Prepositions after "flexible"

"flexible in" or "flexible with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases flexible in is used

Be flexible in your expectations.

We want to be flexible in that regard.

Lunch is again flexible in its timings.

I am flexible in terms of place and time and would like to continue my tutor habits.

Be flexible in your own opinions and when you don't care, take the majority opinion.

You have to accept that and be flexible in your relationship with your male partner.

But the ability to change and be flexible in and at the end of the season is what can truly help one win a season.

The caveat is that while being good at your job can create more options you have to be FLEXIBLE in the job market.

Similar in concept to the smaller MQB platform, the MSB is highly flexible in terms of chassis size and materials.

He adds that it is not only Germany the one that must be flexible in its position, but all member countries alike.

In 20% of cases flexible with is used

Be flexible with your schedule.

And be flexible with strategies.

Quite flexible with departing date.

First, he was now retired and therefore more flexible with regard to his schedule.

I still feel GuildWars 1 was alot more flexible with this (dual classing anyone?).

OR, we would have an inside backup location planned if not flexible with the date.

Being flexible with your wedding dates can also increase your chances getting a particular wedding venue booked.

We have a large cast and it's great that we can be flexible with storylines to allow Zak to leave for a stretch.

You have to bring your experience from the States, or wherever, but you have to be ready to be flexible with it.

During the normal work day I need to be flexible with open door, meetings, Q &A; guidance sessions, and the like.

In 10% of cases flexible about is used

Be flexible about how they may return.

We're very flexible about such things.

I?? m flexible about dates and timing.

On the other hand, it pays to keep an open mind and be flexible about some things.

The best workplaces are usually more flexible about your working hours and attire.

The handbook recommends that vicars be more flexible about personalised ceremonies.

It is helpful to have a willingness to change things up and be flexible about adopting different learning styles.

But if Lawson was a monetarist and a free marketeer, he was intelligent and flexible about both and brave on top.

Here are a few thoughts: If you are flexible about travel dates often you can make a saving of over $100 or more.

We are flexible about your day off or working hours if you want to do something, but we need to discuss it first.

In 8% of cases flexible for is used

I tried to be flexible for his sake.

It is also flexible for future upgrading.

Duration of time flexible for completion.

Text loans are short span loans that are flexible for a diverse range of borrowers.

This change will make the program more flexible for international student graduates.

The law may need to be more flexible for some beach communities than others, he said.

Units that can print a wider variety of material, proving more flexible for end users, are often highly regarded.

This is all very flexible for those in the education business, but costs - and is confusing for the outside world.

There's room for experimentation here too -- I find the 4x8 grid very flexible for large or small amounts of type.

Basically use vehicle for the whole trip but walking and trekking is quite regularly and flexible for your decision.

In 7% of cases flexible on is used

I'd pretty flexible on the design.

Be flexible on fees and salary rates.

Service providers may also be flexible on prices.

I have a limited supply so let me know if you're willing to be flexible on varieties.

Private owner's also sell used cars at a cheaper rate and are more flexible on price.

A few years ago, I wanted to go to London on a specific day, but was flexible on time.

I'd not generally flexible on dinner time, bedtime, or the fact that the house is quiet during certain times of day.

And the wonderful thing about the evolution of English is that it has become increasingly flexible on points like that.

Gogoi was also critical of the intellectuals who had been urging the Government to be flexible on the sovereignty issue.

They are followed by several other amazing horses with Big Star, Carlina, Tripple X and Flexible on the following places.

In 5% of cases flexible to is used

Moderators are very flexible to this.

But I'd flexible to better suggestions.

Ever moving, ever bending and flexible to changes.

There is no second way other than to be open and flexible to the changing processes.

Our cabin steward was great, attentive and flexible to our weird comings and goings.

I need a partner to get me on the road who is both flexible to my needs and my pocket.

Such dams have the advantage of being more flexible to engineering redesign, or removal if necessary, as they age.

But there is hope that you'll find both these things if you look hard enough and are flexible to new opportunities.

That is why we have to be versatile, and flexible to changes, so that we can adapt to different situations accordingly.

Stillness is flexible to your own personal beliefs, whether they are based on your own spirituality or religious doctrines.

In 2% of cases flexible as is used

I'd flexible as to the final size.

So I'd now much more flexible as a result.

Stay open and flexible as to what is possible.

However, be prepared to be flexible as the plan is very likely to change as the year goes on.

That is attributed to its dual nature of being light and flexible as well as being tough and strong.

The UN gods however, decide what the targets will be, and these targets are flexible as an elastic band.

