Prepositions after "impractical"

"impractical for" or "impractical in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases impractical for is used

But this is impractical for Singapore.

Is it very impractical for the person who is obese? Yes.

Round cages look nice, but they are impractical for many reasons.

Indeed it is impractical for a dynamic tensioner to accommodate more than say 0.

Deli slicers really are a great tool, though are impractical for most home chefs.

These bare strongholds were impractical for such a peaceful pursuit as gardening.

There are situations where it is clearly impractical for a person to record every individual cash transaction.

If weather makes it impractical for you to stay in open country or on top of a hill, at least put clues there.

The risks associated with traditional businesses are often too impractical for the average person to consider.

It seems it is impractical for most merchants and customers and this has limited its application in the market.

In 19% of cases impractical in is used

This would be highly impractical in most cases.

This would have been completely impractical in the past.

It is impractical in most regions to eliminate the breeding areas.

Every mother should have something frivolous, feminine and impractical in her closet.

It's not some mathematical formula that's good on paper but impractical in real life.

Field presses are rather bulky to carry around and may prove impractical in some cases.

Neither does your headline stand up, because a cheeseburger was not even impractical in the time-frame you specify.

Gaining it back would be too impractical in today's world, but we can work in our own capacities to make a difference.

Unfortunately superconductivity requires low temperatures (hence the liquid nitrogen ), which might be impractical in a car.

The other Utopian extreme that you alluded to is the total protection of all creatures, which is impractical in the real world.

In 6% of cases impractical to is used

Perhaps this seems too radical, visionary and impractical to them.

This may make BoI sound somewhat daunting and impractical to many people.

I moved further away and the 30 minute cycle commute became an impractical to cycle 35 mile drive.

Impractical to whom? Obviously the boom and bust cycle of capitalism is inherently impractical as well.

I don't go fishing up in the hills in a black chador; it just seems impractical to me, and unnecessary.

It turns out the design is not only impractical to the point of impossibility, but will take decades to build.

The possibility of a defamation action is for most people too expensive and impractical to amount to an adequate remedy.

Unpaid for over three months, the employees have come up with 545 ideas till date, ranging from the impractical to some that have already been implemented.

It may seem impractical to some politicians whose main preoccupation is to ensure that this country fails or is perceived to be failing under the NDC leadership.

But all this is as impregnable and impractical to the spatio-temporal logic and sociological ethics of the mind as the laws of relativity or the mathematics of the world of electrons.

In 4% of cases impractical at is used

This is very impractical at the moment.

Although an effective way, it was impractical at times.

As there are no angels, we talk to humans Impractical at this time.

The counting and collating process was quite time consuming and just impractical at this time of year.

It would involve a lot of work for both the counties and HQ and it would probably be impractical at club level.

Why? Because it would have been impractical at a time when people spent more time trying to survive than make art.

Power - Lack of consistent power throughout the country makes relying on television for information somewhat impractical at times.

What happens when you are working on a project of about 8 to 10 thousand lines of code? It will be a little impractical at that scale.

Jointly consulting a mentor with your backstabber may be impractical at times but if you do so make sure it is not about take revenge but mending a working relationship.

Don't assume that, in discussions about energy, the environmental movement genuinely disagrees with conservative critiques that alternative energy technologies are impractical at this point.

In 3% of cases impractical on is used

Romney is entirely impractical on fixing America's financial woes.

Practicality Taking the lane is often impractical on these streets.

Remember that you can't afford to burn a hole through your pocket or be impractical on your way of becoming environment friendly.

On a small scale, users can simply give their public keys to each other in person, but this is impractical on an internet-wide basis.

Now is the opportunity to engage, to be their among the first, to own the space! Now is the chance to break free of obstructive processes that are impractical on a mobile.

In 2% of cases impractical as is used

It's both impractical as a solution, and irrational, and.

Now, many teachers find these initiatives laudable but they're impractical as a teacher has only 24 hours in a day.

We can't ban all motor transport - that would be as ridiculous and impractical as the current free rein enjoyed by car drivers.

