Prepositions after "neutral"

"neutral in", "neutral to" or "neutral on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases neutral in is used

Authority is neutral in itself.

Quackery is not neutral in effect.

Nothing is neutral in this regard.

Roosevelt declared the United States government would remain neutral in the conflict.

Italy promised that she would remain neutral in any war in which France was involved.

Money acts as a medium of exchange but is not neutral in its effects on receivership.

Talisay mayorship for Edigul; Alayon party neutral in governor? s race There's no retirement from politics for Rep.

Olive oil is good and gives a little crispness to the crust, but it has a low-smoke point and not neutral in flavor.

I'd neutral in this political spectrum thing, I support some of the ideas of both major political parties in Canada.

I'd not at all surprised that Uncle Sam opted to be neutral in our on-going row with China on the Scarborough Shoal.

In 14% of cases neutral on is used

I'd 100% neutral on the rivalry.

Overall I'd quite neutral on it.

Dean M Im a pure neutral on this.

The blog is neutral on the concept of NAMA and is more concerned with implementation.

It's nice that the BBC has stayed neutral on this subject and kept to good journalism.

By the way, to clarify, I'd neutral on the subject of subsidies in Nigerian education.

Even here on CiF which is a lot less, how shall I put it, neutral on the Shariah and Islamism front than it used to.

Classy and stunning!! The blush is quite neutral on my cheeks, and I think it's pretty good for a little contouring.

Jouetati said the LCC was neutral on whether the Syrian National Council or the SNI should lead the Syrian opposition.

I am not attacking you, it is just that this is too, too close to my life experience to remain neutral on the subject.

In 12% of cases neutral to is used

Always remain neutral to both sides.

Suitable for neutral to smokey eye makeups.

With this in mind, oil remains neutral to me.

We are neutral to both sides, but there is clearly a recognised Government in Nigeria.

Nine long-wearing eye shadows create a range of looks from neutral to dramatic to smokey.

Zero Reading: A certain amount of Neutral to ground voltage is normal in a loaded circuit.

In the lead-up to this key announcement, the single currency is expected to trade on a NEUTRAL TO NEGATIVE footing.

Decant the acid, and wash the resin in the same manner with distilled water until the wash water is neutral to litmus.

It is highly resistant to smut and rust, but has a limited range of adaptation doing best on neutral to alkaline clays.

I know a Native American stands neutral to a point and the only group of people to bring concepts of peace to humanity.

In 7% of cases neutral about is used

You can't be neutral about Michael Manley.

I've always been quite neutral about McDonalds.

If we feel neutral about it, we just ignore it.

Other iPhone buyers may like it as I do; at worst, they may feel neutral about it.

Of course no one is neutral about the differences between Protestants and Catholics.

Ah, but if buses leave Oxford Street at least the operators will be neutral about it.

Being neutral about something - assigning it no meaning - is the way to not attract that reality into your life.

But that does not mean that Andy Revkin, or you, or I, or anyone, should be neutral about which meaning it takes on.

Crucial to the success of this approach is that the scientist should be neutral about the outcome of the experiment.

Previously I was neutral about telangana, Now I am against it becoz of the way they are trying to carve out telangana.

In 6% of cases neutral for is used

This is neutral for YOUR spine.

So it was never neutral for me.

Chile was neutral for most of the World War II.

The law is supposed to be financially neutral for utilities, according to the draft.

Fourthly FDI announcements are expenditure neutral for the centre and revenue positive.

Towing an 03 was easier because the final drives could be locked in Neutral for towing.

As we learn, explore and remember through pictures, let us keep the Internet gender neutral for as long as we can.

When we take out the neutral for a three phase unbalanced connection and send it to ground, it is called grounding.

Tenure review was originally expected to be fiscally neutral for the Crown, but the reality has been very different.

Colour You didn't mention anything about the wall colour, but I would suggest a new light, warm neutral for the walls.

In 6% of cases neutral with is used

For me it was neutral with AVB.

I'd actually neutral with some.

You can't be neutral with this provocative guy.

Eyes were kept quite neutral with an angular black eyeliner and teamed with nude lips.

You will/should actually see 110V drop acroos either (live wire with ground) or (neutral with ground).

All this means is that the starting point of philosophical inquiry is neutral with respect to religion.

Very rarely in sport do you actually enjoy the event unless you are a neutral with nothing invested in the result.

The association shall remain neutral with regard to political, religious ideology or support for any given faction.

In this instance I am completely neutral with no bias for/against United, City, Swansea or any other related party.

Paragraph (c) expresses Congress ' intention that the Act be neutral with respect to testing for illegal use of drugs.

In 4% of cases neutral by is used

This site is NOT neutral by any means.

Our goal now is to be carbon neutral by 2018.

Trying to stay neutral by nodding and saying yes can also backfire.

The federal government will lead by making all of its buildings carbon neutral by 2025.