They will include bloodstream (both arterial blood vessels as well as veins ), flexible as well as fibrous tissue.

In terms of flexibility, the metaflex groove underfoot does help but the sole itself is quite flexible as a whole.

It's turn out to be among the flexible as well as popular veggies in the usa simply because planning it's each easy and simple.

In 2% of cases flexible at is used

Being flexible at work always helps.

It forces LDCs to be flexible at the WTO.

My training is very flexible at the moment.

So women today need to play dual role of reserved character at home and flexible at workplace.

I like the idea that it represents a bamboo stalk that is strong and flexible at the same time.

Butyl gloves also resist oxidation, ozone corrosion and abrasion, and remain flexible at low temperatures.

C; (b) are formulated with a binder material; and (c) are, as a mixture, malleable or flexible at normal room temperature.

Mobile Operator Service Infrastructure has to be Empowering and Flexible at the same time to help operators meet these challenges.

The suit you rent or buy should be triathlon specific, meaning that it's flexible at the shoulders to allow you to swim comfortably.

In 1% of cases flexible by is used

You get flexible by stretching.

It is important to find a rule for handling that but stay flexible by doing so.

If this is true, it? s important to keep our facial muscles flexible by laughing.

More NEWS FSB comments on flexible working proposals Small firms are flexible by their very nature.

Trying Alternative Chapters It also pays to be flexible by looking for an appropriate rubric in different places.

The Thermochef scales are more flexible by reading in 1g increments, whereas the Thermomix only goes up in 5g increments.

Swappable Parsers for XMLmini The support for XML parsing in ActiveSupport has been made more flexible by allowing you to swap in different parsers.

There is a big difference, for example, between being flexible by occasionally working half an hour extra and a permanent change to Saturday working.

What has been the focus for JBoss Middleware lately? We've been doing more to make the platforms much more flexible by supporting different languages.

Another type known as universal life insurance is also a permanent package but is more flexible by allowing the insured to choose the amount and duration of premium payment.

In 1% of cases flexible depending is used

It was flexible depending on what we wanted.

By having two routes planned, you can be flexible depending on your needs.

Us fellows know to be flexible depending on our relative strength and weakness.

The itineraries of all our safaris are flexible depending on the weather conditions.

My income will be flexible depending on the # of hours worked but I would guess about $20000.

Routines Infants room: Our routine is flexible depending on your child's needs on that particular day.

Sometimes more, I am flexible depending on your item, See, I have almost no overhead and I operate on high volume and low margins.

I don't mean we can be flexible depending on programmes but rather, we can be flexible depending on situations that content providers are faced with.

But law graduates end up in all areas of the economy, and can, potentially, be extremely flexible depending on where they would be interested in going.

In 1% of cases flexible during is used

Employers get real flexible during those times.

It will keep the skin flexible during pregnancy.

By doing this it helps it be more flexible during the colour process and thereby avoid damage.

You can always be flexible during the prayer time, but think of creative ways to pray together.

You might also want to be flexible during the times when you think a project might come your way.

The presence of these applications on your Smartphone has made life more easy and flexible during the recent times.

A good way to keep joints more flexible during the night is by sleeping with an electric blanket or an electric mattress pad.

I used to be very hard working and flexible during the initial days of my career, but once I reached a level / attained what I wanted, I let loose.

It is thought that the uterus, muscles and ligaments surrounding the baby are more flexible during subsequent pregnancies, allowing your baby more ' room to move '.

Communication is key; there?? s a fine line between expecting your nanny to be flexible during travel times and expecting her to do things that are not part of being a nanny.

In 1% of cases flexible around is used

Timings are all very flexible around what you want to do.

While we work hard, the hours are flexible around your schedule.

The upper of the shoe feels very light and flexible around the foot.

He was able to be flexible around my schedule and I would always be able to ensure I had a lesson.

The ingredients are fresh, the menu varied and the timings can be flexible around your daily activities.

It usually does not take very long, but there are always exceptions and we are very flexible around this.

We advise you if you can to be flexible around the time of your jump just in case the weather is not favourable.

Because she's flexible around this issue, she collaborates well with others, seeks their input and considers differing points of view.

We have our foundations in strong student support, excellent teaching and courses that are relevant and flexible around students ' needs.

Just over a year on, and I would recommend it to anybody! It's also great because it's so flexible around other commitments, like the kids.

In 1% of cases flexible from is used

Move in is a little flexible from the end of this month to early December.

You can make the tour what you want it to be, so it is flexible from that point of view.

The Australian dollar did, however, become progressively more flexible from around the mid 1970s.

