Prepositions after "fast"

fast on, for, in, with or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 18% of cases fast for is used

A minigun is too fast for them.

This is fast for a busy mother.

Am doing a fast for this prayers.

So fast for ten more days and do not brush your teeth at the time of breaking the fast.

That's fast for any car, but especially one with the size and roominess of the Model S.

If temperature changes are too fast for species to keep up, then extinctions may occur.

Though TV and radio coverage was thrown together pretty darn fast for a Saturday night, Twitter was leading the show.

Some fast for up to fourteen or fifteen days and they stand up to it well, whereas others go on for nine or ten days.

All adult Jews - those over the age of Bar or Bat Mitzvah - are required to fast for the full 25 hours of Yom Kippur.

When an Indian loses one of his children, he must keep a strict fast for three days, abstaining from food of any kind.

In 18% of cases fast on is used

It is good to fast on this day.

So its sunnah to fast on this day.

Therefore we too fast on this day.

As expected, Kimi was very fast on fresh tires, playing behind from Roman and Sebastian.

He should fast on the remainder of the days and thereafter keep qada of these five days.

The adults have the habit of visiting flowers for nectar and are very fast on the wings.

He said, ' What is this? ' They said, ' This is the day when Allaah saved Moosa from drowning, so we fast on this day.

All of the Muslims in the Northern Hemisphere who did not see the hill on Friday must continue their fast on Saturday.

Hafidh Ibn Rajab writes that: It is recommended to fast on those days on which Allah Almighty has sent blessings on us.

The stunt and speed loving demon is so fast on his machines that people sometimes don't even see him as he passes them.

In 15% of cases fast in is used

You're really fast in replying.

In America it is fast in swift.

He broke his fast in the dream.

Baba Ramdev's fast in his ashram will be relayed by TV channels to keep the issue alive.

People are not fast in applying the theoretical tautology to arrive at hasty conclusions.

They are very fast in attaching with people emotionally and they also are free with love.

Being fast in a Leone film isn't enough -- everyone's fast: even the weed smoking El Indio -- there has to be an edge.

After government approvals, adoption of GR soybean has also been fast in other parts of South America, such as Brazil.

We organized a fast in a public square in Islamabad, where we had a chance to talk to hundreds of ordinary Pakistanis.

Re: AI way to fast in the last Stint??? Something that you could try is to save your optio n tires for the last stint.

In 10% of cases fast with is used

We are asking people to fast with us.

To break the fast with dates or water.

They were steadfast with the Prophet (S.

If you do not have dates, open your fast with water because water is a great purifier.

When you fast, all your senses - eyes, ears, tongue, hands and feet must fast with you.

Everybody took his word and fasted but there was nothing at home to break the fast with.

Juma'h Kareem Since we are in month of Ramadan I was under the impression that we are to fast with no drink or food.

She said as soon as the call to prayer for Maghrib was made, the people would break their fast with dates and water.

They were all fast with their hands and quick on their feet and would make good fishermen, thought the old fisherman.

The other models aren't as fast with the change and suggest it taking until the middle and end of the following week.

In 6% of cases fast at is used

He was so fast at running the last lap.

Both things the iPhone is amazingly fast at.

And if he does not fast at all, he will be sinning.

Both of them are also scheduled to go on a fast at the Jantar Mantar in Delhi on June 3.

Hopefully it gets pretty easy going forward for me because it was a little fast at times.

He came from a the division of grasses and sand so he was fast at producing his bits life.

The only good thing about sandflies is that they are not very fast at flying, if you walk they can't keep up with you.

The latest round of indefinite fast at Jantar Mantar in the heart of national capital had made some points amply clear.

Fast Sunday, or calls to fast at other times, can also bind Mormons together when they pray and fast for a common cause.

Grip or no grip, the Repsol Hondas are fast at Indy, helped by the fact that the circuit turns left for most of the time.

In 4% of cases fast during is used

Some only fast during the waning phase of moon.

Traditionally, people observed a fast during Lent.

Well, now, here I am: learning to fast during summer.

IFTAAR: The breaking of the daily fast during the month of Ramzan among the Muslims.

That which is rumored regarding Shi'is that they do not break their fast during Ramadan.

I can only imagine what it is like for a new convert, learning to fast during summertime.

Fasting Exemptions Although it is mandatory for everyone to observe fast during Ramadan, there are some exemptions.

