Prepositions after "just"

just for, outside, in, like or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases just for is used

But if its just for popularity.

Its just for communication purposes.

He suffered, the just for the unjust.

At the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, Bill was a hit with audiences and critics.

It's just that the true visionaries don't want to change it just for the sake of change.

I wrote some for the reading group we had in Jos and I wrote some just for the fun of it.

Gender bias in earnings is all across the board, not just for jobs in science that require people who have >120IQs.

Monchichi image, nescient sculler can sluggishly protuberate concditedly behind the just for run handwritten medalist.

With a staggering 21 appearances to his name, Mike is the single-most invited comedian in the history Just For Laughs.

I would tend to agree with AlanBuffloNY in that their are some states which issue CCW to some just for having a pulse.

In 9% of cases just outside is used

She's waiting to see her just outside the door.

Umpire Tony Hill reckons he's just outside the line.

It is located on highway 78 just outside the city of Atlanta.

It's amazing that just outside of a city like Perth we feel like we are in the bush.

Those just outside the zone would be able to talk to an engineer about their property.

Then, just as I type that, Yadav strikes him on the shin just outside the line of the off stump.

There were only 20 seconds left when he went into dummy-half just outside the 20m area and took off down the blind side.

The Lebanon, France and Qatar co-production details the Middle East's first rocket launched in the 1960s just outside Beirut.

It was built by Tsar Ivan IV just outside of the Kremlin walls in 1552 to commemorate Russia's victory over the Tatars at Kazan.

A survey of buyers can be made either just outside the supermarket after they have made a purchase or later after they have used it.

In 8% of cases just in is used

That is juster in Allah's sight.

I am paying a TON just in gas money alone.

There are just individuals and their families.

Inger hates doing ' just in time ' -- it makes her nervous.

The Princess continues to sleep the sleep of the just in our bed.

In the modern world, businesses are applying the just in time technique to control the inventory.

This seminar gives an over view of the JUST IN TIME technique by considering the TOYOTA PRODUCTION SYSTEM in detail.

And just in case, to be sure to be sure, there is a few bob (that a a few million to you or I) safely away where it won't be got at.

We believe that Allah's words are the most truthful in conveying information, the most just in ruling, and the fairest in conversation.

The same recollection of his master may have been present to the mind of Plato when depicting the sufferings of the Just in the Republic.

In 6% of cases just like is used

But for some reason I just liked Cyrus more.

Maybe their government acts just like ours does).

Europeans have their hardheads too just like America.

Just like the sun globe, the sun-god and the sunshine.

There will be no Just like these boys, European, American boys.

Which is so glaringly wrong it laughable just like your statement.

Just like you are hearing here in this hall, you can do it at home.

CHARLIE BENJAMIN: Nobody will give you hundred million kina just like that.

For example just like race, religion's criticism also needs to be pondered over.

Over there you can worship whoever you want, protest whatever just like America.

In 4% of cases just of is used

You are the most just of judges.

To resurrect the just of all ages from among the dead.

Not finally edited but I am sure you will get the just of it.

Desire for others what you desire for yourself, and you will be the most just of men.

Income tax should be the most just of taxes, taking consideration of family responsibilities.

He rendered judgments off the cuff, and sometimes they may not have been the most just of them all.

What woe would there be to man, the Royal Prophet cries, even the most just of men, if God were to judge him without mercy.

Alphabetical: All also among and as bearing been come constantly day doing even fruit God God's gospel grace growing has heard in increasing is it its just of over.

When Noah (peace be upon him) saw his son drowning, he cried to his Lord and said: My Lord, surely my son is of my family, and Your promise is true and You are the Most Just of the Judges.

In 3% of cases just before is used

For H/M this divergence started just before our predictions began (i.

I only breakout just before my period and the rest of the time, my skin is clear.

I got a leaflet from Suerdrug just before christmas, and suggested Tea Tree products.

My Coursera course routine has been to do nothing until the just before the deadline day (about 5.

Let alone missing the Asr Salaah completely, serious warnings have been given against delaying it till just before sunset.

WEEKS: Well, I would say that faith will be lost in the dollar just before asteroid strikes Europe and destroys all human life.

Funds and purchases requires to have multiplied by the 10% for the just before school year, too distributor's credit card debt requirements lower.

More than 60 firefighters battled for six hours to put out the fire, which started just before 7pm, and crews were continuing to dampen down the building this morning.

Just as we don't say that the erroneous teaching of Pope John XXII regarding the state of the souls of the Just before the Final Judgement did not mean that the Church had failed.

In 3% of cases just past is used

Turn right on Highway 607 just past the French River Trading Post.

When you hit 97 just past O'Keefe Ranch go north to Armstrong which is only 5 minutes north of the turn off.

The Ute hunting panel site is on a trail that branches left off the Delicate Arch trail just past the bridged wash.

Jake Fletcher found a quiet area in the top of the slot and snapped one just past the outstretched leg of Didur to make it 3-2.

Newton has led the Panthers to one of the worst records in the league at 2-7 just past the halfway point of the 2012 NFL season.

One just past Midigama, where there's supposed to be great surfing, and another in the bustling town of Matara, where we switched buses once.

