Prepositions after "paranoid"

paranoid about, of, in, with or over?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 66% of cases paranoid about is used

No need to be paranoid about it.

He was also paranoid about the U.

The central bank is paranoid about looking as if it is meeting political demands.

He knows it's something I'd paranoid about as a smoker, so that's why he said it.

I had been paranoid about this girl for some time, but he always denied anything.

But, I am also paranoid about getting a ticket and mentally filing away your info helps to lessen the paranoia.

I've not bought anything from blog sales though, probably because I'd paranoid about my sensitive skin and all.

I hated my teeth before I had braces, and I'd still so paranoid about them that I'd hate for them to move back.

Kinda paranoid about it so I understand there is a drug to take to minimize HIV transmission post any exposure.

In 8% of cases paranoid of is used

I'd so paranoid of getting hurt.

I didn't mean to sound paranoid of germs.

It turned him paranoid of his own safety.

Also one very strange thing is that my parents became very paranoid of other people.

Those I've talked with are more paranoid of government hurting society by getting involved.

The major difference between now and then was the authorities then were absolutely paranoid of your amateur status.

I think i am paranoid of slopping the hot drink on me and people watching me which causes a vicious cycle i suppose.

We now live paranoid of government interference and threats to our civil rights, thanks to you're corrupt president.

This is a little paranoid of me, but the shifts in Nigerian politics, at all levels, are impenetrable and incomprehensible.

In 4% of cases paranoid in is used

Tony was paranoid in that diner.

Edit: I am not paranoid in anyway.

She then got more paranoid in her teens.

He may have been paranoid in stretches, a control freak in part, but he was a winner.

After it disappears i get paranoid in the place it was, looking out for other spiders.

I kept being paranoid in yoga class that my underwear was going to show during down dog.

However, I think it has left him ultra defensive and what I would even say is slightly paranoid in our relationship.

Anonymous, UK ok, firstly, i am paranoid in case someone sees my name and city so i have put anonymous and just my country.

I observe and step out my room really fast and look down that damn flight of stairs which is the whole reason I am paranoid in the first place.

Kerry were almost paranoid in possession at times against Tipperary, playing short passes and not letting early ball into the full-forward line.

In 3% of cases paranoid with is used

But I know you have a problem - of being paranoid with ur.

If I knew he was coming back I'd be paranoid with fear for a week.

These days everyone seems to be paranoid with germs to the point of ridiculousness.

This may have been there for a while but I have now become a little paranoid with it.

He convinced himself he was being paranoid with all these attacks of late and continued on.

Since this happened I've been a bit disturbed and became really paranoid with things around me.

She is paranoid with her self importance without realizing that in reality her worthlessness is beyond measure.

The professor had to grow another skin after that attack, and thereafter he became quite paranoid with his security.

They can be paranoid with regards to sharing excessive information regarding on their own along with their enterprise.

Even Stock ticker has MANU listed, why no one has pointed to that? ie the club authorities do not get paranoid with the term.

In 2% of cases paranoid after is used

Nixon was paranoid after scrambling for 20 years in Politics.

He was diagnosed paranoid after self referring himself to a doctor.

And I get a little paranoid after watching horror shows like The Ring some years back.

K will be going paranoid after reading this data on the negligence done by hospital authorities towards them.

Numerous times I had to stop and clear out my frame and forks, totally paranoid after breaking my mech previously.

I always get so paranoid after every time we have sex, and I always cause myself to be at least three days late on my period.

He seemed concerned only with fending off coups, and had become more paranoid after attempts in 1960 and 1962, which he partly attributed to U.

What more do you need to know? BH Consulting Blog Brian Honan, one of Ireland's top Security Consultants, will have you paranoid after reading his blog.

In 2% of cases paranoid at is used

I don't maybe I'd paranoid at the moment.

Looked a bit paranoid at the lights as well.

Thanks anyway, but I'd not feeling paranoid at this very moment.

I still feel really paranoid at the moment about lack of movement.

The whole scenario is far too fanciful, both neat and paranoid at the same time.

When he was born, I could always stare at his chest like a paranoid at 3am to make sure he was breathing.

ETA: It was systems at the Pentagon and NASA that he hacked, which would make the US very paranoid at that time.

In case you are feeling paranoid at this very moment, I do not give my real name in order to trick you into giving up yours.

In fact, I got so paranoid at one point that I actually contemplated postponing the workshop in case he did not get well before today.

EG was so paranoid at the time, she concocted a story that JH hired MR to kill her on a plane, despite lawyer Park telling her that the man actually saved her life.

In 2% of cases paranoid by is used

I'd just paranoid by nature, I guess.

Was it my deodorant? I was getting a little paranoid by then.

I am not paranoid by a long shot, but the training did get me thinking.

That is 100% ridiculous, but I'd still rendered paranoid by the thought.

Tormax is back and he's got one of the shards, but he's become paranoid by it.

As a comp sci major, perhaps I shouldn't be paranoid by the lack of an installer executable.

Think Im Paranoid by following the link above this text, also accessible the Im Paranoid tab.

You're probably saying to yourself that I was being a little paranoid by thinking AGE 42 was as good as it was going to get.

I've always had a seatbelt cutter and window breaker in my car just incase, this lets me know that I'd not being crazy or paranoid by keeping that little device in my glovebox.

A society that has been made paranoid by its exposure to the mindlessness of ethnic war; increasingly stands in judgement of individuals for what race and religion they belong to.

