Prepositions after "magic"

magic in, for, to, on or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases magic in is used

He found there was magic in words.

Craig is simply magic in the role.

Nothing particularly magic in that.

But late goals from Irene van Dyk put the Magic in front, and that's where they stayed.

There is, whether people agree or not, whether they believe or not, magic in our world.

All I know is there is magic in Chopin and I'll pray that one day you will hear it too.

Do you see the magic in the music manifesting more on a symbolic level, or in the sound itself, or both? SR: Neither.

What's the bets that tomorrow she will be declaring something magic in the air with Tom Cruise? Nuts, the lot of them.

And thank God I still do and please God will continue to have it, for it's a wonderful thing to have magic in your life.

I know what he means, there is magic in this land, blessed with grace and bounty, but tragedy and sorrow are never far away.

In 9% of cases magic for is used

Jurassic Park was magic for me.

Losing face works magic for cheap thieves.

You want that moment to be magic for them.

Once the cast and crew were assembled it was magic for the future of Better Mus ' Come.

Now that I'd armed with the amazing EM (effective microorganisms) I feel that I have magic for the plants.

I had won a free night there through Magic for Less Travel and I could not have been more pleased with the resort.

How did you manage to do it? Alfred: The flyers I received for distribution from Africabeauties worked magic for me.

The tips are actually miraculous in a way for some would claim that the book does have magic for every couple concerned.

Ridnour made 6-of-9 shots from the field in helping the Timberwolves defeat the Magic for the first time in eight tries.

I thought it was called Magic for Marigold but when I got that book it was the wrong one so maybe Marigold features int he name.

In 7% of cases magic on is used

Together they were magic on air.

My problem is some girl did blackmagic on him.

Sir i feel that some one has done blackmagic on me.

I admired you as a performer when I was still a child in NY watching you do magic on TV.

Give him quality ball from a good 12 (which Bosman can do ), and he will be magic on 13.

Am a victim of black magic, and all my effort to break d magic on my own prove abortive.

DStv audiences can tune into Africa Magic on Thursday 8 March at 20:00 CAT to see whether they will weather the storm.

PULSE 2009 Magic on the Stage The most stunning change however is the conference bringing IBM Tivoli back to its roots.

This stuff (either version) is MAGIC on planes-helps to keep the nasal passages moist, and the eucy oil is very soothing.

That will change this week, and for the rest of November, starting Tuesday night when the Knicks play the Magic on the road.

In 7% of cases magic to is used

My ipod would be magic to anyone pre-Edison.

What is magic to one is a life sentence to another.

The words Elemis GELeration will be magic to your ears.

Leading the Magic to the Finals is great, but remember that you lost to Kobe and the Lakers.

Even love? I think there'll always be magic to life, even though science explains a great deal.

Howard, who was sent from the Orlando Magic to the Lakers in the offseason, told ESPN NewYork 98.

Wu is in town with Hong Kong director Wilson Yip and actor-producer Raymond Wong to promote their new movie Magic To Win.

If you go talk to just an average person about what we've done with Kinect or Kinect Sports, honestly, it's magic to them.

Attack which Villanueva moves in order to cover his teammates Hollins entangled together, the Magic to 18-23 behind piston 5.

For me, personally, I think it depends on the type of story one is trying to tell and what one wants the magic to be able to do.

In 6% of cases magic by is used

Magic by definition is not based on anything we can measure or readily grasp.

Kind Of Magic by following the link above this text, also accessible the Of Magic tab.

Christchurch Press (Charlie Gates) The Sorcerer's Apprentice has magic by the bucketload.

Aion Kinah Here, I will attach greater importance to life - Magic hit - by injuries Shield - Magic by radiolysis.

People take for granted knowledge that would only be understood as magic by the general population only 50 years ago.

Since I've been in a reading slump, I call that a win! I finished up A Matter of Magic by Patricia Wrede, which I mentioned here last week.

I had not realized how much I had missed reading Patricia Wrede's unique brand of fantasy adventure fiction until I found A Matter of Magic by chance.

