Prepositions after "passionate"

passionate about, in or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 95% of cases passionate about is used

Passionate about their subject.

Be passionate about the subject.

I'd passionate about snowboarding.

If there was one issue that he was particularly passionate about, it was water.

He has been surfing since he was a child and is passionate about the surf club.

You are clear about why you want to be a baker and passionate about the subject.

When I was small I knew that my life would be about astronomy as I have always Been VERY Passionate about it.

That is why they are so passionate about the University of Adelaide and its glorious buildings many of which.

Zuckerberg seems like a smart guy who is passionate about the product - product guys aren't usually asswipes.

Of course one would expect Christian leaders to be passionate about making a Kingdom difference in the world.

In 2% of cases passionate in is used

Be passionate in your business.

Be passionate in your responses.

Invest in what you're passionate in.

Take away: Reconnection to elements of what makes you passionate in life and work.

At Tandem Photography they are passionate in their work and proud of their results.

Everyone in the US including celebrities are very passionate in making a difference.

No one can doubt that both of you are passionate in the belief that there should not be a Maori All Blacks team.

But people were very passionate in fact, more than expected especially in the unity and integrity of the nation.

Passionate in his opposition to the Nato assault on Gaddafi's regime, Roberts is a stickler for international law.

Without Kapil Devil's Pruduntial Cup Victory, The game Cricket would not have become so passionate in this Country.

In 1% of cases passionate for is used

They were so old, yet so passionate for God.

Perhaps a bit too passionate for a barrister.

Come see what Passionate for Life has to offer.

I wish for Singaporeans to be as passionate for our country as the members of AWARE.

At first it reminded me of a 3 stooge's comedy, but stooges passionate for the Lord.

It's about the need to be passionate for Jesus because of what he suffered to save the world.

He was passionate for power and subjugation, conquering Wales with violence but Scotland with political cunning.

We understand that to behave in such good spirits at work, one has to be extremely passionate for his / her job.

I'll often re-write roles to fit a person rather than hire a person who is not suitable or passionate for a role.

She was known to wear chadors and kameezes added with, she was passionate for wearing diamond, rubies, sapphires.

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