Prepositions after "loyal"

loyal to, for, in or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 95% of cases loyal to is used

Intensely loyal to the Bombers.

He is loyal to the Jesuit Order.

She is loyal to us, the general public.

For we're loyal to the Southland, Her honor we'll uphold; We'll gladly give our hearts.

There's a friend for you! And here's the funny part, his slogan is, ' Loyal to Artists.

O hUid (born in England of Ulster Protestant stock) remained loyal to the party line (i.

Only monks and nuns deemed loyal to the CCP may lead DMCs and laypeople have also been appointed to these committees.

All agreed that Christians should be loyal to the kingdom of God, even if this meant disagreeing with those in power.

She also said she would not back anyone else for leader, because as deputy she would have to be loyal to whoever won.

Your average punter wanted to remain loyal to the brand when buying the car but the hip pocket pain becomes too much.

In 1% of cases loyal for is used

I've been loyal for over 11 years.

But now I see the stars were not loyal for the club.

This customer is likely to stay loyal for a long time to come.

We don't want to alienate any of our fans who have been extremely loyal for so many years.

With an 8 at least you have a chance at making her loyal for a while, if you run tight alpha game.

Give readers a fully functional fictional world and they will be loyal for your lifetime and beyond.

They will expect a Democratic Party to which they have been faultlessly loyal for many decades to stand up for their interests in a time of grave crisis.

Protections from market vagaries accompanied that status, whereby virtually all basic life expenses were taken care of by the work units to which workers were loyal for life.

You end up with average players on huge sums who are fiercely loyal for some reason, or you end up with the great players upping sticks and leaving after the first sniff of success.

Would you say our females are very good looking and pleasing to the eyes? Or loyal for that matter? Recommend all i can say is that you are asking for too much in your last paragraph.

In 1% of cases loyal in is used

Of course, Vai was fiercely loyal in taking care of me.

We've chosen to go with HP and we are loyal in that way.

Some say that a person is only as loyal in a relationship as their options.

Australia is certainly extremely English and extremely loyal in a quiet undemonstrative way.

I never said that Muslims werent loyal in the UK, you insinuated that from my rhetorical answer.

She has become very loyal in the few months we have had her I've always been cautious around dogs.

We should learn to have faith in our partner and be faithful and loyal in return for making a successful relationship.

She'd probably enjoy the rabid patriotism of the Henry 4 group -- theyre the last word in how to be loyal in many volumes.

The Tories are very unpopular in parts of the country and perhaps many of those that may remain loyal in 2015, did not bother.

He had the highest regard for his fellow Christian Brothers and was absolutely loyal in his commitment to Christ and to Edmund Rice.

In 1% of cases loyal of is used

I've been as loyal of a Madden fan as any.

These answers were for the most loyal of the loyal fans.

Adolf Hitler had always considered Himmler to be the most loyal of his men.

Only the most loyal of Sinn Fein apparatchiks now talk of progress to a united Ireland.

QT is the kind of dog that will be the most loyal of friends once youhave gained her trust.

There are 700+ outdoor courts, and an estimated 500,000 players, the most loyal of which approach the game.

He said: ' Say to them: Ali is the master of the believers after me and the most loyal of the people to my community.

Not the best of preparation towards defending the AFF Suzuki Cup crown and it surely worries even the most loyal of supporters.

During this period, only the most loyal of Moi's cronies were given a chance to serve as foreign ministers and principal spokesmen.

But only the most loyal of Microsofties and credulous of Windows 8 fans could argue this was part of an ordered succession process.

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