Prepositions after "lyrical"

lyrical about, on, in, for or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 74% of cases lyrical about is used

So yes, let's wax-lyrical about that.

Heseltine waxes lyrical about Victorian cities.

One could wax lyrical about Palau for hours but.

In Seth's latest thread, he waxes lyrical about the peaceful riots in Sheik Jarrah.

Most of the time we marvel and wax lyrical about how similar the twins look and act.

Yes, we know that many eels have the talent to wax lyrical about JKS for many pages.

Ezra Miller, the 18-year-old who plays Kevin, waxes lyrical about his director from a New York mastering studio.

One minute he was waxing lyrical about all the initiatives the club were doing to grow ' the great game of golf.

At times he is wholeheartedly cynical, at others, lyrical about the wonders and magic of the thing we call love.

I can wax lyrical about how the bonds between us were strengthened beyond breaking point on the basketball court.

In 8% of cases lyrical on is used

I can wax lyrical on history and politics.

Tuesday night is Waxing Lyrical on The Most 100.

But instead, I waxed lyrical on the subject of childbirth.

PS -- I am now supremely qualified to wax lyrical on the best running songs of all time.

Mention Don or The Dan to many a modern jazzer and they will wax lyrical on the Dan chord.

We can all wax lyrical on football, the industrial past, beer and our wonderful countryside.

Page 4 In all honesty I could wax lyrical on every element of human endeavor and not find one instance that would make him look back.

Indeed, a resplendent Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle has waxed lyrical on just how important, and enjoyable, it is to be a part of the.

I've waxed lyrical on it before, but comparing ourselves to the USA, UK, and looking to those countries for solutions will get us no where.

In 4% of cases lyrical in is used

Hensher is almost lyrical in his first person narrative.

For a moment, just a moment the lyrical in the transient.

It is lyrical in its movement with wave-like ornamentation.

Comprehensive in scope and lyrical in style, they are classics and also still relevant now.

Cast's terrific, dialogue's decently lyrical in a post- Behan -ish way, but lordy, it's static.

Everything in nature is lyrical in its ideal essence, tragic in its fate, and comic in its existence.

His writing, while spare, considered and focused, was almost lyrical in its use of language, and drove me to re-read many sentences I found particularly lovely.

David's mother Beatrice was a gifted musician and played her father's piano music at home, but she felt that her father's music was too melodic and lyrical in a age devoted to modernism.

To summarize broadly, on the one hand, there is a Gaelic singing tradition; ancient in lineage, personal in character, lyrical in content, more ornamented in delivery, more authentic in essence.

And I think that certainly a song like ' Crucifix Kiss ' which is mostly Richey 's, you can see that's much more lyrical in the true sense, you know, that is a really brilliant lyric of Richey's.

In 2% of cases lyrical at is used

Well, actually, my sixteen-year-old self is going to wax lyrical at you.

Ramu Kariat's direction of the film was lyrical at times - the newly married couple at the beginning masking their home.

It's customary to wax lyrical at this moment and -- gazing earnestly all the while -- thank you for taking the time to swing by.

About Pink Tape A blog in which I ricochet from too serious to too flippant and where I may vent, rant or wax lyrical at my own whim.

Gillard was buoyed by the mysogony speech, she was maxing lyrical at the Business Forum = Forget the politics - look at the scoreboard and that may be enough to get her over the line in a years time.

In 2% of cases lyrical for is used

I then waxed lyrical for about ten minutes as to why I love working from home.

Poets have waxed lyrical for centuries about the splendours of the sun and with good reason.

Once I would have taken your tips and waxed lyrical for a party trick, but now I share my heritage out of a sense of duty.

In 2% of cases lyrical over is used

They have waxed lyrical over the second liberation struggle and environmental.

And (try to) wax lyrical over the most mundane of things, the most humdrum activities.

They have waxed lyrical over the second liberation struggle and environmental conservation.

Writers, such as Jack Kerouac and Erich Fromm, waxed lyrical over his books, as well they might.

Not sure why it took me so long to visit Marutama Ramen here as I have been hearing my friends waxing lyrical over it.

He showcased his city? s street food delights, waxing lyrical over their char kuay teow, chillie crabs and chicken rice.

Wearing an eye-catching red polka-dot dress, Denise performed the Jive with James and had the judges waxing lyrical over her moves.

The manager, in our match against Stoke City, took to his programme notes to wax lyrical over their captain and ex-United protege Ryan Shawcross.

European officials in Brussels, Paris and Berlin are apparently waxing lyrical over the possibility of the Foreign Secretary becoming the EU's version of Hillary Clinton.

In 2% of cases lyrical to is used

As might be expected, their styles range from lyrical to surreal to experimental.

This is a fun introduction to various styles of Jazz Dance from contemporary lyrical to hip hop.

Not an hour later, another intrepid reporter waxed lyrical to his anchor man (Mark Chapman) about meeting former gold medal-winning diver (the pool) Greg Luganis in the gents urinals.

In 2% of cases lyrical with is used

Johnson hasn't been this lyrical with this prose since Jesus ' Son.

Kornhauser was next, combining long strands of the lyrical with short bursts of barrelhouse.

Learn to Stick to Word Count For our own blogs we have freedom over how many words we wax lyrical with.

Mucho blessismo, mon ami (just waxing lyrical with the languages!) LOL! Jane x Jason June 22nd, 2012 at 09:58 Thanks Jane, miss you too.

That said I appear to be in a minority of one critically on this one -- with Peter Bradshaw of the Guardian waxing lyrical with five stars.

In 1% of cases lyrical of is used

Poetry may be the most lyrical of literary genres, but its musicality is not derived from aesthetic principles.

George spins magic in his portrayal of the film buff -- waxing lyrical of how movies had been a big part of his growing years.

In 1% of cases lyrical without is used

You can be poetic and lyrical without excess.

Mechanique is lyrical without being gushing, mysterious without feeling forced; the prose is lapidary, dark, sad and strong.

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