Prepositions after "modern"

"modern in" or "modern with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases modern in is used

He was very modern in his outlook.

Tate Modern in England now owns it.

In this, they are modern in every way.

The Royal Malaysian Navy base here is said to be one of the most modern in the region.

It's modern in a way that totally lacks edge: unexceptional without being unappealing.

A young woman, modern in her way and also having what may be called a timeless beauty.

The handles on the cabinets add just enough detail so we know what they are even if they are ultra modern in design.

It's just TOO HOT here! But what I love about it is that it's so modern in places, and also just not in other places.

A previous comment about modern individuals ' shallowness of memory compared to that of Medieval monks was quite apt.

In 18% of cases modern with is used

My suit was modern with a kitchen.

Very modern with wonderful acoustics.

Bedroom is modern with tub/shower combo.

It is modern with clean cut lines and colours and is minimist but truly spectacular.

Now, everything is clean and modern with pleasant concourses and nice seating areas.

Suggestions: Either go full modern with a different logo, or full retro with this logo.

Look at photos here and online on how to combine modern with old-fashioned and you can get the best of both worlds.

More modern with all the trimmings and what happened in the interest of efficiency the smile went out of the people.

Inside, you're surrounded by luxury, but it's also very modern with funky touches like a push-button startup system.

In this country we are very modern with some things but not with all, and biogas is a very important thing for farms.

In 9% of cases modern of is used

Givings, that most modern of men.

She was also the most modern of stars.

This is because energy is the foundation of a modern of economy.

I don't care for Chile's VAT even though they are the most modern of the SA countries.

The cruelty of her loss blazes as fiercely as the example of this most modern of women.

The Saxophone is the most modern of the woodwind family instruments, it was patented in 1846.

In the most modern of living rooms, tile can be a more laid back approach, providing a clean finish to the fireplace.

He is frozen in the anticolonial model of 50 years ago He seems to be the most modern of men, and his ideas are backwards.

Carl Zeiss invested a total of 450 million euros in the facility, which is the most modern of its kind anywhere in the world.

There is no instance recorded in all the experience of spiritualists ancient or modern of the corpse coming back from the tomb.

In 7% of cases modern to is used

Sure they do nt look very modern to me.

I come back to modern to English-speaking veterans.

Obviously, it didn't sound modern to me at the time.

Hurricane Charley transformed my area overnight from modern to some sort of logging camp.

Toaster, temeke is wounded to have the largest business of external songs modern to tracking.

They looked pretty modern to me, and if I had to sell I'd want to know what it was all about.

Look out for furniture designs that come from the art deco and mid-century modern to rustic French farmhouse styles.

Brown may be darker than other colors but it is versatile enough to go with every style of decor, from modern to rustic.

Grundy Art Gallery is a great art venue in the heart of Blackpool, hosting exhibition from modern to contemporary works.

Dumas approaches perhaps nearest of any modern to these Arabian authors in the purely material charm of some of his romances.

In 7% of cases modern for is used

Rooms are modern for Venetian standards, and clean.

Dmitri's costume was too sleek and modern for this crowd.

It should also be sufficiently modern for you to read it easily.

Eventually I headed down to Level 4 where the art was a little too, er, modern for my tastes.

Looks fairly clean and modern for the date of the photo which I think would be in the early fifties.

Friedman may be but Fukuyama is too modern for having made more than a passing impression on people my age or older.

Well, yes, you're right, it stands out because it does look a little quirky, perhaps a little too modern for today's tastes.

Choose the Furniture Wisely The furniture from our old place was too modern for the new one so we had to start from scratch.

I agree with you that Monetary Approach is the modern for money business came later on where it replaced barter trade system.

In 4% of cases modern as is used

There was nothing as remotely modern as an electric bell.

Other frameworks, modern as well as Victorian, are also questioned.

You can go to the modern as well as the antique dealers to look for what you want.

This summer Eliasson is presenting Little Sun at Tate Modern as part of the London 2012.

Transport in Kolkata Kolkata has modern as well as old transport means of communication.

More The Sumahan is just as beautiful, sleek and modern as the photos would lead you to believe.

