Prepositions after "insistent"

insistent on, about, in, upon or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 69% of cases insistent on is used

She was very insistent on her rules.

Solomon is insistent on productivity.

President Obama is pretty insistent on.

He knows he's over, blew 650, is insistent on a blood test, but is yawning rapidly.

Also, Nersessian is insistent on the nature of the context of scientific discovery.

While nothing guarantees success later, it is something most women are insistent on.

I can't believe that this would have escaped Luke's attention because he was insistent on writing down the truth.

If you are insistent on selling off our natural resources, I insist that the profits from it must be kept in Canada.

Sport is America is insistent on replacing any sort of uniqueness with a standard Announcer Voice and we're worse for it.

That's apparently not true; I've been told that the Shumlin team pressed him to stay on, but he was insistent on leaving.

In 11% of cases insistent about is used

One Frenchman was insistent about this.

However, I am insistent about fresh kitchen towels.

He was insistent about being open on company finances.

She did not receive it at first, so she became more insistent about getting one.

When doubts were revealed about the evidence, Mapes was insistent about its authenticity.

When he got too insistent about seeing Bodie, Doctor had left orders to give him a sedative.

I also think that those that are so insistent about pro/rel need to start supporting their local side or get lost.

Yet somehow, we have become very insistent about judging people's private, consenting relations with other adults.

Secondly, he was clear and insistent about the eschatological figure of Jesus which was a picture of the real Jesus.

I was with two young female colleagues and they were absolutely insistent about not leaving the place without procuring some wine.

In 7% of cases insistent in is used

She was most insistent in beseeching the prayers of her friends.

Each insistent in their rants, about the rights of displaying pants.

Therefore she became louder and more insistent in trying to make her point.

But politics is insistent in its claim on your time and in its demands and nervous energy.

Though he was insistent in his infatuation with her, Jade did not reciprocate his feelings.

Some young people are very insistent in denying their drug use and very clever in covering it up.

But the story is too insistent in its telling of being **25;2941;TOOLONG and thereby defused the possible power of these images.

No the way forward in my view is to be consistent, loud and insistent in demanding for a National Conference to forge a new nation.

It was for this reason that the founders were insistent in forbidding the Sisters to allow a man to enter into their home, even a priest.

Miller was insistent in pursuing his chosen career when he attained adulthood, as he always had the feeling that he was born to be an artist.

In 5% of cases insistent upon is used

If he is insistent upon it, get it elsewhere.

I have one alpha hero who is INSISTENT upon them.

If the latter I'd interested why we as Christians are so insistent upon it.

Moreover, foreign financing agencies were insistent upon expeditious land acquisition.

Those insistent upon sticking with the old find themselves cast into the trash bin of history.

Movies bring people together, and that's why I'd always insistent upon showing movies in classrooms.

My husband is an attorney, so he was especially insistent upon the fact that the company was licensed and insured.

But if I begin to suspect you that you're in it for yourself, then I will be much more insistent upon my needs being met.

We, on the other hand, are insistent upon re-enacting every mistake we made then as if to prove Einstein's definition of insanity.

In one such situation, when a man confessed, Rasool(sws) kept turning away, but the man was insistent upon repeating what he had done.

In 1% of cases insistent as is used

They are as gentle and insubstantial as petals, but also strong and insistent as an index of Bakker.

The vocal also gets more and more insistent as the song goes, which is one of this project's most kickass feats; this front man sure can wail.

In 1% of cases insistent at is used

He called four times and was very insistent at me returning his call immediately.

He doesn't remember being so insistent at their ages -- eleven and nine -- although maybe he was.

I get pretty insistent at this point that I should be told why the service that im paying for is not working.

In 1% of cases insistent for is used

Sharp is particularly insistent for producing on Japanese soil.

In 1% of cases insistent of is used

But If they are insistent of becoming Karachiites, I would ask them to bring along their 1/3 (Rs.

Take ' bling ', the obvious choice for 2000, or ' axis of evil ', the most insistent of terms in 2002.

This is probably the reason behind Microsoft's insistent of not giving up on building their IE browser and did not borrow on Chromium.

Almost one in five (19%) said the ' other ' side simply isn't as comfortable, with the same amount insistent of sleeping close to personal belongings on their own bedside table.

In 1% of cases insistent with is used

One man, standing against the fence at deep square-leg, was most insistent with his barracking.

I could love this man, she thought as they half stumbled, half twirled toward the motel, their kisses harder and more insistent with every clumsy step.

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