Whyte 's, I beleive sound premise, is that the life, tools, and lifestyles of Roman citizens in the 3-400s AD would be regarded as magic by the 7-800s.

Visit Disney Store, Westfield Stratford City this winter for a sprinkling of Disney Magic by taking part in the free festive activities, including Letter Writing Workshops.

Add to that His psychic's predictions and Gary finally warming up to him (guilty pleasure for Rylan= could it be magic by TT?) we can finally say goodbye to the extravaganza.

In 6% of cases magic with is used

You are magic with words and lan-guage.

JJ Redick paced the Magic with 16 points.

Monday it's magic with comedian magician Ryan Price.

You can also have magic with more rules in a very mystical or mythical feeling fantasy.

This guide can also be applied to Mana Shield instead of Aura of Magic with similar results.

There they knit and crocheted and made magic with their needles which they sent out into the world to seek its fortune.

You can have magic without rules, universities, or explanations of how it works, in a very gritty and realistic fantasy.

He performed magic with chocolate before our very eyes and gave me my first sugar rush in six weeks and all before 0900.

At this time it's really magic with the heat of the day gone, the animals out and the setting sun creating many a great photo.

In 5% of cases magic about is used

There was nothing magic about it.

There is nothing magic about it, really.

There's nothing magic about the word no.

What happens to the chlorine radicals? There's nothing magic about reaction mechanisms.

What needs modifying is the view that there is something magic about noble gas structures.

I guess there's something magic about witnessing us on our horses preparing for a big parade.

On Morphological Types Q: (Why) are there only 4 morphological types? A: There is nothing magic about the number four.

And there were many clubs in the Jupiler League much closer to my home than Beveren but they had something magic about them.

There is nothing magic about the number, and many presidential aides over the years have complained that it is an artificial yardstick.

For example, there is nothing magic about the symbol + that makes it well-suited to indicate addition; it's just that people associate it with addition.

In 4% of cases magic at is used

There had been magic at Grammy's house.

Jean-Baptiste C's films would be magic at any resolution.

There is a replacement of sorts: Midway Magic at the Fair, sponsored by the Central.

In July 2007, Skinn was invited to play for the Orlando Magic at the Orlando Summer League.

I have seen We Will Rock You four times and It's A Kinda Magic at Massey Hall back in Oct 2006.

They play Mississauga's Andrew Nicholson and the Orlando Magic at the Air Canada Centre tomorrow.

Two players acquired in that trade, Arron Afflalo and Nikola Vucevic, had big roles in the win, which put the Magic at 6-10.

Meanwhile, Lim has compiled a glossy magazine, Magic at Limkokwing which showcases world class designs of their current and former students.

Though there are endless layers of subtlety, Magic at core is about cause-and-effect, and being able to focus purely on your hand and strategy is a blessing.

But between the piles of pumpkins, the baskets of apples and the little red wagons that were here when I was a child, there is still magic at the Avon Cider Mill.

In 3% of cases magic of is used

This is Magic of the first order.

Lammas magic can be magic of facing up to change.

I am listening to Magic of the Movies at the moment.

Now called Magic of Monsters and Shape-shifters- Cinderella's In The Middle.

When such a device is manipulated in just the right way, there is magic of another sort: music.

But we can not forget the most magic of all the spectacles that Richmond provides us -- the Punt Road Bandwagon.

With a 44 cast member team, Chris exported Singapore's one and only magic musical, Magic of Love, to the United States of America.

T DUB's Magic of Making Up is the gem that we have to offer for anyone who wants to make a broken relationship a sound relationship.

Breton Bretons are the most magic of the human races in Skyrim and are extremely good at defending against magic, as well as using it.

In 3% of cases magic up is used

Compression doesn't just magic up free space, though.

You can't just magic up a willing man to procreate with.

And much more importantly, they magic up the interest money.

I can't magic up 4-6 publications as an unemployed PhD graduate.

Blackpool, for example, can't suddenly magic up a higher capacity stadium over the summer.

Will doing these three magic up a full solution to the problems I outlined? On their own, of course not.

They go to sleep each night knowing that if the party fund raisers can not magic up this money they are personally liable.

