Prepositions after "intermediate"

"intermediate between", "intermediate in" or "intermediate to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases intermediate between is used

Then C must be intermediate between A and B.

Purple is intermediate between red and violet.

Equipment is intermediate between thing and work.

The ionization enthalpies are intermediate between those of s- and p-blocks.

There is also a (rarely used) B weighting scale, intermediate between A and C.

The so-called carcinium or hermit crab is in a way intermediate between the crustaceans and the testaceans.

Languages also differ with respect to the nature of the rank that is intermediate between words and clauses.

In fact, all living organisms can be thought of as intermediate between adjacent taxa in a phylogenetic tree.

The Dwaraka Script around 1500BCE is also a version of Brahmi and is the intermediate between the two scripts.

In 22% of cases intermediate to is used

Level: intermediate to advanced Type: hands on.

The tunes are intermediate to advanced, put into sets.

Shape is intermediate to flat, rectangular, asymmetric.

It measures proficiency in business English, at intermediate to advanced levels.

It is only 2 hours from airport and caters to the intermediate to expert surfer.

This is an intermediate to advanced board, and is perfect for both park and kickers.

It is for intermediate to advanced user of GIMP, so you have to pay attention to the detailed steps presented.

While it is designed for people at an intermediate to advanced level of fitness, it is not impossible for beginners.

Despite the use of basic shapes this tutorial includes a good spread of intermediate to advanced tools and techniques.

In 21% of cases intermediate in is used

The seed is intermediate in size (90 g).

My qualification is intermediate in science and i got 54%.

The skin is reddish-purple and intermediate in thickness (1.

Turbines and electric motors are intermediate in difficulty of local production.

Many of them end up in high school (known as college or intermediate in Pakistan).

Look at the shading closely -- some states are intermediate in their probabilities.

According to the National standards the biggest Intermediate in the country has no students below or above the NS.

The hair of the beaver is rough, intermediate in appearance between the hair of the seal and the hair of the deer.

Banks are losing their roles as intermediate in providing loans to their participants (clients) from their own money.

In 2% of cases intermediate at is used

Both WTS and West Texas Intermediate at Midland will flow on the line eventually.

That is, he can pass the Higher Secondary or Intermediate at the end of the second year, and B.

But I've been training for well over three years now and I'd consider myself an intermediate at the very least.

In 2% of cases intermediate for is used

Nico was the fastest on the prime tyre, but struggled to get the temperature into the intermediate for Q2.

On oil markets New York's main contract, West Texas Intermediate for January delivery, was down 21 cents to $87.

Both will head to Aston le Walls on Thursday along with the novice boys who are stepping up to Intermediate for the first time.

Accordingly, those athletes are ruled out of Intermediate for this year and we wish the new crew all the best of luck on Sunday.

He is the connection between the heavens and the earth, and is appointed by Allah as the intermediate for the rest of creatures.

From point to point on the Earth's surface, the albedo varies; high for clouds or snow, low for cities and paved areas, intermediate for vegetation.

Whether for School, University, travelling, business or just for fun I am the right person to choose! Beginners for $30/hour, Intermediate for $35/hour and Advanced for $40/hour.

Many thanks, Charlie and the Macmillan Business English Team Charlotte on 8 July, 2011 I've been teaching In-company pre- intermediate for five years for students at a private college in Laos.

In 2% of cases intermediate from is used

In 1960, he passed the Intermediate from the Dhaka College.

Jinnah Road, intermediate from Allama Iqbal College Malir, and his B.

She did her schooling in Vidya Moyee School and her Intermediate from Muminunisa College.

Later, I successfully passed my Intermediate from the Board of Intermediate Punjab in 1958.

After completing her Matriculation, Sitara finished her intermediate from Holy Cross College and then studied medicine at Dhaka Medical College hospital.

In 2% of cases intermediate on is used

The coach recommended me to Intermediate on Saturdays.

Experts won't find this as a fuss but it can irritate intermediate on down.

She had earlier equalled the record when landing the Intermediate on her own Mulligan's Pet.

Even more dismay set in when i grabbed an intermediate on that top redpoint crux which used to stop me in my tracks.

James, who is assistant trainer to Evan Williams, set out on the next half-century three races later, taking the Intermediate on More Trouble.

I didn't know it beforehand, but the Intermediate level classes are taught at the same time in the same studio (Advanced Beginner on one side and Intermediate on the other).

You need to watch yesterdays video first as it had the start of how to make it and this is the second part, created by students of Melville Intermediate on Friday 18th June 2010.

READ MORE Phil York recorded his 250th career success, including 24 under Rules, at Kingston Blount on Saturday when taking the Intermediate on the Karen Lawther-trained Caught In Time.

In 1% of cases intermediate as is used

It caters for beginners, intermediate as well as experienced riders.

Massai land ride This ride is suitable for any rider (beginners, intermediate as well as advanced riders ), as there is no big game in this area.

We currently have a group of developing / intermediate as well as more experienced men willing to work hard to match and improve on these results.

In 1% of cases intermediate because is used

The intermediate along this reaction pathway is called a tetrahedral intermediate because of the sp3 hybridization of the central carbon atom.

All other musculoskeletal conditions are rated as intermediate because of the great variation in severity that can exist among people who report the same condition (e.

In 1% of cases intermediate by is used

I should be able to move on to intermediate by the end of 2012/early 2013.

In 1% of cases intermediate of is used

You probably will not be able to hard up a warehouse in the intermediate of Saudi Arabia with your company tag on it.

This loan can assistance you to check your bantam nonfinancial necessarily that bug out up during the intermediate of the month.

Ishtiaq Ahmed passed the Matriculation Examination from Mymensingh Zilla School in 1948 and Intermediate of Arts from the Dhaka College in 1950.

In 1% of cases intermediate with is used

I tried the intermediate without weights.

I did the intermediate with body weight only fit test.

Intermediate with Physics and any two of Math 's, Statistics, Biology and Computer Science.

All who want to rank in the search engine results page in the range of beginner -- intermediate with minimal technical knowledge.

In contrast to RING ligases, HECT-domain ligases form an essential thioester intermediate with ubiquitin as it is transferred from the E2 enzyme to the substrate.

In 1% of cases intermediate without is used

I tried the intermediate without weights.

This excludes the possibility of an infinite series of intermediate causes, since such a notion is contradictory, since in an infinite series there can be no intermediate without a first cause.

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