Prepositions after "inspired"

inspired by, with, for, from or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 78% of cases inspired by is used

I was very inspired by this post.

I was very inspired by most of it.

Several people did inspired by God.

My art projects usually start out from getting inspired by music culture in general.

Blog as often as you can, but especially when you are feeling inspired by something.

Some games are inspired by great mechanics and others by a dramatic moment that you then build mechanics to reach.

The globe was inspired by the illustration used in my previous post, fishing for designs kills all the creativity.

I was very inspired by this dance style because it's free flowing and a lot of emotion and passion is put into it.

It has been a pleasure and a gift to be along for the ride and be so very inspired by your vast knowledge on food.

In 7% of cases inspired with is used

Anwar inspired with his vision.

Express yourself and get inspired with ArtPad.

Anwar inspired with his sincerity and conviction.

But they get inspired with the Atkins diet which falls as well in the category of fad diet.

I pray that all youths of today will get inspired with the martyrdom of this 17-year-old saint.

Get inspired with some rather pretty photos of the Aurora, and lots of info, from Astronomy North.

We get inspired with the support we have and the challenge of coming from two-down to win the game is there for us.

Read a health and fitness magazine or visit an exercise website and get inspired with photos of people being active.

Launched in April of this year, the cuisine at Pan Chai is largely Japanese inspired with classics like sashimi and tempura.

It is said that dreams remain fantasies until they get inspired with a sense of conviction and determined action towards completion.

In 4% of cases inspired for is used

The Colts have been playing inspired for their coach.

And maybe we'll also get inspired for our work in the studio.

I am fullyy inspired for the week, and probably next week as well.

Buying and playing strange, rare instruments is a way for me to get inspired for songs.

I haven't felt super inspired for a long time and yes, whenever i sit down to draw i think.

Maybe it is also possible to get even more inspired for my dissertation topic about alternative media.

We watched A League of Their Own the other night, and I was super inspired for a couple weeks after watching that.

Cant wait to see you on TV again! Angie thank you very much for your achievement and also i inspired for my own work.

Matthew 5:17ff (Jesus came to fulfil not abolish the law) II Timothy 3:15 -- 17 (all scripture inspired for teaching, rebuking.

Getting inspired for edible art During my art college degree, I had the opportunity to explore the world of painting in greater depth.

In 3% of cases inspired from is used

I feel very inspired from your blog and I'd going to get busy shaping.

Youth gets inspired from her style, fitness, lively nature and her sportsmanship.

So far as one subscribes to a faith, that is natural to getting inspired from that.

Dark Meadow Dark Meadow was built after getting inspired from Ship-Hunt and Bioshock.

Critics exist who separate the inspired from the insipid among video games, just as you do with film.

This article is written after getting inspired from a video by Matt Cutts, the head of Google SPAM Team.

At the age of 16, Anmol Preet started writing by getting inspired from the Legend of Punjabi Music Industry- Gurdas Maan.

Over a cave in a rock, where a lion and a sea horse appear, the artist placed an obelisk, a Roman work from the time of Domitian inspired from the Egyptian art.

In reality the problem is that at one end our young film-makers are pretty inspired from the western films, their directors and want to try something unique on those similar lines.

In 2% of cases inspired of is used

Sugar Rush symbolizes the neatest and most inspired of them all.

This inspired of us another way to build the same product: we don't need a bracelet to hold the shield.

Ubisoft has (righteously) copped a fair bit of stick in the past for some of its controversial decisions -- DRM springs to mind as one such Ubi decision that wasn't the most inspired of ideas.

In 1% of cases inspired about is used

No kidding! Second, I am very inspired about how his work stimulated your language acquisition - I'd serving in the Peace Corps in Armenia and languages are not my strong suit.

After feeling very inspired about meeting Preeti I tell my mom all this thinking that she would surely also be thrilled to hear such a story and would be happy that we were hanging out together.

In 1% of cases inspired after is used

Most of the girls gets inspired after seeing the television shows.

I asked them about their personal stories and experiences and felt very inspired after hearing about how much difference it had made in their lives.

Lee: I came back from Ibiza, the boys had been doing other stuff while I was gone and I came back inspired after spending so much time at the garage raves and everything.

In 1% of cases inspired in is used

The end result is which to be able to remain inspired in order to physical exercise involves lots of effort, that is unlike exactly what many people often believe.

French fans may contest that Maradona is only the World Cup's second maddest boss, but 40 million Argentines will be hoping his insanity proves inspired in the coming weeks.

In 1% of cases inspired to is used

She blogs at Inspired to Action, where she helps overwhelmed moms become focused and purposeful.

Get Your FREE eBook Welcome to Inspired to Action Hi! My name is Kat and I'd so glad you stopped by.

Prints, ranging from tribal inspired to graphics to animal prints on jeans are very hot and happening now.

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