Prepositions after "homeless"

homeless in, for, on, by or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases homeless in is used

Sween From being homeless in L.

Once he was homeless in New York.

Maybe he won't even be homeless in OH.

I hope he really enjoys his earl grey while children starve homeless in the streets.

How many people do relief officials suggest have been left homeless in Sri Lanka? j.

It's not the same as laying bricks for the homeless in Haiti, but it's what I can do.

Substance misuse liaison worker in housing agency I work in a service providing housing to the homeless in London.

He was helping the Glide Foundation (a nonprofit organization that provides aid for the homeless in San Francisco).

What about the homeless in America? I don't think they're all gon na run to spend their money on private insurances.

We as a nation, should demand more of our government, and demand that they assist the homeless in OUR country first.

In 12% of cases homeless for is used

I have been homeless for 5 yrs.

Velma has been homeless for two years.

I had been homeless for over a year and a half.

As you know Paddy, I was homeless for two years and that's what pushed us to fight.

How do people become homeless? You could become homeless for many different reasons.

Soup kitchens provide wholesome food for the homeless for free or at negligible rates.

Lynn Wagner says: Brian says: I was homeless for a year and I ate at food kitchens so I wouldn't starve to death.

About 60 per cent were in the long-term homeless category, meaning they had been homeless for 12 months or longer.

The fascist apolgizers hate the US, they hate our freedom! for shame! So now you're blaming the homeless for theft.

I was homeless for some time and really struggled to make any sort of life that felt good or positive or satisfying.

In 9% of cases homeless by is used

Homeless by the end of next year.

I have been made homeless by the church.

You increase the number of homeless by a factor of ten.

And they could still say you deliberately became homeless by leaving your other home.

In 2009/10, more than 62,000 households were found to be homeless by local authorities.

Five thousand people were left homeless by the storm, Metro Dade Police Director announced.

Last May, thousands in the northern provinces of Sar-e-Pol and Takhar were left homeless by floods that killed 21.

They are at the invitation of Senior Minion of State for Foreign Affairs and Gestapo, Masa-gogo Homeless by Choice.

I saw abandoned farms, endless pockets of people made homeless by war or pillage, and almost no medical facilities.

Millions of people made homeless by the San Andreas breaking will likely not even have enough tents to shelter them.

In 9% of cases homeless on is used

I'd live homeless on the street first.

All money was spent by the homeless on gambling.

Last year's flood made 800 people homeless on Lake St.

The real irony is that Chow styled herself as an advocate for the homeless on City Council.

Today's release found that there were 105,237 people who were homeless on 9 August 2011, or 0.

ALEXANDRA KIRK: The latest snapshot shows 105,000 people were homeless on census night last year.

Over 18,000 people aged 55 or over were homeless on Census night in 2006; 4,000 more than on Census night in 2001.

The producer and his family hide the fact that they live in a shelter for the homeless on Skid Row in Los Angeles.

The report recorded 457 children under 14 years out of a total of 3,800 people homeless on a single night in 2011.

In 5% of cases homeless at is used

So no, I will not help the homeless at all costs.

Ward had been homeless at the time of the assault.

Intellectually, I am kind of homeless at the moment.

Inside was a pharmacist, now homeless at the borders, who showed me his medicine boxes.

She was homeless at the start of the school year, abandoned by her drug-abusing parents.

A father of good friend of mine had a rough life, and he found himself homeless at times.

Last year there was a perfect example of my inability to be rational about the animals being homeless at Christmas.

Vance was rendered homeless at the age of 12 after witnessing his mother being beaten into a coma by an abusive partner.

A total of 8% of participants reported that they had been homeless at some time during the 12 months before the interview.

In 4% of cases homeless as is used

Nearly 40 people became homeless as a result.

For some, they were first homeless as a child.

Bible studies are led by the homeless as well as others.

Being homeless as a teen when all your friends had a home was a very somber feeling.

Freedom of expression replaced the plight of the displaced homeless as a incendiary issue.

Thousands have been left homeless as the days get colder with the impending winter months.

I thought of the homeless as the symbolic scapegoats of the late stage of the self-destruction of industrial society.

