Prepositions after "invisible"

invisible to, in, from, for or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 59% of cases invisible to is used

It's invisible to the audience.

It was almost invisible to the eye.

Makes me invisible to the naked eye.

IR light is used because it is invisible to the human eye and so not a distraction.

The mite is invisible to the naked eye, and burrows into your skin to lay its eggs.

The experiences themselves are, so to speak, invisible to the introspective scanner.

Infrared light is invisible to the naked eye, but is able to penetrate layers of skin to reach the nanoparticles.

It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

Invisible to travellers is an Outward Bound trail with wakeboarding, rock climbing, flying foxes and water sports.

With the aid of his telescope, Galileo could resolve thousands of new stars which were invisible to the naked eye.

In 14% of cases invisible in is used

This expression was invisible in Mr.

It's like you invisible in his life.

Yet nuclear power is invisible in the Fig.

The brush is invisible in the red, a region where the macula pigment is transparent.

What would not be gainsaid, but would remain invisible in the newspapers and the books.

Sunday, 14 October 2012 Every cobweb that is invisible in the light of day, is highlighted by frost each morning.

Cremony describes how an Apache can cover himself with grass and make himself invisible in a field (Cremony 189).

This is invisible in the final result (unless elaborately faked in powerpoint) but unavoidable writing it by hand.

Edited Details of the annular solar eclipse are as follows: Eclipse begins (invisible in Hong Kong) Sunrise 5:41 a.

In 4% of cases invisible from is used

Easy to do and invisible from the outside.

The pin will then be invisible from the front.

The problem is, it is invisible from the inside.

Either way, the proposed mosque would be invisible from ground zero and vice versa.

I have always liked Masel but today he was completely invisible from my point of view.

It's not as if Creative Commons is invisible from a cursory search of modern copyright.

The holy place and the most holy place are covered and invisible from the outside, just like our soul and spirit.

Out behind that, invisible from our perspective, are acres of billowing cloth: time that has escaped symbolisation.

Inside, a few steps and a well-placed wall mark the divide into three storeys, virtually invisible from the outside.

Designed to blend completely into the landscape, it is entirely invisible from the floor of the Crater 600 meters below.

In 3% of cases invisible by is used

Most homeless people are thus rendered completely invisible by society.

I could make myself invisible by drinking a glass of milk a certain way.

Campus students can be virtually invisible by not volunteering in class.

What with him being camouflaged and rendered invisible by the lack of lights/high viz etc.

It is a political fraud played out on a national scale but made invisible by media complicity.

Unfortunately, this disorder is kept invisible by stigma and it is very hard to recovery in secrecy.

Yet their dangers are rendered invisible by the glaring light being shone on supposedly liberty-crushing government.

Hume is especially made invisible by this prejudice, both in his writings on moral philosophy, and those on causation.

The page contains of the shade element (which is invisible by default) and rest code (I prepared two design boxes here).

The beauty of this solitude was not invisible by the provincial government, as they saw potential for tourism in Cape Breton.

In 3% of cases invisible for is used

We have been invisible for far too long.

W ind Walk Turns invisible for a period of time.

First, He didn't remain invisible for ALL people.

He did manage three scoring chances of his own, but was invisible for much of the game.

It is disappointing that once again nurses are rendered invisible for the work they do.

In 2009 the Earth passed through the ring plane making the rings invisible for a short while.

He was ignored completely against Kansas City and seemed invisible for much of Sunday's game against the Saints.

He's always standing straight, walking straight and never makes an attempt to make himself invisible for others.

Nani, invisible for the most of the half had a couple of decent chances to reduce the deficit but to no success.

Then, rising up with the golden vase, this delightful (tree) shall abide invisible for seven days in the region of snow.

In 3% of cases invisible on is used

Your brand can become invisible on Facebook.

But now they are almost invisible on the web.

Ever-after is what is invisible on the next page.

Put simply, he has been statistically irrelevant, invisible on the ice and the scoresheet.

Players also going invisible on the pitch is another report that we keep on hearing about.

Invisible on the parked car / truck may be the severed scalp at a container in Ben Raspail.

This is an important feature that makes them invisible on the snow and enables them to hide themselves effortlessly.