Fun in the UK The UK has always been a great country for tourism with many modern as well as historical attractions.

It is quite common for the old dark races to be despised and badly treated by the more modern as the people who have no souls.

Author Info Willie Gannon Willie Gannon is a football writer from Ireland, and provides his opinions on the modern as well as the.

Loved the language which again is nicely balanced between the old-fashioned and the modern as well as between the human and the otherness.

In 3% of cases modern at is used

They looked ancient and modern at the same time.

Its not modern at all the carpet is so old and dirty as well.

It was in the middle of being rustic and modern at the same time.

Jo - Every room- for the endless potential to be historical and modern at the same time.

It's a beautifully rich, lush palette and yet remains fresh and modern at the same time.

Most of the doctors are US Schooled and the technology is very, very modern at cutrate prices.

Afghanistan could be called modern at that time I wonder if you have seen any photos of Afghan people from that time.

It is combination of tradition and modern at the same time that will create a nice, relaxing and beautiful atmosphere.

Ford's remake brought forward just the right design cues to recall the past and melded them into a body that looked modern at the same time.

Built in 1918, this was glamourously the location of Hong Kong's first indoor pool as well as other facilities considered modern at the time.

In 2% of cases modern from is used

That is now often proves to be the modern from the Prada Property.

Anish Kapoor's new work will be on display at the Tate Modern from 9 October to 23 April 2003.

From 1987 he was assistant keeper then, from 2003, senior curator at the Tate Gallery and at Tate Modern from 2000.

Try the modern from the christian louboutin outlet and get ready for numerous constructive modifications coming your way.

Company decorated t-shirts can also be maneuvering to turn out to be modern from the future handful of many weeks http: **36;2124;TOOLONG.

What makes the Oedipus myth (post) modern from the start is the fact that, as Alenka Zupancic explains, it is a kind of initation in reverse.

It of course is not always successful, but a dedication to communication is what will continue to distinguish modern from other dance genres.

Creating something entirely modern from a very specific age-old technique is not just a learning curve for me as a designer but also for them, and it always makes the journey interesting.

In 2% of cases modern by is used

The town seemed positively modern by comparison.

The place is not modern by any means, but i loved it like that.

We do not become modern by using computer and typing in English.

Memories of Ancient Israel: An Introduction to Biblical History Ancient and Modern by Philip R.

Its Alas but is reality that women are modern by their clothing but living in same stone age era.

Its Alas but it is reality that women are modern by their clothing but living in same stone age era.

Medium: If you opt for a side part, keep it modern by mussing things up with a texturising paste Long: Consider a brow-skimming fringe to pull.

AT: Did you hear about the recent defacing of Rothko's painting ' Seagram ' at the Tate Modern by Russian Vladimir Umanets? What is your take on it? AG Yes.

In 2% of cases modern on is used

You can see Fearful Symmetries at the Tate Modern on 21 and 22 August.

The more so in our modern on the move socially connected globe of nowadays.

A man has fallen to his death from the balcony of the Members Room of the Tate Modern on London's South Bank.

The Clod Ensemble are at Tate Modern on Monday night with Silver Swan, a piece inspired by a 17th-century madrigal.

The incident which has happened at Tate Modern on 7th of October 2012 was more artistic rather than yellowistic action.

Police guard the body of a man who fell from the 6th floor balcony of the Members Room in the Tate Modern on London's South Bank.

Police guard the body of a man who fell from the sixth floor balcony of the Members Room in the Tate Modern on London's South Bank.

In understanding the problems on the lake, the characters come from different perspectives: modern on one hand and traditional on the other.

The ' 83 R100s came with twin front discs and decent brakes already onboard, and the stubby levers work well, despite looking a bit too modern on this retro build.

Interior: Classic and Embracing Get in and the Elantra GT looks every bit as modern on the inside as it does outside with a plethora of comfort, entertainment and communication features available.

In 2% of cases modern about is used

There is nothing modern about Qadiani Islam.

In a way, she was quite modern about her sexuality.

But I think what's modern about the idea of brooches is having a sense of humor with it.

