Prepositions after "key"

"key to", "key for" or "key in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 70% of cases key to is used

J KEY to attack, K KEY to jump.

SPACEBAR KEY to shoot missiles.

Use the P KEY to pause the game.

Al-Tuwaijri is key to the plan because he has many allies within the numerous ministries.

The teachers (at work or at school) are key to the motivation of the future pastry chefs.

This is key to the setup: the patient has never really given non-salty soaking a good try.

Buttler insists that other companies ' rush to capture the Blizzard crown is key to the reason why so many have failed.

This has often troubled me greatly, as I believe that entrepreneurship will be key to the future growth of the economy.

This was one of a few trials that were key to the adoption of bed-net distribution as a major malaria control strategy.

I have made the point in many blogs that the roles of professional advisors were key to the destruction of the economy.

In 13% of cases key in is used

Timing is key in every respect.

Belief is key in that situation.

Confidence is key in the bedroom.

Arteta, was key in the middle, our most creative, and he has been removed from this role.

Knowing your target market is key in custom flags and banners and any marketing campaign.

How it actually navigates and how fast it loads will be key in its success, but hopefully.

This is key in keeping the work place rumor mill to a minimum on having information about you and your coworker dating.

Both have been key in making Wellington the coolest little capital in the world so she knows what she is talking about.

As Head of Sales and Client services, your performance and that of your team will be key in ensuring that this happens.

The commissioner described investment in ICT as key in the country's planning for future economic and social development.

In 12% of cases key for is used

Prevention is key for the kids.

Managing wet is key for the UK.

But yeah, realism is key for me.

Assigning a value using a key for the first time adds that key to the associative array.

Stretching and strengthening are key for me to keep free of injury, but so far, so good.

Catering to players living in game ecosystems will be key for game makers going forward.

My dad was a very wonderful man even though he had a lot of children, but you must go to school, that was key for him.

While his glovework was uncharacteristically sloppy in the first innings, he is surely absolutely key for England now.

There are many new developments being planned within the company where email for factory employees is key for success.

Developing strong and appropriate study skills Strong study skills at home and school are key for successful learning.

In 1% of cases key at is used

Planning is key at home and at work.

Constant feedback is key at all stages.

Car setup at Spa Compromise is key at Spa.

No-one gets into that Barcelona side easily and for Pedro to be so key at a young age is telling.

Keeping it simple is key at chicken on the way and it's no wonder this place is a Calgary landmark.

Having good acceleration is key at both the start and when exiting gybe marks and can win or loose you a race.

Detailing all of the items on this -- and orchestrating a smooth delivery and that was key at the success of this operation.

Naturally, brevity is key at this juncture and if you are concerned about the lack of content then it should be found elsewhere.

The user can either right click on the lower left side of the main screen or they can press the windows key and the X key at the same time.

Which is it? Physical compatibility may be key at the beginning of a relationship but it's certainly not what keeps you attached in the long term.

In 1% of cases key on is used

That's key on a time sensitive shoot.

Discipline is always key on any team.

That's key on a desert planet like Tatooine.

Rinaldo Ballerio, CEO, Elmec Networking was key on a local, as well as international level.

Reduced duration was key on such a highly traveled route connecting major cities (see Figure 15).

Tired of this tribal Nonsense! Corruption is going to be key on the agenda of the next government.

There is a physical Windows Home key on the bezel, which allows you to get back to the Start screen (or Desktop) very easily.

When you're in an app, open up the charms bar and tap the Share button (or hold the Windows key and the H key on your keyboard).

The appointment of a Human Rights Commissioner for the Commonwealth is key on the agenda of British Foreign Secretary William Hague.

Understanding this is key on how to get pregnant; so if your husband is older, consult with your doctor to speed up the process of conception.

In 1% of cases key with is used

Pronunciation is key with Yiddish.

Consistency is key with citations.

Firm and consistent is key with children.

Assuming ACT are toast, that leaves Key with Maori Party (3) plus Dunne, giving Nats+4.

One day I am going to have a 34 key with these notes reversed, also the LHS C and the F#.

So if you had submitted the tune in a key with just one sharp, it would sound exactly the same.

See, here is Key with his merry bunch in the process of increasing the burden of socialism upon ordinary people ever more.

She's just not communicating with me when she has to go and that seems to be key with this method being a success in the end.

When this set of keys contains a member with node x, name y and value z, we say that node x has a key with name y and value z.

However, pressing the Delete key with the cursor in front of a combinant character removes the whole character with one keystroke.

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