Prepositions after "married"

"married to" or "married for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases married to is used

Do not get married to this man.

I was married to the mamas boy.

I am married to a male that is.

I don't get on well with sex, even though I am married to a nice and considerate man.

That same year I got married to my bf and he's the one supporting me and my daughter.

I was also previously married to another Filipina in 2002 and divorced the next year.

He is married to a former US Army reserve soldier who served in Iraq and divides his time between Kent and Florida.

You're married to Neil Effing Gaiman who is a pretty rich man at this point and getting richer quite exponentially.

Anonymous says: September 11, 2012 I have been married to a British citizen for 14years and we have three children.

Hence Apt, the old first mother of gods and men, was called the ' Great Mother of him who is married to his Mother.

In 18% of cases married for is used

I have been married for 25 yrs.

I have been married for 39 yrs.

I am married for almost a year.

Meredith Baxter then married for a third time (Birney was #2 ), then divorced again.

I am now married for the second time naerly 5 yrs now and i am desperate for a baby.

Zelda's age mathematically figures out to be they have been married for only 1 year.

It takes hard work to keep a marrage together but if you are married for the right reasons it can be pretty great.

People who get married during the year will be considered married for the whole year for tax calculation purposes.

In happier times: The couple were married for two years The source said: ' He can be an overbearing control freak.

This may seem a bit silly if you and your husband have been married for some time, but it has so much value in it.

In 11% of cases married with is used

KC is married with 2 daughters.

She is married with a daughter.

She is married with 2 children.

Jae Hee just dropped the bombshell news that he is married with a non-celebrity Ms.

Teasdale has been living in Malaysia for 16 years and is married with two children.

I did the same exact thing, googled him, yup married with kids, albeit no wed ring.

Whereas before, success was considered being married with children, it now includes being independent and stable.

She was at a time said to be pregnant for one Biodun Bodunrin, a Holland-based Nigerian who is married with kids.

Holyoake was now married with three children (two sons and then a daughter ); two more daughters were born later.

He became a rice farmer and was married with three children when he was captured by Spanish slave-traders in 1839.

In 9% of cases married in is used

Mr Suthakaran was married in a.

We were married in May of 2009.

He was married in this country.

She was married in high school and had two children by the time she was 21 years old.

Bobby McGee PhotographyLars and Emily Linton graduated from UCSB and married in 2007.

Wang in Shanghai and they got married in less than a month after their first meeting.

Among 20- to 24-year-olds, 60% had ever been married in 1960, when the median age at first marriage for men was 22.

Once he was telling me that since I was married in another country, it does not count, he assumes that I am single.

Matrimonies within Rabi-Ul-Awwal: - Hadhrat Umme Kuithum was married in this month to the third Caliph; Uthinan (R.

The requirements are similar whether you are getting married in your home parish or at the other side of the world.

In 3% of cases married at is used

I got married at the age of 20.

I had to say I was married at 16.

He also got married at this time.

But again my point you can not prove Peter was married at the time he was with Jesus.

From a conservative family, he was married at 20, even before he had finished college.

Sali and Florence were married at the registry office by the officiating registrar, L.

Like many other women in Bangladesh, Kakuli was married at a very young age, cutting short many life opportunities.

My cousin who go married at 30 or 31 not sure, she told me thats one of the best gift you can give to your husband.

I was breifly married at a very young age to a man who also suffered depression and popped heaps of pills every day.

Everybody was actually sceptical about me getting married at such a young age but I knew I was ready and went ahead.

In 2% of cases married on is used

They were married on 7-23-1696.

We were married on 6th January.

We were married on June 13, 1993.

I got married on the 24th of Feb (arranged marriage) to a girl from a different city.

We were married on February 4, 2003 and I shipped out for training April 4 to Quebec.

I understand that once you are married on a PMV, you have to apply for a Partner Visa.

It is the 7th marriage for Steve Earle (married twice to the same woman) Allison Moorer has been married once before.

She was a school teacher for ten years before meeting John Nash Senior, and the two were married on 6 September 1924.

For purposes of this credit, you are not considered married on the last day of the year if all of the following apply.

We got married on 14th December 1940 and lived in Leyton for a month before evacuating to Biggleswade in January 1941.

In 1% of cases married before is used

You say yourself that he was married before.

My parents were married before having children.

Margaret and Malcolm were married before too long.

I would like to see Castle and Beckett get engaged and married before that happens.

In developing countries, one out of three girls is married before the age of 18 years.

It's the way I wanted it to be for me! My parents were married before having children.

Rules for Deacons and Archdeacons If he is unmarried before his ordination, he must remain unmarried afterwards.

Problems you may encounter If your ancestor was born or married before 1820 it can be difficult to locate records.

If a person was ever married before committing the crime of Zina, he or she is to be punished by stoning to death.

Globally, more than one in three young women aged 20-24 years were first married before they reached the age of 18.

In 1% of cases married by is used

They were married by Brigham Young.

And the girls are married by age 14.

One in seven girls is married by age 15.

We were married by the Revd Bruce Gillingham, then chaplain of Robert's Oxford college.

Some of you ladies are afraid -- afraid that you might not be married by a certain time.

Any couple who has a child outside of marriage should be declared married by common law.

Her aunt took them, by that time she was married by a wealthy person hence; she was able to take good care of them.

Wed, 2012-10-17 16:20 -- Anonymous Reply: Yes, they are legally married by Gov of India under registered marriage act.

Wed, 2012-10-17 13:55 -- Anonymous Reply: Yes, they are legally married by Gov of India under registered marriage act.

In ancient times women had too few rights and were married by their parents, who planned the wedding and chose the groom.

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