Prepositions after "infamous"

infamous for, in, of, as or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 70% of cases infamous for is used

BF3 is infamous for big patches.

Agile development is infamous for this.

Assclowns are infamous for love bombing.

Brummell's downfall Brummell was famous for his wit, but infamous for his rudeness.

The conflict was infamous for its savage impact on the Biafran people, Chinua Ache.

The Assyrians were formidable soldiers but they were also infamous for their cruelty.

In Skibbereen, which had been infamous for the sufferings of the people, the Church of Ireland minister, the Rev.

The 4chan community is infamous for death trolling, but we'll get to them later -- they have quite the rap sheet.

Politicians are infamous for telling you what they are going to do for you, or what they are going to give to you.

In 7% of cases infamous in is used

The waves are infamous in the area.

The location is infamous in this city.

It became so infamous in online reactions.

One such new vice is the car clamping, which is infamous in major business areas these days.

Zoids features a number of these, possibly the most infamous in episode 13 of Zoids: Fuzors.

In any case, while the city of Baltimore remains infamous in many ways, the overall metro area has done well.

The two thoroughfares are bisected by Pine Street -- now infamous in some circles for being an epicenter of illegal activity.

That's more than thirty more years with little significant alternative to the traffic-clogged arteries so infamous in the city.

In 5% of cases infamous of is used

The most infamous of these was the treaty of Nanjing.

It was not so easy to define who the most infamous of the criminals were.

Ming dynasty was even more infamous of its incapable Emperors and corrupt officials.

The most infamous of these fraudulent torture claims related to the capture of Szabo.

The more infamous of which has to do with its keyboard cover tearing up and spitting out its wires.

The world's first and most infamous of leaps is still going strong, with tens of thousands Bungy jumping each year.

Most infamous of all of them is probably Rory O'Connor, who was O'Higgins ' best man a while previous to the Treaty split.

My every instinct told me that this movie just had to be the work of that most infamous of Hollywood directors, Alan Smithee.

In 4% of cases infamous as is used

In its early days Port Royal was infamous as a centre for piracy.

Caiaphas is infamous as the leader of the conspiracy to crucify Jesus.

All he can do is go into battle as his duty commands, or shirk it and be infamous as a coward.

Howard Hunt, who became infamous as a member of the Watergate break-in team, is identified as head of the operation.

Luntz was infamous as the author of a strategy memo leaked to the press in which he advised Republican candidates in the U.

From that base, the Mafia spread beyond Sicily and is most infamous as the major organized criminal group in the United States.

John Hawkins, now infamous as the first English slave trader, made four slaving voyages to the Spanish Caribbean between 1562 and 1569.

The church is infamous as well as beautiful for in 2009 troops opened fire on a Sunday and killed and injured several people at worship.

While the great house sits on an estate that now contains three golf courses, it is also infamous as an area haunted by the ghost of Annie Palmer.

In 3% of cases infamous by is used

He practices the art made infamous by Al Capone.

The CEO of Papa John's has become infamous by arguing that the price of the pizzas he sells will go up by 14 cents.

Grinders Switch is an honest-to-goodness real place made infamous by Hickman County's own Sarah Ophelia Colley Cannon.

The concept was made infamous by Adolf Hitler, who claimed his aggression was necessary, to prevent attacks on Germany.

We must first distinguish between the GULAG archipelago made infamous by Solzhenitsyn and the GUPVI archipelago described by Professor Karner.

Tom made himself infamous by devouring scores of cows, mules and, of course, humans, particularly women (snatched as they washed clothes in the water).

The battle was made infamous by thelfrith? s orders to his army to slay the British monks of Bangor-Is-Coed who had come to pray for a British victory (Bede 2.

This was the place made infamous by Charlotte as the brutal Lowood School in Jane Eyre, where the girls were beaten, starved, and terrorized by tales of hellfire and damnation.