Overall, 17 people were killed in Jamaica and 18,000 people were left homeless as a result of the flood waters and high winds.

Over the weekend Mayor Bloomberg said some 40,000 people were made homeless as a result of the hurricane in New York City alone.

Indeed, yet-to-be estimated residents of several communities across the country have been rendered homeless as a result of the flood.

In 4% of cases homeless after is used

Too many cats and dogs are left homeless after their owners pass away.

People who become homeless after a devastating flood need to be rehabilitated.

Smith became homeless after a series of heart attacks rendered her unable to work.

He is homeless after being evicted from his flat, volatile and desperately vulnerable.

Bonner, who lives in Tampa, said he became an advocate for the homeless after learning that 1.

More > A Bay County family is homeless after a fire destroyed a barn the family was living in.

In 2002, he became homeless after losing everything on a business investment, he wrote on his blog.

Over 300,000 people are homeless after witnessing their shelters being razed and property vandalized.

If you're going to be homeless after the eviction, it's possible the council will have to rehouse you.

In some cases people were left homeless after the computer problems meant house purchases fell through.

In 4% of cases homeless with is used

I too have been homeless with children.

You could end up homeless with your pension reduced.

They are now homeless with two small kids and a baby.

I was homeless with no family, and a history of depression and personality disorders.

A service that connects the homeless with someone who is regularly integrated into society.

When his wife Gouri died, he lost his mental balance and became homeless with the burnt ashes of Gouri.

Not soiled by householders or by those gone forth, When he becomes homeless with few desires, I call him a brahmin.

Work stopped which left the poor family homeless with the couple and their three children having to live with relatives.

These are not developers, this is a non profit social services agency providing housing for the homeless with disabilities.

Under what authority did you carry out your early morning raids on the homeless with your illegal club and attack dogs? Pot.

In 3% of cases homeless to is used

Trying to force the homeless to go elsewhere.

Richard the Lionheart says: 08:48am 11/09/12 Send the homeless to the bush.

Ever hear the true story about the young girl who went from homeless to harvard.

The standard American life is such a treadmill that yes, some do choose being homeless to living it.

By turning a homeless to a fashion model, the story of Brother Xili is just an extreme case of many.

Even if we add the number of homeless to the 2007 calculation it would not significantly alter the status.

Liz Murray is a Author of the New York Times bestselling memoir, Breaking Night: my journey from homeless to harvard.

He prophesied that he saw her homeless to which she responded that the house she had built was burnt down by local ruffians in the area.

In 2003, 26% of women who presented as homeless to the Irish Homeless Persons Unit had become homeless as a result of domestic violence.

In 2% of cases homeless because is used

She has been homeless because of him.

It can even cause us to be homeless because of that.

In May 2012 I became homeless because of my violence.

The weekends are harder for the homeless because some of the programs are closed.

Meath breaking EU-legislation and were left 3 Months Homeless because of what Cllr.

Homeless not only for want of a room of bricks -- but homeless because of rejection.

Now this has happened, I also hate his mother because all along I have been treating her as my mother, but now I am homeless because of her.

Many of the homeless I have met through soup kitchens and hospital emergency departments are homeless because of either mental illness or addiction.

It is reported that 20 people have been left homeless because of the damage caused by the floods - eight people lived in Vale Judeu and 12 in Quarteira.

If you are in ' priority need ' and not homeless because of any fault of your own, then it may be that you have a legal right to be housed by the council.

In 2% of cases homeless due is used

Meanwhile many americans are homeless due to the recent hurricane.

How many have been bankrupted and become homeless due to vile banksters like HSBC.

People can become homeless due to a range of issues - some more difficult to solve or address than others.

Dan and his daughter were in danger of facing eviction and being homeless due to the escalating medical bills.

The majority of the homeless families (55%) reported being homeless due to family breakdown, abuse or conflict.

Another option would be programs at Best Friends or PetsAlive for pets who are homeless due to the death of their guardian.

It is estimated that 40% of all homeless women were made homeless due to issues related to domestic violence (Cramer &; Carter, 2002).