And I will set a national goal of making all new buildings in America carbon neutral by 2030.

Denmark plans to double its use of biomass energy in its bid to become carbon neutral by 2050.

It gets about 99% of all its electrical energy from clean sources, and it is aiming to become carbon neutral by 2021.

Both the Eircom building and the Brunel building contain biomass heating systems, which are carbon neutral by design.

In 2007 the government of Costa Rica said it wants to be the first developing country to become carbon neutral by 2021.

An object, for instance, which may be felt agreeable by one, may be felt unpleasant by another, and neutral by still another.

In 3% of cases neutral as is used

Cheer up and stay neutral as a journalist.

Keep props and backgrounds neutral as a starting point then progress from there.

The government wants to persuade people that it is neutral as between technologies.

The court is neutral as regards matters which should be the subject of political debate.

Law argued that the cosmological argument was neutral as to the moral properties of this being.

I believe that this concept remains neutral as among various particular conceptions of freedom.

So Oil Foster, I'd a bully and you are neutral as between Israel and its opponents? To borrow your own word-claptrap.

Otherwise it is neutral as of now and I do not see anything that should push it up to the levels, which we have been seeing.

In short, national legislation and case law -- that is, State practice -- is neutral as to exercise of universal jurisdiction.

This will contribute considerably to our ongoing efforts to keep Croke Park carbon neutral as part of the Cl Green initiative.

In 2% of cases neutral at is used

One can not be neutral at the cost of nationalism.

Their precipitation outlook is neutral at this time.

But there is no such thing as a neutral at a football match.

Without the US (Russia was neutral at the time ), the future looked unbearably bleak.

Sentiment on Friday, as gauged by the put-call ratio, ended approximately neutral at 0.

The engine is also usually used to recharge the batteries - it's in neutral at that time.

Remaining neutral at such a critical hour, he said, might be their most condemning failure of all in these latter days.

The United States remained neutral at the start of World War I in 1914, but entered the war on the side of the Allies in 1917.

But tickles and tingles can be pleasant at times and unpleasant at others, as well as affectively neutral at still other times.

It then flows away from the centre of the arc and reassociates itself to produce neutral atoms, giving up its energy in the form of heat.

In 2% of cases neutral between is used

It stands neutral between different values.

I only snicked one false neutral between fourth and fifth.

It's substantially neutral between cash and P &L; on international.

EU Treaty rules on state aid are neutral between the private and public owned undertakings.

I want a button that makes me neutral between events, I just want to enjoy driving around! Sigh.

Another 86% regard Obama as either pro-Palestinian (50%) or neutral between the two parties (36%).

If observation is to play a foundational role for assessing theories it has to be neutral between competing theories.

So that's a case where the rule is theoretically neutral between everybody, but it turns out to disadvantage you very badly.

Ireland pursues an independent course in foreign policy, but it is not neutral between liberty and tyranny and never will be.

In other words, my conclusion in 1998 strongly favored a market-based carbon policy, but was somewhat neutral between carbon taxes and cap-and-trade.

In 2% of cases neutral during is used

Moreover, they are not neutral during elections.

Ireland remained neutral during the second World War.

Chile remained neutral during World War I (1914-1918).

I feel that the Irish Republic did the right thing in remaining neutral during World War 2.

The Netherlands was neutral during World War I, but was attacked by the Germans during World War II.

The modern day Turkish Army is one of the few notable armies that stayed neutral during World War II.

This is what one would expect from a sector promoted as market neutral during a period of high market volatility.

Alkar refuses to delay, and Picard suggests meeting in a coastal city that has remained neutral during the conflict.

Under the leadership of Eamon de Valera, Ireland remained neutral during World War II, this did not keep the war away from its shores.

Senator Reid remained neutral during the nomination contest, but is said to have initially urged Mr Obama to make a run for the presidency.

In 2% of cases neutral towards is used

I was neutral towards her, I didn? t give her cuddles.

Liberal Buddhists and Quakers are also fairly neutral towards gays.

So, the affirmation of the political is neutral towards all friend and enemy groupings.

While Jupiter is neutral towards mercury, the latter happens to be the enemy of Jupiter.

If I have zero knowledge about a person, I am neutral towards them, tending towards general goodwill.

I'd neutral towards this one, the leads, and the story (never quite got the rave of cross-dressed dramas).

It is assumed that human essence is equally neutral towards all modes of thought and emotion, purposes and goals.

The adiabatic conditions are not satisfied at equilibrium so an isothermal condition is created and is neutral towards convection.

If you like him then give it a go and see what happens but really, remember he is neutral towards you which doesn't make a good start.

These are just some of the words I've read echoing around different forums from various individuals who are neutral towards this article.

In 1% of cases neutral like is used

If you see your boss as a jerk, try shifting that to something more neutral like seeing your boss just as a boss.

A neutral like Grey Tabby is a perfect color for this sweater, allowing it to be a versatile part of your wardrobe.

