Prepositions after "outstanding"

outstanding in, for, at, on or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases outstanding in is used

He was outstanding in the DM role.

Yes, he's outstanding in his field.

She has been outstanding in her role.

In addition, rookie goaltender Cal Heeter was outstanding in the Manchester game.

Judging from the total net notional amounts outstanding in the market for the CDX.

Finally, the cinematography is outstanding in this film as well as the camera work.

Out of the tens of thousands of demolition orders outstanding in the Occupied Territory, they chose these three.

He will never be the box to box player he used to be, but I can see him still being outstanding in a deeper role.

Director David Tompa gets interesting performances out of this talented cast, each outstanding in their own right.

There are two questions outstanding in these comments that are actually related: 1) How do they know its a planet.

In 12% of cases outstanding for is used

Webshots has been outstanding for me.

Service here is outstanding for an all-inclusive.

Lobbe has been outstanding for the Pumas in 2012.

Brad Sewell was the Hawks ' best player and was outstanding for the losing side.

Asians have at least 100 billion in Eurobonds outstanding for Greece and Ireland.

After all the education they received, especially Jane, was outstanding for a girl.

Fees outstanding for the year of withdrawal or leave of absence must be settled before readmission is granted.

Last September, 36 cases were outstanding for more than 15 years, with another 76 aged between 11 and 15 years.

Total student loan debt outstanding exceeded total credit card debt outstanding for the first time in June 2010.

He was absolutely outstanding for the Red Devils and he made some memorable saves and put in some brave displays.

In 10% of cases outstanding at is used

Nothing outstanding at the front.

He was outstanding at Anfield last season.

I thought he was outstanding at the Euro's.

The image quality is very good, if not outstanding at times -- with some caveats.

He was outstanding at times and I'd very surprised he is still there to be honest.

But it would mean our form would have to be outstanding at home and tenacious away.

The quality of the paper prints is outstanding at 600 X 660 dpi ensuring rather distinct and very clear prints.

Mainebank, for whom Anthony Evans was outstanding at midfield, found it difficult to penetrate the home defence.

Is your business excellent? Make sure your team focuses on what they do well and what they can be outstanding at.

Warning The entire amount that you have borrowed will still be outstanding at the end of the interest-only period.

In 8% of cases outstanding on is used

Truly outstanding on every **** level.

Now the outstanding on my card is 28000.

This promises to be outstanding on PC soldier.

You can easily find out if there is finance outstanding on a vehicle on MyWheels.

So in short you will have to pay what is outstanding on the actual phone payments.

There were no mortgage arrears outstanding on the loan/s as at date of application.

In the case of an owner wanting to sell his house, the sale would not cover what's outstanding on the home loan.

This offer of compensation will take into account any arrears outstanding on the account/s the policy relates to.

Interest rates on outstanding amounts cover all loans and deposits outstanding on the last working day of the month.

On average, there was 90,000 outstanding on variable loans and 180,000 owing on tracker accounts at the end of 2010.

In 4% of cases outstanding with is used

Joe Hart was outstanding with 326.

He was outstanding with the ball in virtually all the tour matches.


On 30 June 2011 CIFEUR had covered bonds outstanding with a total volume of 24.

The university is quite outstanding with the finest lecture halls or classrooms.

We tried the Saffron and Sun-set Bar, they were outstanding with courteous services.

From that point on the service was outstanding with a lead server and lots of helpers attending to our needs.

We rarely give five star reviews, the book would have to be truly outstanding with justification in the review.

I still have matters outstanding with the University; can I collect my award certificate anyway? No, you can't.

Bluehost is also outstanding with their 24/7 customer and technical support and a money back guarantee anytime.

In 4% of cases outstanding to is used

A shortfall of 3,000 yuan outstanding to May 2008.

There is about $16 million still outstanding to the P.

They are pretty helpful and kind, outstanding to other people.

Both Deer Air and Rishworth have been outstanding to the Contract Foreign Pilots here.

I have a credit union loan of approx 19000 outstanding to which I repay 500 per month.

Oh, and the technical quality of their output has sunk from outstanding to lowest passable.

If you have any debts or dues outstanding to your college or the University you will not be permitted to graduate.

The amounts outstanding to Anglo and Nationwide bondholders are now modest compared to the prospective national debt.

His tenure as Senate President has been the most outstanding to date, according to the Social Weather Stations survey.

Businesses have been incredibly supportive and are slowly being paid back what was outstanding to them from last year.

In 4% of cases outstanding of is used

Box 2 has a principal outstanding of $68,441.

At present I have an outstanding of around Rs.

Shares outstanding of BIK are down 32% in the last year.

Personal Ornaments The most outstanding of the chief's regalia is his ceremonial dress.

But there is one lady whose race record must surely rank as the most outstanding of all.

