 months.

On the other hand, a number of applications for establishing cell phone services are pending with the government.

A bill was moved in the National Assembly -- but is still pending with the standing committee on law and justice.

He promised that the proposals pending with the FIPB will be processed and decisions will be taken? expeditiously?

He suggested that the Opposition should cooperate in getting clearance for various projects pending with the Centre.

In 6% of cases pending on is used

Arbitrations pending on the operative date.

We have High court cases pending on the topic.

You may read dockets of cases pending on appeal.

You can count on the wine to be supplied to one in a few of days pending on your site.

Toxicology test results were still pending on the body of Martin, 17, who was shot Feb.

Signals pending on the process are distinct from signals pending on individual threads.

However, their beautiful fur requires daily grooming and makes their owners quite pending on their Pomeranians needs.

Gary2 Michael -- there seems to be something wrong with the site as I do not see comments pending on a consistent basis.

Generally, valuation is probable sale price minus 4-8%, depending on the lender, the property and recent market movement.

The pre- trial is still pending on this person and she has been arrested on felony charges of gross negligence manslaughter.

In 2% of cases pending since is used

Most have been pending since 1999.

The revamp of policy is pending since 2003.

This appeal has been pending since July 1996.

This decision has been pending since September.

The project is pending since 2006 &; It will not be ready.

It has been pending since 2003, but has been partly seccessful.

Somebody has sponsored me but my case is pending since x months.

I placed for return request which is still pending since 40 days.

A request for the FCC to address prison phone rates has been pending since 2003, Cooper noted.

Yashwant Sinha says an amendment to the Coal Mines (Nationalisation) Act has been pending since 2000.

In 1% of cases pending as is used

The case was pending as of early 2002.

Of these entries, 49 294 are still pending as of 1 October.

Ivanishvili's appeal of the court's decision was pending as of March 2012.

Florida is still pending as of press time but Obama is winning there as well.

In fact the application is still pending as no decision has been taken as yet by CBDT.

According to the record of the Registry of the Court of Appeal there are about 10,000 appeals pending as of May 2008.

About 896,000 disability compensation and pension claims were pending as of last week, almost double the cases on Oct.

The issue of shifting the Bali Mandir had been pending as part of the road widening project of the Mumbai-Agra Highway near Adgaon since long.

These filed applications included applications submitted with review still pending as well as applications that had been screened and were awaiting a contract.

Charges related to the infant being shopped around for money and food are still pending as the Orange Park Police Department consults with the State Attorney's Office.

In 1% of cases pending by is used

But my work are getting pending by her talk.

The case remains pending by homeowners against these corrupt officials, including California's own Attorney General Harris.

They're able to use your Internet Protocol (IP) Address for utilize &; can utilize your mailing system revealing the recipient as the mail is pending by your network.

In 1% of cases pending from is used

Still 2 km were pending from here.

My PF transfer was pending from six months.

This issue is being pending from many years.

Another lawsuit is pending from the state's second-most populous county, Allegheny County.

A reply from Cambridge City has been received and one is pending from Cambridge University.

In addition we have requests pending from our offices in the Middle East, and central and eastern Europe.

I wonder if these were for the points pending from your previous status, since AMEX posts points a bit later than other banks.

In central government, Central Information Commission is hearing cases that are pending from last one or one- and-a-half year.

They get the information from CIBIL that the amount of RS 566 of some housing loan is pending from my side and the report shows that i scored 650.

The bill is pending from the year 1996 proving that Indian politicians are not ready to accept this bill so every time we see the new drama, new demand from political parties.

In 1% of cases pending of is used

The art of the good immediate economic handling is to be pending of the immediate and most remote evils, to try to be aware of what can happen in the immediate future immediate.

She called upon the youth to collect their IDs once they are printed out to avoid pending of the uncollected cards stating that over 1,353 ID cards still pending at the Registrar of person's office.

In 1% of cases pending to is used

I'd pending to sent it to newspaper.

He said a response was pending to a U.

The case against his brother is still pending to date (2008).

In the same year, we also filed another 353 patents which are pending, bringing our patents pending to a total of 388.

In 1% of cases pending under is used

I have one Civil suit (Appeal) pending under WB Premises Tenancy Act 1997.

Charges pending under the law against several bankers -- including one currently in jail -- will now be dropped.

This FAQ does not address the situation in which an application for the same employer, foreign worker and job opportunity is pending under both the prior and new PERM regulation.

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