Prepositions after "meticulous"

"meticulous in" or "meticulous about"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases meticulous in is used

They were meticulous in the process.

Meticulous in his research on causes.

He was meticulous in everything he did.

Sean Bloomfield was meticulous in ensuring that all of his fiction was based on fact.

As with all things pertaining to your money, be meticulous in choosing the right planner.

Postal squad at the time, Hamilton's book is fairly meticulous in its detailing of dates, locations and players.

Towards scheme improvement Business owners must be more meticulous in how they interpret and execute this method.

Lecturers who are well prepared are meticulous in their lesson plans and are clear about the lesson's objectives.

Some people are meticulous in updating their websites and blogs but do not make any effort in generating traffic.

In 28% of cases meticulous about is used

Be meticulous about your personal grooming.

Be very meticulous about the etching process.

We are meticulous about tracking that donation.

From extraction through distribution, Neptune is meticulous about its procedures.

The Tall Whites are very meticulous about keeping their agreements and expect the U.

DO be precise and firm on what work should be done, and what to be meticulous about.

Freaks like us who has run for essentially eternally are so meticulous about going back and looking at stats:).

They are meticulous about their selection of plants for harvest and consider how, when, and where it was grown.

Obama was meticulous about that, and caught a lot of international flack for it which the conservative's ignored.

In 12% of cases meticulous with is used

He is meticulous with details and a strong negotiator.

In the legal field, you have to be very meticulous with your work.

So as an academic she is methodical in her journey and meticulous with her research.

Thoughtless actually in hind sight, usually so meticulous with my references or quotes.

He was so careful and meticulous with his work, we thought he'd need a month to do them.

They are known to be cheapskates and also meticulous with their centralized bookkeeping.

Be Meticulous with Laundry When you're doing his laundry, take your time to check his clothes.

You don't have to be terribly meticulous with it, just make sure you've got a distinct middle part.

Rauri was meticulous with his investigations and left no stone unturned, so we were kept on our toes.

He was meticulous with his citations and developed a style copied by others, including Winston Churchill.

In 3% of cases meticulous of is used

They are usually meticulous of their looks.

For one, I am very meticulous of how it had been cleaned and how it was prepared.

All along he set the most meticulous of standards and impressed his senior officers.

Showing great effort, meticulous of purpose, dedicated, nature of commitment to a cause or group, sometimes refers to overdoing a role.

In The Reverse of the Medal, by that most meticulous of historical novelists Patrick O'Brian, Jack Aubrey is pilloried but escapes serious injury when his shipmates turn up to stand guard around him.

In 2% of cases meticulous on is used

The planning was meticulous on the choreography with Jerry Reeve.

Does either Green Pasture or Vital Choice do that? Rachel, Yes, I know both companies are absolutely meticulous on quality.

Likes Logic, as expressed in an account that is carefully constructed, well-argued, balanced, meticulous on detail, and reflective.

They were caring on the one hand and meticulous on the other, and would never fail to carry out any of the policies or orders set by the doctors on the patients.

He said the British, French and ourselves would abide by agreement but the Russians would do to suit themselves! I asked if they were not meticulous on things they agreed to.

In 2% of cases meticulous to is used

Thank you all, you lot are a superb team - very professional and meticulous to the very core.

Jenny your blog seems meticulous to me and highly professional even if that isn't what you were intentionally aiming for.

The truth behind it is much more meticulous to the point where interoperability is a feature that must be worked at significantly more than what Microsoft and Apple offer with their systems.

In 1% of cases meticulous at is used

You are also going to become meticulous at tracking your spending.

He was devoted to his family and was meticulous at keeping up with the birthdays and sporting endeavours of 10 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren.

In 1% of cases meticulous before is used

That is not a bad way to invest but I would be extra careful and meticulous before investing my money in such kind of funds.

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