Making your own way to Phi Phi Don by regular ferry for the day is impractical as the ferry is slow and the return times are inconvenient.

The catch is that as a window needs to be open for the vent, it costs more to run and is impractical as a dehumidifier to control dampness.

The people fought on, and the militarist solution, attempted to the limit in 1913-14, proved as naive and impractical as the liberal solution had in 1911-12.

The pocket watch proved to be increasingly impractical as the speed of warfare accelerated, from the manually loaded cannon and rifle to automatic weapons to the advent of flight.

The plans to expand the existing stadium eventually proved to be impractical as the club decided to build a brand new stadium directly next door to the old one on the end of Stanley Park.

Both methods however are impractical as the former would require constant internet connection and the later would eventually be cracked and providing an unfixable situation without a new console.

In 2% of cases impractical because is used

In general, this is impractical because of the expense and redundancy involved.

In short -- it's just very impractical because of the way the legal system works here.

Whereas monitoring all conventional mail would be impractical because of the manpower required.

The hazard ratio would have been the optimum metric for mortality effect 10 but was found to be impractical because of the variability in reporting.

They regarded the perforation of stamp sheets as impractical because of the closeness of the stamps and unevenness of the layout caused by paper shrinkage after printing.

Chemical control of the weed is impractical because of its widespread occurrence but close relationship to Atriplex species which are also members of the family Chenopodiaceae.

In 2% of cases impractical by is used

Getting to Tokyo is impractical by any means other than flying.

Such a journey as this would be totally impractical by any means other than a cruise.

The quality of the mirror and the metal arm is fine, but it just seems to be very impractical by design.

The proposals aroused a great deal of public interest, but were dismissed as impractical by those in power.

Nuclear fuel byproducts can, in some cases, be turned into materials that can be used for weapons, but this has been made very impractical by design.

For MD5, which was developed in the early 1990s, a way to perform such an attack was first theorized in 2004, although it was deemed impractical by the cybersecurity community.

Rather like their man in the middle attack which allegedly demonstrated that chip and pin was totally broken was actually made utterly impractical by just reducing a timeout value.

In 2% of cases impractical due is used

A wired solution was deemed impractical due to the vast distance between cameras over the planned shuttle route.

For the majority of encryption algorithms a brute force attack is impractical due to the large number of possibilities.

Transfer of fuel from Narayanganj fuel depot to Dacca airfield in bowsers also became impractical due to the poor law and order situation.

However, such monitoring will not be carried out on a round-the-clock basis as it would be impractical due to the drain it would place on policing resources.

In 2% of cases impractical with is used

That is impractical with a class of 30 or more students.

I realised I couldn't face the lag of moving back to the big house (which is impractical with horses).

I haven't ever bothered with Time Machine as it is impractical with large data files like VMs that change frequently.

Cardioid runs fast enough to allow scientific inquires that were previously impractical with the existing modeling platforms.

When this was impractical with certain nutrients, a highly bioavailable form was used to ensure you could take full advantage of these nutrients*.

The resulting camera and lens assembly may even be small enough to be pocketable, a design feature which is usually impractical with conventional SLR bodies and lens assembiles.

In 1% of cases impractical during is used

These could prove impractical during the day, and totally ineffective at night.

A back support is impractical during pregnancy so a pregnancy belt or trochanteric belt is more appropriate to provide sacro iliac support during pregnancy.

In 1% of cases impractical from is used

The SST proved to be impractical from a business point of view.

Thus, the early implementation of the new objectives is impractical from the government's perspective.

But on arrival in Cairo, he soon realised that his scheme was utterly impractical from an engineering perspective.

In 1% of cases impractical of is used

I find it cruel but not impractical of YK not to save her father.

Practical imperatives may force eurozone governments down the most impractical of political roads.

In 1% of cases impractical without is used

The iPad dock is neat but impractical without a Camera Connection Kit for your iPad.

You could split a male condom length-ways, but this might be impractical without scissors or a knife.

The contractual theory also enables us to resist measures that are impractical without very significant changes in corporate governance and other matters.

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