That Vira Parakrama finally married a South Indian princess is famous news nade more famous or infamous by the succession law aligned to it establishing the Nayakkar dynasty here.

I made the comment it wasn't like the old ' infamous ' ran by dan and I don't know the inner workings of Dan's infamous and if I offended the current infamous by my comment I do aplogize.

In 1% of cases infamous among is used

The cold reading technique is infamous among skeptics.

Isadora became infamous among her classmates as a troublemaker, or one of the kids who was being redirected a lot.

Then, the grungy, austere flat in Noel Road, which Orton called home, was as infamous among their friends as Orton's comedies were with the general public.

Most infamous among these was Brigadier-General Christian Barab, who retired from the regular force in June of 2009 and the very same month became a reservist.

I'd infamous among my friends for once having eaten 22 quail eggs at all-you-can-eat hotpot, and I once had an ice cream-eat off with one of my university friends.

In the 1990s during a visit to K2, infamous among climbers for being particularly deadly, Hewitt found that the leading edge of the Bualtar Glacier there had crept forward.

In 1% of cases infamous because is used

Since GOLD investment has become some-what infamous because of the Genneva fiasco.

That game became infamous because of Detroit defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh's ejection.

In particular, he became infamous because of his reconcentration policy in Batangas which was aimed at isolating the Filipino guerrillas.

Brother Solomon However, the Carmelite Abbey has become infamous because of the activities associated with the French Revolution, which also involved Blessed Brother Solomon.

Some controversial covers are made infamous because of overreactions by a few, but sometimes, they're made infamous because they honestly weren't the best idea in the first place.

In 1% of cases infamous during is used

Cherry Street became infamous during the mid-1800s.

Bagram became infamous during the ' ' war on terror ' ' for holding the most ' ' high-value ' ' Taliban and al-Qaeda detainees.

To the relief of Democrats, Biden committed none of the gaffes for which he has become infamous during his campaign trail appearances.

The Ilagas are a group of civilian militia that had become infamous during the Moro rebellion in the seventies because of their brutal tactics.

In 1% of cases infamous on is used

It had a restaurant which was infamous on Sunday morning brunches.

High quality toilet paper: One of the unexpected consequences of consuming lovely delicacies is the infamous on the road diarrhoeal attack.

It is a employee application free cheat codes for infamous on ps3 that not has come one of the most recent machines on the antivirus for computer times in this work information, internet.

In 1% of cases infamous through is used

The sad fact is that the name McAlpine is now infamous through the actions of his cousin.

Nay, then, I fear he is fallen into that damned art for which they two are infamous through the world.

In recent years he has became unjustly infamous through his association with the Elephant Man, Joseph Merrick, who was in fact a small part of his diverse career.

In 1% of cases infamous to is used

Market, an infamous to effects of levitra professional people, even pressure for which you take medicines called.

These range from obituaries of the rich, famous and infamous to focus-style Sunday paper news reviews of the key events of the previous seven days.

It's strong beliefs in religious tolerance and democratic system have made it attractive to progressive thinkers and infamous to the early church system.

These unsolicited Rohingya communities gradually became infamous to locals whose longstanding observation is that these settlers are involved in all sorts of crimes.

Factual Background and Decision This case involved several patents resulting from applications originally filed by the famous (infamous to some) late inventor, Jerome H.

In 1% of cases infamous with is used

Ac units were infamous with carbon dioxide pollution levels.

This map, Alden's Tower, is a level from Infamous with elements of Sly Cooper.

In fact, I am not infamous with a government inspector at my hospital because my allergies were so bad.

Such serious consequences have made the Clomiphene Citrate challenge test a bit risky and even infamous with men.

Afternoon tea at Fanny and Otto's was infamous with travellers making a special trip just to sample the delights.

An inspired comedy creation, the rapper has become infamous with his cringe-inducing tracks and over the top antics.

He s fairly infamous with previous visitors, and for an unknown reason has now been moved to serve alongside other staff at the main bar.

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