We recognise that people become homeless due to a range of issues including mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse, personal tragedy and unemployment.

In 2% of cases homeless of is used

Florida has a quarter of the homeless of the country.

Many of these people are the new homeless of our country.

Donna, I can assure you, having much contact with the varied homeless of S.

We meet the people whose vision helped shape a community for the homeless of Ireland.

But Asit was involved in sourcing relief for the homeless of Krishnapur in Chandrakona.

I want to house the homeless of my beloved town Mabalacat, to teach and send street kids to school.

I often wondered if they would rather see kids and people on the side of the street homeless of hungry.

It is true she spent her whole life caring for the diseased, malnourished and homeless of impoverished nations.

They both seemed to be in their mid-20 's, with frames and musculature beyond the average homeless of the city.

All the gates were locked but what I did nt expect was that it has become a much needed shelter for the homeless of this big metropolis.

In 1% of cases homeless without is used

I have been homeless without a job.

Even if you'll be homeless without him.

For the homeless without papers, this means that they turn up and show their faces.

He tells her he'd be homeless without her, maybe even kill himself if she left him.

Hence, my advice in this blog is intended to teach you how to be homeless without looking homeless.

Thousands of lives were lost, rendering many more homeless without food, portable water and medicine.

In Tanzania, children as young as 5 years old age out of orphanages and are left homeless without the means to attend school.

The whole arrangement seemed like a good way for us to fulfill Deborah's desire to help the homeless without our touching them or letting them touch us.

It is to be noted that number of food insecure people in Pakistan is 77 million, malnourished people 45 million and homeless without food are 17 million people.

Not be ' intentionally ' homeless - you will be classed as intentionally homeless only if you deliberately did (or did not do) something which made you homeless without good reason.

In 1% of cases homeless within is used

She will have nothing and be homeless within a short time of him being released from jail.

At least 78 people have been reported dead and thousands left homeless within a week of heavy rainfall.

From a well-paying job and comfortable conditions, the guy found himself unemployed and almost homeless within a short space of time.

A resident of a LTC home who will become homeless within 16 weeks as a result of a temporary or permanent closure of all or some of the beds in the LTC home.

Are you homeless? This includes people who will become homeless within the next 28 days or are badly or unsafely housed as well as those who are on the streets (e.

In 1% of cases homeless through is used

The author shows us the homeless through actual case studies &; photographs.

He's the guy trying to draw attention to Canada's homeless through his website.

True as some people are incapable of living with others and they will be homeless through Govt action.

Homeless through no fault of his own, he makes a few dollars a week hunting in garbage for cans to recycle.

These categories are: - Pregnant Dependent children (Up to 18 in full time education) Homeless through Fire.

The question of whether you are homeless through your own fault can also be more complicated than people might expect.

I made sure that my congregation was Open and Affirming of gays and lesbians and welcomed the homeless through their doors before signing on.

With its promise to help everyone from the disabled, orphaned, and homeless through to the elderly, we were eager to meet these modern-day miracle workers.

I hope when you're homeless through some unfortunate luck nobody gives you a hand up (and if you think bad luck won't ever hit you then you seriously have some growing up to do).

In 1% of cases homeless since is used

He's been homeless since 2005 and spent many of the years since trying to find work.

Following loss of work and eviction, Alice and her boyfriend have been homeless since August.

Homeless since July when they lost their apartment in the Bronx, mother and daughter are doing the shelter shuffle now.

Viv has been homeless since 1997, drifting between parks and bridges when she can not sleep on the sofas of friends and relatives.

The Ladies Home Mission Society in 1852 bought and razed the Old Brewery which had been a flop house for Irish and Black homeless since 1837 and the site of a murder a night for fifteen years.

In 1% of cases homeless over is used

In all, more than 400,000 people are believed to have been rendered homeless over the past fortnight.

On the other hand, the house may lie empty for months - and we'd be making a family homeless over a spot of mould.

But the question is why such basic amenities should continue to be denied to the homeless over several decades? Pic: AP.

It said its helpline and local advice centres helped more than 1,000 people at risk of becoming homeless over the festive period last year.

