Prepositions after "horrible"

horrible for, to, at, in or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 24% of cases horrible for is used

I feel horrible for this woman.

It was horrible for my children.

They are horrible for your hair.

I feel horrible for all of it, and have no excuse for ever having behaved that way.

How horrible for your DC to be woken up like that every morning before he is ready.

Well listen and listen carefully -- not only is that trash horrible for your health.

The past few years weren't bad for me at all, I barely even had a sniffle, but this year is just horrible for it.

Snipes are great for buying but horrible for selling as there is no bidding war just anonymous flurry at the end.

I feel horrible for those whose lack of English caused them to walk away without getting the answers they needed.

Horrible for customs, immigration, security, baggage claims, and rechecks, worst airport that I have ever visited.

In 15% of cases horrible to is used

She is horrible to him in every episode.

The very name of Ladley was horrible to me.

She was horrible to every one in the office.

It seems to me that HM was not THAT horrible to BH before this whole audition thing.

I try not to cry, because it seems horrible to me that people would feel sorry for me.

Because of that, I was deeply afraid that Allie had done something horrible to herself.

The 65-year-old father of one's justification is that she's been horrible to his baby Zach's godmother, Lady Gaga.

Turns out his dad was actually bad-mouthing me and being pretty horrible to my son but it eventually all came out.

CarolT Remember Romney was so horrible to the other republicans during the primaries, ruthless is the word I want.

LOL this is such a timely message for me! I've been horrible to my Dahlia (my fave flower &; nickname for my bod).

In 13% of cases horrible at is used

Theyre both horrible at acting.

He said they're horrible at it too.

I am horrible at receiving compliments.

I'd horrible at talking to people and asking questions, but I'd a damn good observer.

That or he is just horrible at expressing himself because he sounds like a total idiot.

I can craft a story in words and images -- but tell one, in person, I'd horrible at it.

The salesmen were good with relationships, but horrible at communicating what TQT was and the value that it offered.

The raw numbers look eerily similar save in one place - Kansas State is horrible at giving up long, methodical drives.

They're great at talking (in some cases ), great at picking things apart, but absolutely horrible at creating outcomes.

I've been here over a year, and beyond a day trip to Howth and another to Belfast, I've been horrible at leaving Dublin.

In 13% of cases horrible in is used

Trent was horrible in this one.

She looks horrible in that picture.

He makes horrible in game decisions.

It only takes a small spark to ignit3 something horrible in a volatile state as ours.

You are going to do something horrible in the bin directory (nobody will forgive you).

Hatton is at the end of his career, looked horrible in his last fight against Lazcano.

There it is - the original, dangling bag with something horrible in it, a corpse or a skeleton or something worse.

This is especially horrible in one player mode when you are basically forced to sacrifice yourself just to continue.

What is horrible in the sight of God is for men to do evil works and then say that they are doing the will of the Lord.

Keep your finges crossed everyone! OMG -- just heard Susan Boyle destroy this song -- absolutely horrible in my opinion.

In 7% of cases horrible about is used

I know she feels horrible about it.

And I felt horrible about it for a while.

And there was something horrible about it.

What do people find horrible about this lady? I don't understand the hate at all.

I felt horrible about myself when I did it, because I didn't know how else to stop.

And yes, I am horrible about rambling on when I am writing in real time or talking.

He was horrible about Colin though - he would call him a grumpy ******* and said he wasn't paying him enough money.

Germany is horrible about patents http: **33;3782;TOOLONG Daniel Tiberius I'll just buy my phones from overseas then.

These guys are horrible about foreseeing consequences to their actions, and I'd not just talking about the Iraq invasion.

There is something horrible about a wholesale process of depicting an entire section of society in terms of a trash myth.

In 5% of cases horrible on is used

PDF support is horrible on Kindle.

But he too was horrible on the night.

ENZOMEDICI It is horrible on both sides.

This maybe good for a tablet (I love my WP7 phone) but it's horrible on the desktop.

Above is myself (looking horrible on the left ), HK S &M-style; bloke and my mate Lisa.

Days and weeks passed, the teasing was horrible on some days and less horrible on others.

What I'd like to know really is if you took 100 PCs with varying video cards, how many the lag fix was horrible on.

First of all do all students test well- NO! I have had the smartest kids ever who did horrible on standardized tests.

That's one of the reasons I have such a hard time finding blouses, all these wacky polyblends feel horrible on my skin.

I also included some horrible profile shots at the end, not because I like looking horrible on my own blog, but that Mr.

In 5% of cases horrible with is used

He's just horrible with numbers.

The face was horrible with blood.

And I am truly horrible with FPSes.

And Bolivia doesn't seem so remote and horrible with the idea of him going with me.

I was expecting something horrible with Dream High too, but it was such a pleasant surprise.

Shelton is horrible with his back to goal its, a horrible passer and has a terrible first touch.

I'd made a decent score on the LSAT, which surprised me because I am generally horrible with standardized tests.

His work The Better Angels of Our Nature, published last year, argued human beings have become less horrible with time.

Good Riddance! And by the way (since you will scream it was all Bush's fault ), I might add that yes, Bush was horrible with the deficit.

What made rape even worse? A gang rape! It all started out as a little lie, but my little lie grew and became more horrible with each telling.

In 4% of cases horrible of is used

I'd not THAT horrible of a person.

I know, it is really horrible of me.

Because that would be horrible of her.