Mentally challenged: Those people who are mentally challenged are not required to fast during the month of Ramadan.

Of special concern should be employees of the state who do not perform prayers or who break the fast during Ramadan.

My father is a diabetic, he's nearly 80, yet he fasted on the 15th of sha'baan and he intends to fast during ramadhan.

In 3% of cases fast unto is used

Our fast unto death begins on Nov 21.

And if not for the whole 2 day fast unto death etc.

He said he would fast unto death unless this was removed.

When the British government conceded Ambedkar's demand, Gandhiji began a fast unto death.

Anna Hazares ' fast unto death is the stepping stone for the unicorn named, Jan Lokpal Bill.

The extreme step of going on a fast unto death is just theatricals and should be discouraged.

I have been a fish-eater but now I wouldn't touch them even if they came near me, for I have undertaken a fast unto death.

Perhaps the Government calculated that, once the emotionalism of a fast unto death was dissipated, things would be easy to manipulate.

You know that Wimal Weerawansa carried out a fast unto death in front of the UN but the UN did not stop from appointing the Expert Panel.

Anna Hazare's fast unto death may not help the situation which has the potential of going out of hand if civil society continues to support him.

In 2% of cases fast after is used

I then break my fast after the prayer.

I could have met my doctors and stopped my fast after 2 days.

Apply it starting from today to get pregnant fast after miscarriage.

Having completed that, the man said he was going home to break his fast after sunset.

It is Mustahab that a person breaks his fast after offering Maghrib and Isha prayers.

Because a Kaffara is only necessary upon a person who broke the fast after keeping it.

The track seemed fast after watching the heptathlon 100m hurdles, the men's 400m hurdles and the 3,000m steeplechase.

As such a Shia would not need to wait to break their fast after Sunnis in such a gathering, and could break it with them.

Among those who take an optional stance, there are many who have advocated fasting half a day and breaking the fast after Minhah.

In this seclusion, the Sufi fasts during the day, breaking his fast after sunset with only a small piece of bread and some water.

In 2% of cases fast as is used

Speed Apple claim it? s twice as fast as the 4S.

Ambedkar described the fast as a political Stunt.

I am not as strict with my fast as a Muslim would be.

This will give her ample time to have breakfast as well as get ready for school on time.

For one thing, a Muslim must consciously formulate the intention to fast as part of a rite.

Mathers ' horses, was named About Ben Ahem or something like that, and was fast as a streak.

Apple said the iPhone 5 features the Samsung manufactured A6 processor and is twice as fast as the A5 in the iPhone 4s.

The numbers seem to validate Apple's claim that the A6 processor is twice as fast as the A5 and any previous iOS device.

Brains Apple claims the iPhone 5? s new A6 chip is twice as fast as the A5 chip in the iPhone 4S, both in CPU and graphics.

Well actually it was on Monday which is pretty fast as the Government operates in terms of the consultations that had to be made.

In 2% of cases fast by is used

Some fast by eating only one meal a day.

I'd not fast by any means but I love it.

Stop denying the fast by telling it a troll.

That is fast by any standard, certainly compared to many clogged in the detention network.

It is good to break one's fast by eating dates, and if not available, then by drinking water.

The swimmer (who is stupid fast by the way) failed to get a best time on any of her six races.

But whatever the case you have to repent to Allaah and seek His forgiveness for wasting the fast by doing such things.

The government responded to Pejawar Mutt seer's threat to fast by denotifiying land meant for acquisition in Mangalore.

Learn more about how to burn fat fast by eating the right foods for your metabolic type on this Metabolic Typing Diet site.

I use it occasionally but not all the time because while it is relatively fast by comparison to open proxies and older VPNs.

In 2% of cases fast from is used

You were fast from the outset though.

We were asked to fast from noon Saturday until after the service.

The veterans of the MotoGP class know that Marquez will be fast from Day 1.

The pace was fast from the start but luckily there were few crashes despite the obstacles.

Btw i love the new Windows 8 on my PC is super fast from the rest of the windows operating system.

It's just been really quick; the whole process for us has just been really fast from starting out.

The month leading up to Hari Raya i s known as Ramadhan and during this time, Muslims must to fast from dawn to dusk.

He got one chance when Jayawardena gave a chance, Bravo came real fast from a long distance and almost hold on to the catch.