Both the Full Marathon and 1/2 Marathon runners continue on out to the turn point at Mile 9 just past the RIU Resort and head back to Long Bay Beach Park.

A recommendation for a very nice restaurant in Punta Arenas: Luna - its just past the main square heading towards the port, and to the right when facing the sea.

Turn left and proceed to Spanish Trail Road approximately 1 mile just past the fire station located on the left-hand side of the road, turn right onto Westwater Drive.

The specter of these three museums -- one operating, one about to be built, one just past the presidential commission stage -- could complicate the effort to build an omnibus museum.

In 2% of cases just with is used

And he said have you got a date and i said no its just with friends.

Its just with the dark evenings I find that the outdoor activities are non-runners in the nights.

The angels who are to be our associates, and the spirits of the just with whom we shall live, are to exist forever.

In 2% of cases just as is used

Both of the above, IMO, require some justification, rather than just assertions.

Come to Jesus just as you are, leprous, filthy, naked, neither fit to live nor fit to die.

I have a little mark there that will fish best just as the tide turns for about an hour or so.

The rain falls on the just as well as the unjust and time and chance happens to each of us, Ecclesiastes 9:1 thru 12.

Other Conservatives have something else in mind in maintaining that they are for the just as against the equal society.

This was published in 1837, just one year after Catholic emancipation ie just as the Catholic Church became free to expand.

But none of the butchers care about what is inside the vault in paris, just as no one cares how many reserves are in the central bank.

We arrived in Larch Hills just as the sky opened up with rain, thunder and lightening! We had to unload the horses in this kind of weather.

They could be just as important determinants of the focal point as the Queen's tone of voice or the people's knowledge of the Queen's incentives relative to their own incentives.

In 2% of cases just round is used

You will never fail to find one just round the corner.

A friend told him that just round the corner from his home, which is not far from Dorchester, was the Dorset Cereals Company.

I know Ernie has another Major in his blood and Justin is so close -- maybe not this one but there is one just round the corner for sure.

In 2% of cases just after is used

Spot gold was trading near $980 an ounce just after midday on Wednesday.

When our blood-sugar levels are high (for example just after consuming sugary foods, drinks and alcohol ), the hormone insulin triggers the liver to store the excess as glycogen.

In 1% of cases just inside is used

The drive eventually resulted in a 4th and 1 just inside New Orleans territory.

Meetings start at 7 pm and are in Room 148 just inside the main entrance of John A.

Wayne Rooney started the scoring in this match after a Steven Gerrard corner, an unmarked Rooney headed the pall past Poland goalkeeper Tyto? to take the visitors 1-0 just inside the 31st minute.

In 1% of cases just to is used

It was the limbo of the just to which Christ's soul descended.

God sent the Perfect to the imperfect, the Just to the unjust.

Looking back over my previously written account of these things, I must insist that I have been altogether juster to Cavor than he has been to me.

In 1% of cases just over is used

In the just over auction the government had kept the reserve price for Delhi at Rs 693.

Since I like to walk as much as possible, I knew that the just over a mile walk would suffice as a nice warm- up prior to getting to the club.

The facts are that in the just over 1 year that the elected DA councillor Zaytoon Waja did more for her people than the entire time that the ANC held the ward.

As in Lent, the Sunday that marks the just over halfway point in Advent employs hopeful rose rather than penitential violet in order to remind us that the season for feasting is drawing near.

In 1% of cases just out is used

They taste best just out of the pan -- totally worth the blisters on your tongue.

In 1% of cases just on is used

Just on a TV and you can get the latest updates from throughout the world.

In 1% of cases just from is used

No length of time can separate the souls of the just from their Maker.

The priest is the dove of peace and reconciles the rights of the just from the unjust.

In 1% of cases just following is used

I can't really blame you, your just following the Obamacratic play book.

One additional note, perhaps Windows 7 only, was that just following the instructions exactly, plus the one addition I mentioned, missed one thing.

In 1% of cases just because is used

Dark-skinned American citizens do not owe anything to white Americans just because they exist.

I do not think they can STRIP SEARCH you, just because someone on the plane didn't like the color of your skin.

Yes, its wrong to be picking on a race just because they have blue or green or brown eyes, that is a violation.

Blaming her for 9/11 just because she happens to share ethnicity with the people who flew the planes is racism, pure and simple.

I watched one brutish cop flip out on an obviously drunk Hispanic man just because he was speaking loudly and obnoxiously (imagine that, in New York City!).

Sorry! Do not believe for one minute that just because of the color of your skin and your race that they are profiling people who appear to be Middle Eastern.

I disagree that she should have to guard her every move, because someone else has let fear breed hatred and prejudice against her just because she is not white.

Just like every other generalization, just because their skin is darker or they look a certain way, doesn't mean that are going to do harm to anyone or anything.

I think Rowling's move into the ebook world would be great for self publishers in general because more people will buy ereaders or iPads or whatever just because of this woman.

In 1% of cases just around is used

If you have a disease that has mostly long term complications, why care about treatment if the solution is just around the corner.

Sean Sunday, June 17, 2012 8:27:11 PM UTC Thank you for the post! The just around the corner news is so damaging for people with diabetes.

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