There's nothing modern about being rational, unless you think 600 BC belongs to the modern era.

There is nothing contemporary or modern about its ambience making it truly an exclusive experience.

St Paul's Cathedral 5 minutes walk, and Tate Modern about 15minutes, and most other sites within 5 - 25min tube trip.

So, what is modern about Dubai? Dubai is in fact one of the most hypocritical/fake cities, living on a bubble that's about to burst.

You need to have the confidence to say something is ' true ' (at least, without getting too post modern about it, true within the confines of your thesis).

Likewise cuddling up with opposite gender is not a sign of liberalism -- just simple jawaani ka josh which is as old as the hills -- nothing modern about it.

In 1% of cases modern like is used

Cute cute dcor, colorful color and modern like furniture.

Practically everything modern like indoor electricity, radio, tv, transport, skyscrapers, modern arms came under Stalin.

As I see it, music either has to be hard core modern like the dross that appears in the charts, or hard core classical like Beethoven, Chopin and Liszt.

And because it's a racer, all the interior is stripped right back so it only weighs 1002kg - compare that to something modern like a 1310kg Porsche Boxster.

I had always imagined my first trip to be somewhere grand like New York or Paris, or more modern like Singapore or Hong Kong, instead of a historical and cultural tour.

In 1% of cases modern plus is used

Modern plus rustic equals fabulous.

Come to bed inside anything modern plus showy.

This is simply because they are super modern plus also classy.

Her most modern plus fashionable collection 2012 is exceptionally pleasing to the eye and good-looking.

These are the reinvention of vintage females LV sun glasses driving them to modern plus more gender delicate.

Relating to diamond jewelry then that shamballa diamond happens earliest given it might be equally modern plus breathtaking Shamballa Bracelet.

In 1% of cases modern times is used

In this modern times these kind of things still happening.

There have been in modern times three schools of thought seeking to make sense of the public realm.

This is particularly true in modern times, but the effect of technological change began to be felt long ago.

Racing Lives in the Past, we need to Update into today's world and live in modern times not rules that were made 50 years ago.

President Obama won one of the narrower re-elections in modern times Tuesday, eking out a second term with a fraction of his 7.

In modern times February 14 is regarded as the day of the Cupid, the child-like winged deity, the son of Venus the Roman goddess of love.

In modern times such construction is not uncommon in cases involving contracts of sale of goods, but is very much exceptional in other cases.

In modern times such materials as foam, silicon, air or gel have been added into trainers, these have been used to create cushioning systems in modern running shoes.

In 1% of cases modern up is used

The Zabeel Saray is Turkish in design, very elegant, modern up to to date rooms, Hi Def Channels (all).

Instead, he introduced traditional Catalan dishes from his grandmother's time with a modern up class twist.

In 1% of cases modern vs is used

Modern vs Past Ping-Pong Players There is no comparing the athletes of the 40s with the athletes of today.

Behold! Design sense: Po-mo (post modern vs postmodernism) trash bag chique Inspiration: Neon signs, California beaches, trash bags.

You can do whatever you want! It just has to fit a bed! I would love to have this book for inspiration but also to know what the author thinks about the modern vs traditionnal ways of quilting.

In 1% of cases modern without is used

It's modern without being rock-star skinny.

Furniture and dcor is Western, and modern without being contemporary.

The cuts are modern without being modernistic, and strictly European.

It's vibrant and modern without losing the mystery of the building's beginnings.

It aims to be bold and modern without losing sight of its customers ' key requirements.

It seems to the same thing in all areas of life - Ghana chases what it thinks is modern without looking at the consequences.

Pssht, who needs Bo Innovation when you can hit a balance between traditional and modern without going way off the rails? Love this.

If you're planning to visit IKYU, don't forget to have a chat with him! The interior of the restaurant is very modern without all the traditional Japanese elements.

Diesel usually concentrates on their own jeans array becoming equally classy as well as modern without having getting carried away together with large personalisation.

Gupt argues that Gandhiji's transition from the medieval to the modern without the understanding of the ancient led to his incomplete view of Indian history, culture and mores.

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