In 1% of cases neutral without is used

If sequestration of CO2 over this period was neutral without increase then we would have no problem.

I also wish to mention here that India should have remained neutral without supporting the American resolutions in Geneva and left it to take its own course.

Obama said that there was no way Romney could lower tax rates and remain revenue neutral without removing deductions that would hike the tax bill for middle-income families.

In which case, Romney is back to admitting, if he conceded that arithmetic works which apparently he does n't, that his tax plans can't be revenue neutral without raising taxes on the middle class.

In 1% of cases neutral toward is used

By contrast, a plurality of Democrats (46%) says that professors are neutral toward religion.

Singleness of preoccupation means being neutral toward other things, perfectly still in a single preoccupation.

Among independents, 37% say professors are neutral toward religion, while 31% describe them as unfriendly and 16% say they are friendly to religion.

Since the 1960s, with few exceptions, on the greatest questions of good and evil, the Left has either been neutral toward or actively supported evil.

In 1% of cases neutral throughout is used

Ireland remains neutral throughout the war.

I feel like I have stayed neutral throughout my commentary, please correct me if I have not.

This is essentially a bend at the hips, whilst keeping strong and neutral throughout the torso.

Also ensure that your clients maintain an abdominal brace to keep their spine locked in neutral throughout the movement.

In The Importance of Being Earnest, Algernon has many characteristics of the dandy, but he remains morally neutral throughout the play.

Although your reference to gender remains neutral throughout your suggestions - it seems to me that this is clearly aimed at female management.

Picard suggests a meeting at the city of Darthen, which has been neutral throughout the conflict, and contains both Rekag and Seronian people in its population.

Barry has been somewhat less than neutral throughout this campaign, as seen with Mitt the nitwit Like DMC on Facebook to stay on top of up-coming Presidential elections.

In 1% of cases neutral over is used

They are always neutral over spiritual things.

Japan feels isolated, and can not understand why Washington remains neutral over this sovereignty dispute.

You always choose neutral over defensive shots of possible, and always attack over neutral shots if possible.

Obamacare is revenue neutral over the short term but generally expected to increase spending over the long term.

Cuomo has remained neutral over which party he prefers to see win the Senate, a stance that could harm the Democrats.

The Irish dimension wasn't considered; in the meantime, relations between Thatcher and Haughey had chilled after Ireland was neutral over the Falklands.

I think that a lot of events and objects are very meaningful and sentimental at the time that they happen/are acquired, but become more neutral over time.

The Tropical Pacific is now in the neutral range (neither La Nina or El Nino ), and is expected to remain neutral over at least the next season, according to the Niwa National Climate Centre.

In 1% of cases neutral of is used

Kid is the more neutral of the two.

Completely unaffected, and neutral of even being neutral.

The Protective Conductor is connected to the neutral of the source.

The Worlds Flag is entirely neutral of any political control or direction.

I asked my journalist friends and they informed me that news need to be objective, neutral of a stand.

The scientific findings are neutral of themselves very often and only have meaning when examined in a particular context.

If the neutral of this system is disconnected from the main, the floating neutral will be closer to R-phase and away from B-phase.

Should you look up or down? The head should be neutral of extended ten to twenty degrees with an eye on the horizon for maintenance of balance.

The most common and most neutral of these is -san; you could, for example, call me Kevin -san, especially if you don't know me very well, or if we just met.

Grounding Grounding means connecting the live part (it means the part which carries current under normal condition) to the earth for example neutral of power transformer.

In 1% of cases neutral from is used

I think they would do well to remain neutral from the debate.

IAG - IAMGOLD downgraded to Neutral from Outperform at Macquarie due to valuation.

JSPL downgraded to NEUTRAL from Outperform and target price reduced from Rs500 to Rs450.

One exception is Taiwan, which we are downgrading to neutral from our previous overweight.

The player is almost neutral from this aspect, but you discover this new conflict between Horde and Alliance.

A close above the 200-Day moving average at 1632 is needed to shift the market for Buying Gold to Neutral from Bearish according to my charts.

Just to check you are aware that Russia and Japan went to war again in 1938-30 (and as a result Russia and Japan remained carefully neutral from 1941- mid 45).

Generally our Malaysian businessman for their business survival they tend to stay neutral from politics and even when they do take side they do make friends with both side.

HOuse downgrade Singapore to Neutral from Overweight as its 2012 outperformance, lack of earnings growth andrestructuring-induced cost pressures act as headwinds for further performance.

In 1% of cases neutral after is used

You and Cedric told me, but I remained neutral after my phone call to him reminding him, but the boy pleaded his case.

Bob James, a precinct captain in Colorado Springs, said he switched from dead-set-against the bill to neutral after Stephens ' presentation.

Suzuki's return to the MotoP grid could have hit a false neutral after the manufacturer was apparently told a one-year deal to come back in 2014 would not happen.

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