Prepositions after "oblivious"

"oblivious to" or "oblivious of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 82% of cases oblivious to is used

Oblivious to the outside media.

They are oblivious to the irony.

Again, Tony was oblivious to this.

Are you oblivious to the great things that this amazing Government has achieved? 1.

Differences between genders are so numerous, we are often oblivious to the obvious.

Living in a city one can become oblivious to the fact that night time is dark time.

Djau's 5-year-old, Halimato, smiles and clings playfully to her father, oblivious to the mourning all around her.

And through all this, he still appears oblivious to Roxy's genuine interest in him, unintentionally or otherwise.

In Lux Pain, Akira is oblivious to romance in general and just doesn't seem to catch on to who has a crush on who.

The Deer now sat below him, grazing in the long grass, completely oblivious to the predator lurking in the canopy.

In 16% of cases oblivious of is used

The body is oblivious of the soul.

He seemed oblivious of my presence.

They are totally oblivious of this fact.

The parents should not be totally oblivious of the type of friends their child has.

They were oblivious of the pounds of flesh they showed -- I tried hard not to look.

Striking right and left, Ammar advanced, utterly oblivious of all danger to himself.

A quarter of an hour later, the full force of the storm struck us, we fell asleep oblivious of the freezing cold.

Lukas headed for the desk, totally oblivious of the head-turning ripple that marked his progress across the room.

He was sitting in one of his office chairs, and he was reading, oblivious of the nightbugs dancing over his head.

Due to that, we are completely oblivious of the internal relationships existing between us and the other objects.

In 1% of cases oblivious about is used

Half of them seem completely oblivious about it.

Larry was oblivious about pretty much everything.

I wish I could be a boy and oblivious about it all.

Yes, I don't have to live with racism but I am not oblivious about racism any more.

Like her husband, Ann Romney sometimes seems oblivious about her life of privilege.

Fans who are oblivious about the cruel and wicked side of Jimmy Saville's personality.

However, me, having forever lived in the hostel, practically am oblivious about the newer members of the family.

Established publishers seem to be oblivious about the difference between paper books and eBooks, when it comes to pricing.

One slightly annoying thing about these young guys in the internet cafe is that they are completely oblivious about where their cigarette smoke goes.

Most foreigners are either oblivious about O? wi? cim's existence, or they conflate the camp and town as a death zone that should be left uninhabited.

In 1% of cases oblivious as is used

People swooned by this mush will be oblivious as to WHY it's mush.

I noticed alitte blood in it not a lot but I'd completely oblivious as to why.

Half the time it seems writers are completely oblivious as to the actual merit of the works they review.

She was probably playing Hop Scotch with her friends near her Home oblivious as to what it was all about.

Anyway, I just kept on partying the night away oblivious as to the level of star-power that was around me.

I was oblivious as to how my disorder affected the people around me because I only attended to my own interests.

Oblivious as to what I was about to go through, I based my surgeon decision solely on who could get me in and out sooner.

Before sites like this particularly fine one started rambling about Star Citizen, I was completely oblivious as to its existence.

And even though I own 2 Pits, I am not oblivious as to what they are capable of when in the hands of an ignorant owner or breeder.

In talking to some Liberals at other websites, they seem to be totally oblivious as to what they've signed on for by voting for Obama.

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