Prepositions after "irresponsible"

"irresponsible for" or "irresponsible of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases irresponsible for is used

Not to those irresponsible for their actions.

The bbc is irresponsible for reporting it as significant.

I believe it is utmost irresponsible for the Tanzanian govt.

It is irresponsible for the government to borrow on our behalf to send to Africa.

I think it is irresponsible for people with dependents not to buy life insurance.

It is utterly irresponsible for the State to remove these services from the communities that need them most.

But without further explanation we know how many of them have become so irresponsible for any responsibility.

Those corporations were very irresponsible for not taking into account the consequence of a weakening economy.

Therefore, one could argue that it would be irresponsible for a rating agency not to lower the US debt rating.

In 22% of cases irresponsible of is used

That would be irresponsible of me.

That would be irresponsible of them.

It's really very irresponsible of you.

I agree with SY that it's selfish and irresponsible of his kids to accept the money.

I was being completely irresponsible of what I was experiencing in the conversation.

And it is irresponsible of doctors to prescribe these for people with healthy livers.

Though I think it might have been a tad irresponsible of her to make a political statement for the community.

Comments (8) It is irresponsible of a journalist to say students are put off university for financial reasons.

I think it is very destructive and very irresponsible of anybody to accuse people until they are proven guilty.

And it is totally irresponsible of Lonely Planet to be promoting this hotbed of hatred as a tourist destination.

In 14% of cases irresponsible in is used

He is totally irresponsible in this regard.

Author is very irresponsible in suggesting for new govt.

This issue has made us look very irresponsible in the world.

What is more, it is absolutely irresponsible in a time of resources running out.

I was starting to find the Opposition somewhat irresponsible in leading our youth.

Citizens have been irresponsible in handling forest fires leading to more destruction.

It was thought that this was irresponsible in an age when skin cancer rates are going through the glass roof.

What about AIDS? What about STDs? Another welfare program for people who are irresponsible in their own lives.

At no other time have our politicians been so utterly irresponsible in terms of their most fundamental purpose.

The Rape Crisis Centre is calling for guidelines, which is myopic, and to my mind irresponsible in the extreme.

In 10% of cases irresponsible with is used

Vod is very irresponsible with her.

They are so irresponsible with their work.

How can you be so irresponsible with your own health.

Vod is very irresponsible with her finances, and has a tendency to be work-shy.

Its also irresponsible with txpayers money, which seems the be the flavour of the day.

We never thought you could be this reckless or irresponsible with the country's finances.

I know he has issues: bad temper, irresponsible with money, but he says he will get help with those things.

In many cases their behaviour is irresponsible with no consideration for human rights and social well-being.

She shows that she's irresponsible with her children by having them in the driver's seat and they are infants.

It was nearly impossible to be financially irresponsible with his money, because there wasn't any of it to spare.

In 7% of cases irresponsible on is used

Totally irresponsible on his part.

This is just irresponsible on your part.

Is it irresponsible on the part of publishers? Absolutely.

This is appallingly irresponsible on so many levels, yet it passes without remark.

To act as though they would is highly irresponsible on the part of the medical community.

If it could be shown that he was clearly insane, he is clearly irresponsible on that point.

The President believes it is irresponsible on the part of Reuters to misquote the President's press conference.

However, I am concerned that 53 days, considering our current situation, is irresponsible on the part of our government.

There's no need to completely eschew our relationships with domesticated animals; in fact, it would be irresponsible on our part.

The President believes it is irresponsible on the part of Reuters to mischaracterize and misquote the President's press conference.

In 6% of cases irresponsible to is used

That screams IRRESPONSIBLE to me.

That is irresponsible to the max.

That just seemed irresponsible to me.

I believe it would have been irresponsible to taxpayers to let the status quo continue.

If you disagree, it is the lazy and irresponsible to resort to insults and stereotypes.

We find this an extraordinary lapse in good government and irresponsible to the taxpayers.

Selling cycling as ' safe ' while doing the utmost to undermine it as an option is frankly irresponsible to me.

The previous company was irresponsible to the local residents and it is not fair to blame us for their mistakes.

Would that seem at all irresponsible to you? Given a status of (GRAS) by the FDA in 1929, and never looked at again.

The current government and the direction it is taking is truly oppressive and irresponsible to the future generation.

In 3% of cases irresponsible by is used

We have already been irresponsible by letting so many immigrants in.

It was totally IRRESPONSIBLE by lucozade to have that stupid scaffolding there.

I've been following for a couple of years and find it irresponsible by any media outlet.

Christian pacifism (if you can call it that) is morally irresponsible by the means of the world.

In that way, facebook and twitter are being more irresponsible by not going black for a short period.

Nevertheless, most people don't think we're being irresponsible by sending missionaries to these places.

Government has for too long made people irresponsible by cushioning the consequences of making stupid decisions.

You act irresponsible by place your trust in God, by being submissive to God, by letting God make the decision for you.

Those people are irresponsible by nature, so they will walk away from mortgages, have no quips about declaring bankruptcy.

In 2% of cases irresponsible about is used

What is irresponsible about that?

But there was something very irresponsible about this man broadcasting to our community.

I should have anticipated that a person who is irresponsible about timing, will be the same way about money.

But, by far what is most irresponsible about Nicky's writing is that it is utterly biased and dehumanising of Palestinians.

I should have anticipated that a person who is irresponsible about timing and irresponsible about money, will be the same way about math.

However, the organization workers are very irresponsible about their job, so none of the signed in people was told the exact date of the appointment.

For there really isn't anything at all that is socially irresponsible about the practices of either Foxconn or Apple with respect to those factories in China.

Can Aqd-e-Muwaqqat be contracted with ahlay kitab (people of Book) lady who is agreeable only for the sake of money and is known to be irresponsible about observing Iddah (i.

This is a sign of maturing because it shows how Dill knew how to twist up the situation to prevent the consequences, and not act silly and irresponsible about what really happened.

Indeed, isn't there something rather irresponsible about anyone who would allow their beliefs to be shaped in this way, given the evidence available to them? James would probably agree.

In 1% of cases irresponsible as is used

I was woefully irresponsible as a young man.

In fact, it would be irresponsible as a scientist to say it does.

It is irresponsible as an American citizen and the candidates son and surrogate.

Often times a lie is just as confusing or irresponsible as the truth, so just tell the truth.

In that case he was just being grossly irresponsible as opposed to being both inept and irresponsible.

In 1% of cases irresponsible at is used

Failing to allow me the job shows you are irresponsible at this old age.

That seemed to be fiscally irresponsible at a time papers are struggling to maintain readership and credibility.

Van Parijs's proposal effectively indulges the tastes of the lazy and irresponsible at the expense of others who need assistance.

The fact that it wasn't necessarily irresponsible at the time is the reason for laws to be introduced that make profiting from asset appreciation, effectively, illegal.

In 1% of cases irresponsible from is used

It was irresponsible from the get-go for the Sun to publish the comments of a radical who sent them an email.

It is very irresponsible from the media knowing that these kinds of issues stir the anger of people who probably don't know what a web brower is.

It is possible to make conjecture of course, but too much conjecture from a position of authority can be irresponsible from a professional point of view.

In 1% of cases irresponsible without is used

He denounced the federal deficits as irresponsible without suggesting how budgets could be balanced.

We're a huge proportion of people, so some of us should be allowed to be stupid or silly or irresponsible without somehow representing all of us.

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