A federally funded assessment in 2011 estimated that the program saved 1,700 families and 3,400 children from becoming homeless over a span of four years.

The transitional nature of homelessness means that many more people become temporarily homeless over the course of a year than are homeless at any single point in time.

In 1% of cases homeless off is used

The aim is to get the homeless off the streets and back into society.

Back in the pre-Depression era, charitable acts by churches were often what kept the hungry fed and the homeless off the streets, and I commend that.

In retrospect, it seems that is exactly what we need: a new gizmo will not get the homeless off the street or end the meth epidemic, or reduce income inequality.

In 1% of cases homeless into is used

Charlotte Wood also incorporates the homeless into her excellent novel Animal People.

Anonymous Desmond I bet you didn't allow the homeless into your house during the storm.

They will put these homeless into camps since squatting is illegal now, where they will be forced to work for their benefits or food stamps.

Rather than commandeer these residences for emergency use, officials have packed the homeless into public schools and other substandard shelters.

It was no longer an eyesore, or a place that brought alcoholics and the homeless into our community every day as they looked for food and shelter.

It may seem like a big ask, but imagine the gains if we can house, socialise and then further down the track get some of the homeless into the workforce.

Still, city and state officials have not laid out an official plan with specifics to move the homeless into long-term housing in an already congested area.

Continuous rain since Sunday is turning the living conditions of the homeless into a hell in the hilly districts of Panchthar, Taplejung, Ilam, Terhathum and Sankhuwasabha.

Another ACCESS demonstration project found that service providers could effectively link people who have a mental illness and are homeless into community mental health services.

Peyote and yage visions would soon haunt a movie business long accustomed to luring the spiritually homeless into theatres to translate spectral shapes into storied outcroppings of themselves.

In 1% of cases homeless from is used

I was homeless from age 17 to 19.

I was homeless from basically 15 through 18.

We wouldn't do anything to discourage the homeless from being here.

The homeless from other shelters have flocked to the Bowery Mission.

He didn't have a family, he was an orphan, he was homeless from age 8 on.

Using threats and intimidation, they chased the homeless from land around the golf course.

And if that's the case, then why not shutter the corridor in the overnight to prevent the homeless from congregating there.

In 1989, the city built a shelter in Southeast, far away from downtown, and began planning the removal of the homeless from the CCNV.

If you apply to a council for help because you are homeless from 9 November 2012, you might not be offered council housing as long-term accommodation.

If residence requirements apply to registration, they must be reasonable, and should not be imposed in such a way as to exclude the homeless from the right to vote.

In 1% of cases homeless during is used

Less risk of ending up homeless during a bout of unemployment too.

There are at least 40,000 houses empty in Dublin yet people die on our streets homeless during the winter.

This lady in blue volunteered in clearing the mess and cooking for the homeless during that depressing time.

Broken sleep is almost as bad as no sleep, and cops are perfectly happy to harrass the homeless during the day.

Earlier this week India's apex court expressed concern at poor facilities for homeless during the bitter winter months.

The schools can themselves be opened to the homeless during the cold winter days with a mandate to maintain cleanliness.

The owners of the Pour House have donated thousands to better our town, and I know they have been feeding the homeless during this disaster.

As noted, the overwhelming majority of the poor are well housed and not overcrowded, but one in 25 will become temporarily homeless during the year.

Drummer Colm O Cosig was homeless during recording, so the album's drum tracks had to be pieced together from samples of patterns he was fit to play.

Many children were deserted and left homeless during the Depression By the time of the election in November 1932, Hoover's popularity had reached rock bottom.

In 1% of cases homeless before is used

I have been homeless before and it is the worst thing anyone can endure.

Housing is this between 4,500 and 5,500 are homeless before starting in B.

Applying for Federal will take too long and I'll be homeless before that happens.

And how would you know this? I have been poor and homeless before and wanting food.

You don't know what it is like to be poor urbane, on 17 June 2009 - 11:47 PM, said: And how would you know this? I have been poor and homeless before and wanting food.

Try sorting out the pensioners your putting in poverty, the jobless, the disabled and the homeless before giving to un-needed extravagances like the arts, overseas aid, the EU, the IMF.

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