In 2% of cases paranoid for is used

You don't have to be paranoid for them to be out to get you, but it helps.

In a sense the film is a burlesque of paranoia, but it is no less paranoid for that.

This involves a person being paranoid for a long period of time, perhaps since childhood.

I thought I was mad and paranoid for years, until I came across the referee reviews on Untold Arsenal.

I was so paranoid for months about my friends seeing me again and thinking I looked like a puffer fish.

Craig, UK I've been largely paranoid for about 6-7 years now due to misuse and overuse of recreational drugs.

This is for your benefit; if you don't trust these you will be paranoid for the remainder in the relationship.

I've been called paranoid for mentioning this on my blog but Joe and I travel a lot and stay in a lot of hotels.

Become paranoid for too long a period of time and the damaged perceptions can become hard wired leading to schizophrenia.

Blood thirsty GOWON and his Plateau Mafia thought they could butcher him because of their paranoid for unworkable One Nigeria.

In 2% of cases paranoid over is used

Let the government not get paranoid over Buhari.

But since I am very paranoid over theocrats, I try not to worry about that too much.

I noticed she starting to act so differently, she would become paranoid over little things.

I don't want to be anxious &; worried &; paranoid over every little thing, but I know I will be.

Part of the reason why India is getting paranoid over China (the other being small man complex i.

But they instead became paranoid over the strictures passed on them and ignored the entire report.

I've never come across a group of men so PARANOID over their women (and what they get up to and with whom).

Wiredu 09 Nov 2009 05:02 PM I think President Mills and his NDC are being overly paranoid over the presidential palace.

But as the summer drags on, Silk Road users are becoming increasingly paranoid over a series of unexplained disappearances.

Especially if you're the kind of mom who is constantly paranoid over blanket worries like SIDS possibilities, this would really be a great product.

In 1% of cases paranoid as is used

You are hysterically paranoid as to who I am.

This perspective presents the paranoid as a victim.

In the end, they become paranoid as opposed to cautious.

He was bland as oatmeal without raisins and paranoid as a night guard on patrol.

It sees the paranoid as a person who is imagining that evil persons are persecuting him.

Mikekelly12 Being paranoid as no doubt I am do you think that its me that is talking with myself.

Ever know someone that used cocaine on a regular basis? Paranoid as a mofo, ' They're coming to get me, they're coming to get me, ' type paranoia.

If you're constantly paranoid as to what they're carrying out or who they're hanging out with, you are able to shed plenty of your children's believe in.

Oh this waiting game is driving me insane!!! Now feeling paranoid as to what the reason could be for my medical being referred - blood in urine or low blood pressure (or both) or something else.

In 1% of cases paranoid because is used

I was so paranoid because of losing my other baby.

I'd getting paranoid because of all the news concerning cab drivers being involved in different mishaps.

I'd only paranoid because of how fast my last battery lost it's charge, I'd trying to preserve it: P Same here.

I've had an experience (with alcohol) that made me paranoid because of it and I stayed away from it following that.

I'd trying to do bilingual to my 1 year old son but I'd getting a bit paranoid because of the speech delays 2 languages can cause.

Praise must also go to Lars Mikkelsen as politician Troels Hartmann, hellbent on securing the Mayorship by any means necessary and becoming all the more paranoid because of it.

In 1% of cases paranoid like is used

Haha, I'd just weirdly paranoid like that.

I got a little paranoid like when I first did the red in my living area but now love it.

I mostly agree, though the mafia bit is a touch too paranoid even for someone who's paranoid like myself.

I agree, that after the Nov elections, he's either a shriveled up paranoid like Nixon or really goes rogue on us all.

Panicking, I thought that perhaps they billed me for damage to the hotel room (not that I damaged the hotel room, but sometimes I get paranoid like that).

Some were even bought as backups because I'd paranoid like that! I have popped the more ' sellable ' ones over at my blog sale and then there are some that I feel just aren't sale-worthy.

In 1% of cases paranoid on is used

Maybe that's a little paranoid on my part, but that's just how things are.

I'd getting paranoid on this matter because I'd really scared of getting HIV.

So much so that you'd have to be pretty paranoid on OS X to even bother with AV.

Oh I don't get paranoid on it because I don't care if they know who I am or who we are.

Im very paranoid on putting money into a term account after loosing quite a bit with the Evergreen BOI Fund.

We being a bit paranoid on our second day of traveling, decided to keep them up on the luggage rack, where we could see them.

Little wonder that the more than mildly paranoid on the Internet and in the revisionist history camp have such weird theories about such matters as Katyn and Babi Yar.

If it was out of the paranoid on Rahul Gandhi, I never said that he is a PM material very much like Modi (and his cousin Varun) who is always considered a star PM stuff by the khaki walas.

I'd getting paranoid on how we can process the needed docs of POEA/OWWA without having any problems noting that our helper is already here and have passed PH immigration as a tourist to SG.

In 1% of cases paranoid to is used

The Sri Lanka War criminals are paranoid to the core about the truth coming out.

Some of them, particularly those issued by the USA, seem paranoid to the locals.

It does not help that my father is paranoid to this day that I might die in a stampede.

Julian Assange comes across as power-mad, abusive and paranoid to the point of being delusional.

I am sure Stalin and Hitler would have but they were deranged, insecure and paranoid to the extreme.

I was paranoid to no end as well because this is our delicate ears and we rely on them as one of our main senses.

So this post was written mainly for those who are paranoid to concerned: D Anyways, what do you think about the new layout? Glad you got around it Rangitha.

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