The anti-Tamil violence of July 1983 was the most terrible and horrible of them all.

John Anthony Castro Wow, I can't describe how horrible of an experience this has been.

Which is kind of horrible of me because I also don't pick up phone calls a lot either.

The news we had been getting was that she was making progress and holding her own against this most horrible of diseases.

As horrible of timing as pregnancy would have been with all that the past week has brought us, it was my glimmer of hope.

I'd aware this is horrible of me to admit -- I wouldn't express it at all, if it weren't for the anonymity of the internet.

Without your further help, the only hope of justice in this most horrible of crimes may collapse, simply for lack of funds.

In 2% of cases horrible after is used

It tasted horrible after 2 to 3 weeks.

Traffic was indeed horrible after the show.

No more horrible after effects the next day.

I felt horrible after eating that crap, but it worked.

Energy pills! No more horrible after effects the next day too.

Tnt is not exceed more horrible after effects of the pills act.

No more horrible after effects the next day and no more despair.

I wonder if I'd not so isolated and alone and horrible after all.

I can not understand how he didn't feel horrible after hearing my cries.

Horrible people who are racist you can always avoid -- they are horrible after all.

In 2% of cases horrible as is used

Gehry is horrible as an architect.

That movie would've been horrible as a Roger Moore joint.

Horrible as the first sounds were it did put me back in the world.

Posted by: lets-see May 26, 2012 May 26, 2012, 9:56 am He looks horrible as a woman.

They're horrible as a couple! They are both less likeable and less believable together.

The next swing is inevitably horrible as the golfer sends a ball screaming into receptive underbrush.

It's diffiocult to know whether or not to count Dr Terrible's House Of Horrible as a proper horror-comedy anthology series because it's a spoof.

In java, you use Java for both, and java is HORRIBLE as a data access language (which is why we end up putting EJBQL in our deployment descriptors).

Horrible as the consequences of such a tactic would be they would be no worse and might lead to less loss of life than the present hi-tec bombardment.

THE CHIEF JUSTICE accepts just such specious logic when he cites the broccoli horrible as a reason to deny Congressthe power to pass the individual mandate.

In 2% of cases horrible from is used

Yet for some reason, it was horrible from the start.

And solar? Not horrible from a technology point of view.

The way it is now is just horrible from a customer service / UX perspective.

The current template is horrible from both a design standpoint and a code standpoint.

And there are some things so horrible from those movies that simply can not be unseen.

Why is she here again? Fanservice? This being Eva, we should expect something horrible from her soon enough.

This doesn't apply to animal products, because I acknowledge that they're foremost horrible from a cruelty standpoint).

OCD sufferers must do certain acts repeatedly and often to feel that they have stopped something horrible from occurring.

Help!! pops28 said on 17 March 2010 hey, im currently on the pill, but have really experienced virtually everything horrible from it.

Mind you I thought the Diavel was horrible from its pre-release shots and look what happened to me with that, once I saw it for real.

In 2% of cases horrible like is used

People who take something horrible like this and make it positive.

So something horrible like: lowerBounds = $int (floor (( -XSTART-WGA/2.

Not at all horrible like the 20 shots in the stomach I heard about in my childhood.

Like any city, there are traffic snarls, but not that horrible like calcutta &; Mumbai.

I don't think even Marie Antoinette would stupid enough to say something horrible like that.

We spoke to them and they said the only thing to do was to put in pellets that would make the end of their life or something horrible like that.

But least its not terribly horrible like all these reviewers been saying, its just horrible cause of the lack of content - again the same as Unit 13 it was very lacking.

The last thing we want is for something horrible like a sexual assault to happen but being falsely accused of a sexual assault is as horrible as being sexually assaulted.

Anyway, have fun naming your baby! And don't forget to: Look up meanings of name's AND Check initals! You don't want to find out 2 years later that your son initals are something horrible like A.

In 1% of cases horrible because is used

Riding along highways generally is horrible because of the noise and the traffic, and the risk of death.

In 1% of cases horrible by is used

This track isn't horrible by any means, though.

The graphics aren't the greatest, but they aren't horrible by any means.

What a clever ploy: justify the horrible by eliminating the alternatives.

He was mediocre last season - not horrible by any means, but not good/great either - just mediocre.

A game with terrible mechanics but a great story can be considered fun by some and horrible by others.

Reason? I had my eyebrows embroidered on Thursday afternoon coz I was told that it looks horrible by my boss.

Believable characters, a likeable lead and a horror made more horrible by its presence in a collapsing but recognisable world.

This girl was left with nothing but a bunch of guys making her life horrible by being pushed away from society and killing her reputation.

I know this is a horrible situation, made more horrible by unexpected and vicious attacks from quarters where you thought you would get support.

There were several occasions when we couldn't even pass across the back four safely such was the swarm of red and white (horrible by the way) shirts.

In 1% of cases horrible without is used

This show is horrible without Charlie.

Chelsea game this weekend? What a waste, the team looked horrible without any guidance.

Why do you think this is? Why do girls (think they) look horrible without make-up but guys do n't? A general rule is the more they wear, the less attractive they are without it.

Please Barun! IPKKND will not be the same without you! And nobody cares about Saath Nibhana Saathiya anymore! SNS is horrible without Giaa, and I am not watching that show anymore.

For individuals who have experience both, one might be worse than the other, but why make generalizations? We can agree that both are wrong and horrible without trying to compare them.

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