Many spaces remain completely inaccessible, as a result of which disability is often rendered invisible on the fringe.

Here are five reasons why you should avoid designing your website with flash: Flash is invisible on iPhones and iPads.

I also feel invisible on many ocassions when I am trying to convey my current health problems to my health care provider.

In 2% of cases invisible at is used

Not active in attack and was invisible at times.

Coloured chalk gets rendered invisible at night.

Others say that he can make himself invisible at will.

This resulted in low energy levels and she described feeling almost invisible at times.

These bus shelters are painted a dark green which render them almost invisible at night.

Batman costumes are mostly invisible at night and if your child is in Batman costume, so keep.

Following third quarter it becomes a waning crescent, and continues to shrink until it becomes invisible at new Moon.

He told me to take the time to acknowledge that my life had changed in an important, even if invisible at the time, way.

Invisibility Just imagine, you would be able to turn invisible at your wish and whim and back to normal whenever you feel like it.

In 1% of cases invisible after is used

The joint becomes invisible after polishing.

I do not believe women become invisible after 50.

If it's bland or too safe it will just become invisible after a few visits.

After March 14, Jupiter will drop lower until it is eventually invisible after sunset by mid-April.

The film is made from the same stuff as tooth enamel so is pretty much invisible after being applied.

When I finally tried out 99% Invisible after hearing so much good press about it, it rekindled my love of the form.

Chimney smoke should be almost invisible after the initial starting stage of the fire -- especially when you are operating a newer technology stove.

Two short iron bars should be hammered into the riverbanks at each end of the dam wall, to locate the dam wall in the future (the dam will be invisible after the first flooding).

Such moon may not be seen if the observer waits to see after sunset because many a times, it sets while Muslims still are praying Maghrib prayer, thus making it invisible after sunset.

In 1% of cases invisible as is used

It was a matter of being invisible as a kid.

It is therefore essentially invisible as an issue.

It was invisible as the sun had not yet been born.

Empty backfield for Lulay who was under constant pressure, Harris invisible as a pass blocker.

We will discuss the nature of the Church and highlight on its invisible as well as visible aspects.

When I read this I thought of these two scriptures; the paths of the sea are invisible as the wind is.

In contrast, the Japanese were willing to accept the invisible as well as the visible part of Western technology.

Jim who? Who cares about Jim Lehrer? A moderator is supposed to be nearly invisible as the debate is between Barry and Mittens.

This conversation made me feel reduced to my reproductive and nurturing function, and quite invisible as a beginning philosopher.

The subject is magnified, and attention is concentrated on details previously invisible as the shot tightens (contrast tracking).

In 1% of cases invisible behind is used

The boat was already invisible behind the high shore.

Murdoch has become almost invisible behind the strong emotions he provokes.

Cthulhu, still invisible behind it, gave it another shove and it opened another inch.

The phone number is tucked away almost invisible behind a frond of hyperactive graphic art.

The undiluted hills looked blue under a thin veil of cloud, their tops invisible behind black ominous clouds.

You will stop thinking about him in the end (except as a distant memory) as sure as the sun will set, then rise again - even if it's invisible behind clouds.

This meal is just with regard to display, while the actual wedding cake, commonly a inexpensive linen food, is certainly invisible behind the curtain right until it is slash as well as supported.

In 1% of cases invisible during is used

Invisible during most of the match, he livened up at the end.

And in her black dress, she was nearly invisible during the show.

The rare occurrence of the ball becoming invisible during gameplay.

Becoming invisible during the whole of the labour is essential for the birth of any mammal.

The moon is invisible during two nights, which completed the luni-solar month of thirty days.

Mum, a staunch Labour supporter, even reckoned Tizard had been completely invisible during the election campaign.

Sixth Man Chris Trotman/Getty Images Ray Allen, SG, Miami: C Ray Allen was virtually invisible during the first half.

My team evaporates in seconds, running and leaping in my pool with speed and dexterity that was invisible during our volleyball game.

The all-wheel drive system is completely invisible during normal driving, but would be a blessing during the winter months and on rainy days.

In retrospect this was not all that surprising since I was virtually invisible during my entire time in elementary, junior high and high school.

