Prepositions after "hazardous"

"hazardous to" or "hazardous for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 62% of cases hazardous to is used

Poppers are still hazardous to the health.

Some meals might be hazardous to your child.

It is especially hazardous to small children.

This is one indication that the drug is imitation and could be hazardous to health.

A GFCI is designed to trip at a current level below the level hazardous to workers.

Such places may become hazardous to shipping in otherwise acceptable sea conditions.

Instead, they are hugely hazardous to cyclists (and often pedestrians ), of which there are very few as a result.

Bridges and overpasses, which typically freeze quicker than other surfaces, are particularly hazardous to drivers.

Remember, though, that some raw produce -- a ripe, juicy pear for instance - should not be hazardous to your baby.

We know tobacco is hazardous to people's health but we haven't made it illegal, just limited where it can be used.

In 18% of cases hazardous for is used

Cigerrates are hazardous for health.

Thus, such a course could be hazardous for Iran.

Gaza is more hazardous for him if the cease-fire fails.

Greenland's small icebergs can be tough to detect, making them hazardous for ships.

Navigation in the Palk Straits would have certainly been hazardous for the large vessels.

Malnutrition can really be hazardous for health and it can give a number of difficulties.

This is hazardous for your system and it can harm you personally by stealing your personal information from your PC.

Only in a regulated market can the knowledge from this research be used to create strains which are less hazardous for users.

Always remove all kinds of make up before going to sleep since it contains harmful chemicals that might be hazardous for the skin.

Is it hazardous for food poisoning? If the veal has been properly refrigerated and stored for the appropriate time, it will be safe.

In 6% of cases hazardous in is used

Driving can be hazardous in Zambia.

Safety Considerations: The waste recycling business is hazardous in nature.

It is, however, electronic, and could be hazardous in explosive atmospheres.

However, they can be even more hazardous in a confined space than in a regular worksite.

MINOT -- Snow and icy roads are making travel hazardous in parts of western North Dakota.

They might be hazardous in other ways too, depending on the particular corrosive material.

Employers should regard a substance as hazardous to health if it is hazardous in the form in which it occurs in the work activity.

E-cigarettes have now been on the market for a decade and there is not a scintilla of evidence that they are hazardous in any way.

Machar Colony is located on marshy land and the people are employed in the shrimp-peeling business, which is hazardous in all respects.

June 11, 2009 My recent entries in this category have, for the most part, been hazardous in a direct (not to say crude, or even vulgar) manner.

In 2% of cases hazardous because is used

The journey was long and very hazardous because of the bandits that beset the road.

It is especially hazardous because of the many, many surfaces in the ground meat, each of which may carry bacteria.

It is ranked as extremely hazardous because of the subcontinent's high level of female infanticide and sex trafficking.

In addition to the risk of catastrophic accidents, nuclear power is hazardous because of pollution from day-to-day operations.

Over concentrated formulas and undiluted evaporated milk are particularly hazardous because of the high renal solute load they cause.

In normal times this journey could be hazardous because of the weather but in the war the German submarines lead by Admiral Raeder proved a very real threat.

Obviously the journey over the American Falls is much more hazardous because of the dangers of being crushed against the rock talus at the base of the Falls.

What are the pressure hazards associated with compressed gas cylinders? All compressed gases are hazardous because of the high pressures inside the cylinders.

In 2% of cases hazardous by is used

To me, it is not a place made hazardous by trolls and spambots, to be navigated gingerly.

There are also different types of occupations that may be deemed hazardous by an insurance company.

We should be on guard to products which are found to be hazardous by scanning newspapers and reading to radio news cast regularly.

Dyfed Powys Police said the difficult terrain was made more hazardous by flooding and they feared for people's safety with more rain on the way.

If the contents were known to be hazardous by themselves, then the immune machine could hold on to it long enough to dismantle it more completely.

Selling in Ethiopia is also made hazardous by the fact that there is no legal system to enforce contracts and very few traders have bank accounts.

Regeneration is made even more hazardous by the fact that the seeds germinate with the very first rains, since the resistance of young plants to subsequent dry periods is poor.

If lower dose ranges were found, hazardous by Program F, it might have opened the bomb program and its contractors to lawsuits for injury to human health, as well as public outcry.