I was quite flexible from my athletic training, but flexible in all the wrong areas needed for Sukhasana.

Our finance minister said to the media that no country will accept how they flexible from their objection.

The soles are a soft black suede designed to be flexible from first wear and reduce the need for breaking in.

Conscientiousness distinguishes people who are impulsive and cognitively flexible from those who prefer to plan things in advance and are organized.

Not merely are cigs risky for your overall health, but additionally, it may problems collagen and flexible from the skin, making it Brian Urlacher Jersey stretchy.

It is common for the Justices to teach in foreign countries, give speeches, and take some vacation time; after all, their schedules are a good deal less flexible from October until the end of June.

In 1% of cases flexible after is used

I'll be more flexible after the election.

It makes more sense after doing it, since I get less injury and also more flexible after a warm up.

We know he thought he was speaking privately to Medvedev when he said he will be more flexible after the election.

Many people feel that the body is more flexible after a warm bath, so you may want to try these drills after a warm bath.

It also remains flexible after a few layout pieces collapse into a more vertical orientation for small screens and narrow browsers.

Posted by: cb2000a March 26, 2012, 2:54 pm 2:54 pm Let's make sure his is very flexible after this election by voting him out of office.

Home Improvement Glossary elastomeric A substance that has the ability to remain flexible after drying and won't crack when weather changes.

Later I realised that I was much more flexible after a day's work in my garden, because everything had been thoroughly warmed and mobilised by hours working close to the ground.

In 1% of cases flexible like is used

It should be strong and rigid, not flexible like a filleting knife.

Jane: You aren't being flexible like you promised you would! Me: Wait a second.

Be Flexible like a Yoga Master You need to be flexible about your salary expectations.

The dough should be little loose n soft than the poori dough but not too flexible like chapathi dough.

They are each made from a special tough material making it flexible like a gel but tougher than a crystal case.

But Capcom are flexible like that which is great, as then we can come up with something that matches the mood properly, rather than shoehorning something in.

I was just comparing Kubuntu with Ubuntu! Jamal Uddin Khan I've tried OpenSUSE KDE in my laptop, though the package management and repository is not that flexible like Ubuntu but I loved it.

In 1% of cases flexible of is used

By far the most flexible of these is the edge pro.

My baby routine is the most flexible of our routines.

Leather's not the most flexible of stuff and we've no probs firing them.

However, despite problems with the interface ReMind is the most flexible of the CBR tools reviewed.

An omniscient narrative is the most flexible of all narrative viewpoints, as it has the widest scope.

While by far the most flexible of the UI replacements, it still has some elements that I'd like to alter.

And that is why I said that anti-Semitism is the most flexible of hatreds and why I chose Mark Gardner's entry as the winner.

Having watched the Wallabies for 60-plus years, I can safely say the current crop has the least vision and the ability to be flexible of any era.

In some ways, the government RFP process is the most flexible of all the government procurement methods, but it can also be the most complicated.

The virtual private server is much more flexible of a solution than dedicated server hosting, which is usually only required in the case of an enterprise level business.

In 1% of cases flexible over is used

We are going to need to be flexible over the next 20 years.

Be firm about these rules, but more flexible over smaller issues.

Any work would need to be utterly flexible over a 24 hour period.

Fat over lean is better understood if considered as ' flexible over less flexible '.

You will also find yourself getting more flexible over time as your practice this set regularly.

However, to be honest we are quite flexible over our final destination and may even end up on the South Island.

These range from taking the time to value your home, being flexible over negotiations but also making the best possible impression for viewings.

When specific District Plan criteria may be lacking, can still advance some outcomes through negotiation and being flexible over aspects like car parking.

The government is flexible over the specific ways in which funding can be spent to support services, adapting these to suit the needs of the particular area.

Re: Tunes played singly Marc Rule #1 is that there's no rules! However, to be serious, whatever rules exist, they have become very flexible over recent years.

In 1% of cases flexible according is used

Breakfast time is flexible according to your schedule.

Layering is the key, then you can be flexible according to conditions.

Perhaps it could be just a symbol with the exact syntax flexible according to context.

I also heard that for EPF scheme, it will be more flexible according to the investors ' age.

Timings are also flexible according to a Reservist's needs - one can request leave for work, schooling or family reasons.

For this to be enabled, the media resources have to be adaptable and flexible according to the users? needs and capabilities.

Breakfast time is flexible according to your schedule, you will be served continental or English breakfast as per your wish at any given time.

Departure dates The departure dates for all our African safaris, tours, travel and trekking packages are totally flexible according to your own personal needs.

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