In 1% of cases invisible through is used

While Newton tries to explain the invisible through the visible.

Almost invisible through the smoke, the young woman nudged my knees playfully.

I like to call them invisible panties because they literally are invisible through the clothing.

And that is the one thing that elevates the story from invisible through to a grand slam of coverage.

Sadly, Armstrong has been invisible through this whole saga, only showing up in carefully crafted statements from his lawyers.

The pages are either invisible through what I call ' back door coding ', or the content within them is not available for editing.

What this means to the end user is that if the user elects to remain invisible through his settings, he would not be able to see this feature in LinkedIn.

Breckheimer on his Opel arrived at full speed, invisible through the dust cloud, and accidentally struck the unfortunate Szisz who was laboring with his back turned against the oncoming car.

In 1% of cases invisible under is used

The faint scar on his right temple is invisible under a cap of downy brown hair.

They could be worn as invisible under clothing with flat seams and support panels.

They are less bulky than boyshorts and are virtually invisible under mid-rise pants.

In all that darkness was an infinity of information, invisible under the cloak of night.

The colour of the skin is invisible under the jersey and, for UEFA, this will always be so.

The piece doesn't even seem to have been run past an editor, but if it had it would be invisible under all the red lines.

Females utilizing large breasts will need to have on bikini surfaces together with invisible under wire for your necessary, extra help support.

First came two French maids, carrying small, purple dogs, and followed by a squad of porters, blind and invisible under innumerable bunches and bouquets of fresh flowers.

The particles of dispersed phase is called Colloidal particles or Micelles, The size of particle is 10 -10 cm; which can visible under ultramicroscope but invisible under light microscope.

Bridie waits in the kitchen, queen of her domain: Bridie, bathed in a blinding white light from the ceiling, was sitting on a chair that was all but invisible under her great, starched bulk.

In 1% of cases invisible with is used

She will be invisible with 4 male judges.

These nebulae are invisible with our eyes.

This is the effect that makes light invisible with the source at r s.

Gardner drapes the invisible with language in the hopes that we can see ourselves.

It really is a result of very small, just about invisible with out a instruments product, mites.

Previously as good as invisible with some abject individual performances, they would have to make some effort.

However, this was just an indication of the existence of something invisible with enough gravitational power to make those shapes.

Fifty minutes later just after 11 pm the Moon became almost invisible with a dark brown colour and its features not visible even through binoculars.

This attractive reddish nebula, IC1805, is unfortunately invisible with our eyes, but very photogenic and one of the largest ones around this field.

And the idea is that, unlike other CircleVision movies where we've tried to be invisible with our camera, in this case we're making her part of the scene.

In 1% of cases invisible within is used

Neil: The public are currently invisible within the education system.

Women are virtually invisible within the historical context we learn in school.

The human curiosity instinctively wants to approach the invisible within the visible things.

It aims to give voice to the experiences of a group of young people who are largely inaudible and invisible within youth research.

Africa, Asia and the Middle East were all but invisible within a regatta that tended to resemble what the Olympics movement looked like 50 years ago.

You want to preserve privacy, so, you must try to blend in, become invisible within a system that constantly searches for the slightest deviation from routine procedure.

In 1% of cases invisible without is used

Most cells are extremely small, so they are invisible without a microscope.

It truly is due to very small, practically invisible without a magnifying product, mites.

Her eyebrows were so pale as to be invisible without pencil, and her lashes the same without mascara.

But radiation, being invisible without the right equipment, makes for its own order of media phenomenon.

Invisibility: Albus had the ability to render himself invisible without the use of an Invisibility cloak.

Litho printed on 115gsm silk paper in tones of black and blue, SVK uses a third ink invisible without the SVK object.

A The room was intended to be dark, and indeed the figures appearing in the room are invisible without a camera flash.

Yet it is difficult for ordinary people to evaluate or even take seriously because its effects are, at present, by and large invisible without a microscope.

UV, You See? Printed with a third ink -- invisible without a UV light source -- the comic book has hidden layers which are only revealed with the SVK object.

The power of the internet is all important, but even the best and most expensive website will be invisible without a proper search engine optimization campaign.

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