The most outstanding of these opponents of inequality of wealth was Abu-Dharr al-Ghiffari.

It will make a distinguished name for itself as one of the most outstanding of geothermal projects in the world.

The doctor bird or swallow tail humming bird, is one of the most outstanding of the 320 species of hummingbirds.

Most outstanding of all was the Mandinga state carved out under the leadership of Samori Toure by **29;11086;TOOLONG.

Anglo Irish Bank SEAN FITZPATRICK: The former chairman and chief executive left in 2009 with loans outstanding of 150m.

In 3% of cases outstanding by is used

By reducing its shares outstanding by 3.

Rated as outstanding by students at every level.

You can find out if your bond has matured or remains outstanding by going to csb.

Tony Hill: This was an OK episode, not very outstanding by OFF's usual high standards.

As of May 20, the total balance outstanding by 32 states (and the Virgin Islands) is $37.

In only her second year of teaching, at the age of 23, Caroline was deemed outstanding by Ofsted.

A traditional empire waist apparel also appears outstanding by utilizing a wrap pinned using a brooch.

This increases the total federal student loan debt outstanding by about 6% to 7%, or about $50 billion.

Make your apparel interesting and outstanding by accessorising it with the Spice Art Clutch -- For Women.

Among those considered outstanding by Ofsted is Wood Green Academy in Wednesbury that teaches around 1,460 pupils.

In 3% of cases outstanding from is used

Absolutely outstanding from Cook and Prior, well done.

I also have another 2 tags outstanding from Montessorimum and Big Pumpkin.

The gem's beauty is outstanding from the moment it is removed from the shell.

It would have been outstanding from a striker, let alone a defensive midfielder.

Although I asked for new people your request was outstanding from the time before.

According to him, the sum of about N50 billion is currently outstanding from the fund.

The final valuation will determine the total mortgage amount outstanding from the estate of the bankrupt buyer.

Service has been outstanding from our first email (12 days ago ), it has been a real pleasure dealing with you all.

They have reduced the diluted shares outstanding from 108,378,131, at the end of 2002, to 89,281,868 at the end of Q2 2012.

These initiatives have reduced the number of potential shares outstanding from a peak in the second quarter of 2009 of 179.

In 3% of cases outstanding as is used

He was outstanding as a winger against the Ausies.

I have to say that Hafeez has been OUTSTANDING as a captain.

He's outstanding as a defensive midfielder but is poor as centre back.

The buffet is STILL outstanding as well as the price for a draft beer at the bar.

He's outstanding as a pass protector and we think he has good hands out of the backfield.

I wasn't overly outstanding as a student back then, and not many teachers took notice of me.

Karl Lacey has been outstanding as the fulcrum of Donegal's play and landed the key insurance point against Kerry.

Harvey Keitel is outstanding as the nameless lieutenant whose morality has been eroded by too many years on the beat.

Chris Harkins and Oliver Rey were simply outstanding as a half-back pairing and kept the whole team on the front foot.

Infact Gordon Greenidge statistically is outstanding as a match-winer winning matches when scoring 14 of his 18 centuries.

In 3% of cases outstanding against is used

Whitelock was outstanding against the irish.

The Senegal star was outstanding against Newcastle on.

Jonathan Quick has often played outstanding against the Wild.

I thought we were outstanding against a top side, the champions,? said Rodgers.

Adebayor made his first start of the season and was outstanding against Maribor in midweek.

The Cardinal has been outstanding against the run, ranking fourth in the country in that category.

Well recently, team India played outstanding against Sri Lanka on their home ground and gained good experience too.

Now you must be curious about what makes backlinks so outstanding against other search engine optimization tactics.

Meade says that guy must be a horrible person because there's some minor misdemeanor outstanding against him or something.

Yet Carl McHugh -- outstanding against Burton and Wigan, but less so at Northampton -- probably needed that midweek break.

In 2% of cases outstanding among is used

They are outstanding among the apostles.

Outstanding among them was Manjil Banerjee.

Most outstanding among these policies was racial discrimination.

Outstanding among these is the philosophy of pragmatism, as enunciated by Dr.

They are outstanding among the apostles, and they were in Christ before I was.

Some traditions show that the Imams (A) ordered the outstanding among their companions to give fatwas to the people.

Our Solution / We proposed a brand new visual design which is unique and outstanding among different regional websites.

Outstanding among the world's many popular initiatives is the Greenbelt movement of Kenya, begun in 1977 by Wangari Maathai.

Outstanding among these are, for example, the Kimbanguist Church of Zaire and the Massowe Apostles, originally from Zimbabwe.

He swung the ball, and generated pace from a slow wicket which made him outstanding among the world's recognized fast bowlers.

In 1% of cases outstanding during is used

Anna Bligh did nothing outstanding during the Queensland floods.

Gedo was outstanding during both encounters that took place in the month of October.