In 2% of cases hazardous of is used

The most hazardous of all Podraces.

Lahars generated in such a way are one of the devastating and hazardous of volcanic events.

MDI is the least hazardous of the commonly available isocyanates but that does not imply that it is benign.

By far the most hazardous of these gases is carbon monoxide, the same gas that is emitted from the exhaust pipe of a car.

Angel Doutzen Kroes walked Rhi Rhi down the runway in a body cage -- which was the least hazardous of the accessories the Angels had to withstand.

Saint-Andre said that he viewed the match against Samoa as the most important and potentially hazardous of the three games in the autumn Test series.

The most hazardous of all trades, that of a smuggler, though when the adventure succeeds it is likewise the most profitable, is the infallible road to bankruptcy.

The most hazardous of all trades, that of a smuggler, though, when the adventure succeeds, it is likewise the most profitable, is the infallible road to bankruptcy.

The base surge is the most hazardous of all the possible volcanic products from a future Auckland eruption because it is extremely violent, moves very quickly and can occur with little warning.

In 1% of cases hazardous as is used

It is not as hazardous as a disability, nor as bewildering.

This process is incredibly hazardous as the booze travels directly into the bloodstream without getting filtered through the liver first.

This could be particularly hazardous as the health or threat status could have modified given that you first bought your insurance coverage.

The modern fast racing machines have made it very hazardous as the old fashioned tracks can not accommodate the super speeds and this is why about 200 racers have lost their lives so far.

They are all vastly less hazardous as a way of consuming nicotine and, unlike smoking, have negligible risks or risks that are not out of line with other lifestyle risks we routinely accept.

In 1% of cases hazardous at is used

Their journey is hazardous at every point as they are constantly hunted by seals, whales, and fishermen.

Some health supplements can interfere with radiation treatment therapies and become hazardous at high degrees.

The section of highway between Golden and Field can be hazardous at any time, and it's worse if you're tired and can be treacherous in bad weather, but then so is the Rogers Pass in bad weather.

In 1% of cases hazardous due is used

Operating above the recommended temperature may be hazardous due to excessive blade speed.

It goes out of business instead of getting BIGGER and even more hazardous due to even more central bank money printing.

As a descent Soda Springs can be quite hazardous due to its steep pitch, sharp turns, light coat of gravel and hidden driveways.

With transport down and roads still hazardous due to strong winds, utility firms were facing an uphill battle to hook up electricity to homes across the region.

Lifting and pouring an 80 lb bag of fine powder is surprisingly difficult and messy, even hazardous due to the clouds of caustic silicate dust waiting to be inhaled.

Traffic safety in general is hazardous due to high speeds, aggressive driving, poorly maintained vehicles, and general indifference toward the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.

Carcinogenic agents The chewing of both the tobacco and the areca nut (supari) are hazardous due to known carcinogens (cancer causing) in them, most notable ones being nitrosamines.

In 1% of cases hazardous during is used

Avoid weight-Loss Dieting Weight loss dieting even for short periods is hazardous during pregnancy.

It can also aid take 1 some satisfaction realizing they are much less hazardous during the night when their sleeping.

Hollow-block walls with little or no steel reinforcement, pieces of furniture, and fixtures on walls and ceilings tend to be hazardous during strong shaking.

UK Unveils New De-icing Scheme 16 April 2009 The UK Highways Agency will use brine to de-ice motorways after a number of cold snaps left major trunk roads hazardous during the winter of 2008.

In 1% of cases hazardous under is used

Poverty, lack of jobs Hazardous child labor refers to employment in industries and occupations designated as hazardous under the country's occupational safety and health standards.

In 1% of cases hazardous with is used

Some sections were downright hazardous with deep ruts home to weeds several inches high.

Especially in Atumn and winter the Weather can be hazardous with heavy snowfall and strong winds.

Conditions in the northern hill suburbs of Wellington remained hazardous with 24 hours of snow now frozen on the ground.

Certainly, popular activities such as surfing, swimming and boating would become that much more hazardous with a 15 m, super-predatory shark swimming around.

The aircraft can be programmed to land automatically if comms are lost but that procedure is still very hazardous with the present technology and no human monitoring.

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