Master Chronos (multiple) + Magic UP + Stun (1 Person) - Chances are this will take out at least one below 40 or weakened foe.

You can't magic up affordable childcare on short notice, let alone for an overnight shift, neither can you pay your rent with zero wages.

Now due to this new law my fianc can't come here unless I magic up 16,000 or find a better paid job: (I'd so sad as I hate us living apart.

In 2% of cases magic as is used

I resent the portrayal of Magic as a cult game.

It has not been easy for the Orlando Magic as of late.

But there is one thing about Magic as a physical game.

I wouldn't rank poker above Magic as a selling point to any female worth her lady bits.

John Knoll John is still employed by Industrial Light and Magic as a Visual Effects Supervisor.

I entered Magic as a surprise for Linda, hoping to perhaps pick up a major in WI while she was up here.

The swap officially severs Dwight Howard's ties with the Magic as the 2004 number 1 pick goes to Hollywood to play for the Lakers.

Fred and George Weasley hated Umbridge, who was appointed by the Ministry of Magic as the Defence Against the Dark Arts professor in 1995.

At the same time, the Bulls would have to take on Turkoglu, giving them a decent 6th man, and might be able to pickup a shooter off the Magic as well.

Once I get some free time, I'll aim to write another guide showing how to use Parted Magic as an alternative to the tedious defragment &; shrink process.

In 2% of cases magic from is used

I use Ripples Magic from Redfield.

The view from the plaza is magic from a geographical perspective.

There is a weapon that can banish all magic from the face of the earth.

Any doubt on those fronts will surely dissuade the Magic from acquiring Bynum.

They still have a chance, but it will require something magic from here to win it.

But the whole period of the early 1850s up to about 1858 is absolutely magic from the point of view of stereo.

Step 10: Give it time Finally, you should now be finished and it's up to the sun to work it's magic from here.

Then turned he away in pride and said: This is naught else than magic from of old; This is naught else than speech of mortal man.

Real Life This may become Truth in Television with the aid of brain implants and radio signals, although this possibility has more in common with the Magic from Technology trope.

In 1% of cases magic like is used

A good dose of almonds makes you feel pretty full for absolutely ages, they are magic like that.

In 1% of cases magic without is used

That includes the examples of magic without specific rules.

You can have magic without rules, universities, or explanations of how it works, in a very gritty and realistic fantasy.

I've been reading (and loving) the Matthew Swift series by Kate Griffin, and I think it's a great example of magic without rules.

In 1% of cases magic vs is used

You remember watching Magic vs.

As for the Weekend so far I have been out to Weka Pass with a friends and I went round to another friends house to watch the Magic vs Steel game on TV.

In 1% of cases magic under is used

First Liar, now Magic Under Glass.

Fault Line is my seventh novel, for example; Magic Under Glass, Jaclyn's first.

Whitewashing only becomes an issue for them if it blows up in their faces (see Liar, Magic Under Glass) and threatens to hurt their sales.

If we boycott Bloomsbury and they see that Magic Under Glass (or any other book about a poc that has been whitewashed) isn't selling well, they will most likely drop the author.

In 1% of cases magic since is used

John has covered the Magic since 1997.

She has been involved with the Magic since 2002.

This was the first lead for the Magic since 6-4 back in the first quarter.

In 1% of cases magic into is used

Getting Your Magic Into Bookstores By: Dr.

Then we'll work together to put what you've learnt from MailChimp Magic into action for your emails.

The program allows you to quickly and easily copy an item back to the clipboard, or even drag and drop text from Clipboard Magic into other software.

Instead, he now looks to become the ultimate heel, even if in his mind, he has cast himself as the benevolent dictator who will turn the Orlando Magic into a team as lovable as he is.

In 1% of cases magic during is used

The author put too much stock into tuesday nights game against the Magic during which the Knicks cooled off substantially.

In 1% of cases magic after is used

Compression is not magic after all.

After being let go by the Magic after the 2004 season, he was brought in by the Boston Celtics as their head coach a year later.

Eric Southern** (Lighting Designer) is thrilled to be back at the Magic after working on the world premier of Luis Alfaro's Bruja.

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