Since then, he was also outstanding during the wars of invading Persia, Armenia, and Russia.

Kawhi Leonard, the fifteenth pick in the 2011 draft, was outstanding during the Spurs playoff run.

In the following is a summary of trends in hacking attacks and the most outstanding during the year 2011.

Mine is usually a congratulatory message to the member or members who have done something outstanding during the week.

He returned to action in the UAE against Pakistan and was outstanding during the Test series where he took 13 wickets 20.

This measure will apply in respect of debts of a partnership that are outstanding during corporate taxation years that begin on or after Budget Day.

Basic EPS is computed by dividing net income (loss) available to common shareholders by the weighted average number of common shares outstanding during the period.

Kevin Brown was outstanding during the same time that a handful of other pitchers were just as outstanding (some of them more outstanding) AND outstanding for a longer period of time.

In 1% of cases outstanding before is used

It's vital to think about what would happen if you were left to pay any amount outstanding before signing any forms.

Some critical work remains outstanding before the Canadian Forces can take formal delivery of the first interim maritime helicopters.

They have to make sure they get all the technical details right and that there are no issues outstanding before decision time is reached.

If a levy is outstanding before the certificate is given and it is not shown on the certificate, the purchaser is not responsible for the payment.

The number of cases with this issue outstanding before the Courts is so high, that the courts usually require Christmas cases to be filed no later than mid November.

And, if the company had, let? s say one million shares outstanding before the split, it would now have four million shares outstanding worth the same dollar amount of the one million shares.

In 1% of cases outstanding over is used

They have been outstanding over the last 12 months.

He has been outstanding over the last couple of years.

The follow-up supports make its course outstanding over other similar courses available in the market.

Wide belts look outstanding over dresses, cardigans &; other pieces that you'd like to look more fitted.

Compared with other locales in the region, higher education in Hong Kong has proven outstanding over the past decade.

These are root causes that remain outstanding over the years and we now call on the government to urgently address them.

Sixty-six percent of respondents sought moderate or substantial improvements in days sales outstanding over the next year.

We continue to repurchase stock under our ongoing buyback program, with the goal of reducing our total shares outstanding over time.

Most people find themselves outstanding over what these companies specially designed as a result of, these have closed in your loan program.

The judge, in a written judgment by the Supreme Court published yesterday, noted that there were criminal proceedings outstanding over some aspects of the bank's dealings with the Quinns.

In 1% of cases outstanding after is used

If there is a balance outstanding after the promotional period (eg.

Invoices still outstanding after 40 days? Get on the phone and call.

A further 4 per cent is charged if the amount remains outstanding after 7 days.

The government will write off any loan repayments left outstanding after this period.

Late fine for semester 1 is 1% of the fees for semester1 that are outstanding after the deadline, + $1,000.

If payment remains outstanding after 28 days, a Notice to Owner is sent to the registered keeper of the vehicle.

This means that if the arrears are still outstanding after the 30 days has lapsed, the entire loan becomes payable.

Majority control He may control about 57 per cent of the voting power of Facebook's capital stock outstanding after the offering, according to the filing.

If partial payment is received by the required payment date, the late payment charge will apply only to the amount outstanding after deducting the partial payment.

Pacer Rubel Hossain was outstanding after returning from injury on a pitch that had nothing for the bowlers -- there were no demons in the pitch even on the final day.

In 1% of cases outstanding under is used

There were no borrowings outstanding under the facility as of Sept.

The number is zero because every loan was repaid, and there are no loans currently outstanding under this program.

The girls weigh a total of 75lbs and the buggy has been outstanding under the stress of their increasing weight gain as they have aged.

Ireland will seek to make progress on draft legislation outstanding under the current Single Market Act such as the Professional Qualifications Directive.

The financing package is comprised of $467 million in new loans and $317 million in a dollar-for-dollar exchange for amounts outstanding under Kodak's current notes.

Wingers and full-backs are very much interchangeable in the modern game and Zebo has been outstanding under the high ball for Munster when singled out for special attention in recent months.

In 1% of cases outstanding about is used

There's nothing outstanding about it.

Some places are OUTSTANDING about providing this support, others less so.

The one thing that is truly outstanding about the coastal town is the ferry.

The key here is to highlight things which are outstanding about you, the client.

Performance Mammootty is OK; there is nothing outstanding about his performance.

There does not even necessarily appear anything particularly outstanding about them.

Start by saying what you considered was outstanding about it, then state what in your opinion can be improved.

Music Ilaiyaraaja delivers songs that are not bad, but we have to agree that there is nothing outstanding about the songs.

There's nothing particularly outstanding about the 8S, and it sounds like a last-gen device, but you could do a lot worse.

In fact there is nothing outstanding about anyone's performance and I'd say the director and the writer needs to take blame for that.

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