We are calling a public fast from May 18 to June 18 -- and although the seismic risk will not totally dissipate after these dates, we.

In 2% of cases fast of is used

A fast of words is one of the fasts in Isaiah 58.

Is it the Christian fast of avoiding certain foods? No.

He said: Then observe the fast of David (peace be upon him).

Your fast broke when you menstruated on eleven o clock; you missed the fast of that day.

Will the fast of a person be valid if he/she eats or drinks something unintentionally? A.

Hadhrat Aaisha (RA) reports that Nabi (SAW) ordered the observance of the fast of Aashura.

I'd not as fast of a reader as some of you crazies out there, so getting any extra reading time (even if it is at 6 a.

If the person fell unconscious at night, it is not wajib on him to make qada of the fast of the following day as well.

Through much prayer and meditation, part of my journey will start with a fast of all media for 40 days, starting 11/11.

And if it is not the fast of Ramadhan or its qadha, her fast will be in order, but as a precaution, she should do Ghusl.

In 2% of cases fast to is used

She has also rated 104 on Fast to Dead tracks.

Gradually increase your fast to 15 hours and then up to 24 hours.

I don't think it is allowed to break the fast to the Sunni adhan.

I increase scores your how fast to credit see how theyre still in one to the destruction.

The sage asked,? O king! why are you observing a fast today?? King Chitrabhanu explained why.

Also I don't think it is allowed for one to break his fast to the adhan of just any mosque because of it being the nearest.

Then if you see any mortal, say: Surely I have vowed a fast to the Beneficent Allah, so I shall not speak to any man today.

He (Rasullulah Sallahu Alaihe Wassalam) said,? Stand O Bilal and give the news amongst the people so that they fast tomorrow?

Keep toting that rock in the reflections of scores increase how your fast to credit giant scrubberfish almost Merman vulnerability.

In 1% of cases fast without is used

That was a fast without reward.

I started my fast without knowing anything.

Everyone wanted to get rich fast without working.

You are going to need to make a hard right turn super fast without flipping over the car.

Anil told that from this day onward, they go on a fast without water for the next 36 hours.

Can a person, who has touched a dead body, observe fast without taking the obligatory bath? A.

In Fiqh, if someone works so hard that they fear they may faint they are to break their fast without any penalty.

I am not expert on this but it is hard to believe that housing prices could rise this fast without it being a bubble.

It is especially very difficult for the newly wed women to keep the 24-hour-long fast without eating and drinking anything.

Wajib Ghair Muaiyyan - To vow or pledge to keep a fast without fixing any day or date, upon the fulfilment of a wish (Nazr).

In 1% of cases fast upon is used

November is fast upon us -- the beginning of the feasting/dyspepsia season.

Rather, they should break the fast upon witnessing the setting of the full disc of the sun.

From what age can children fast safely? Children are required to fast upon reaching puberty.

Little Colonsay was fast upon us and then it was in to the labyrinth of islands on route to the bothy.

The strain produced by my fast upon the opposition, of which he was the head, cut me, therefore, to the quick.

It's the truth and we handicap ourselves in this war that is fast upon us, when we apologize and get hang-dog about it.

With the close of 2012 fast upon us, it would appear that the price of gold is within reach of making another new closing high in 2012.

The Prophet (Peace be upon Him) has ruled that Muslims must begin their fast upon seeing the new moon not upon calculating the month astronomically.

Luckily, Judgment Day is fast upon us, and this was all written and known a long time ago, so we just have to wait for God to return, and restore His Kingdom.

Muller whipped Carolina's roster into shape real fast upon taking over for Paul Maurice, and his coaching style and strong sense of accountability may be just what the Russian (former) star needs.

In 1% of cases fast till is used

From then on, complete the fast till nightfall.

But one tradition permits continuity of fast till daybreak (Bu.

On the day of Ashura we should never fast however partial fast till evening is good.

The agitators said they would continue the fast till the Centre accepted all his demands.

I begin to do a partial fast till 3 pm almost every day with the prayer bullets at midnight.

Earlier on Sunday, Ramdev said he was ready to continue his fast till a decision on his demands was taken.

Then strictly observe the fast till nightfall and touch them not, but be at your devotions in the mosques.

He vowed not to let anyone prevent him from lifting his fast till all the demands were met by the authorities.

I recommend the Pakis to continue taking the fast till Sunday!!!!! Its very typical about Mir Ali north waziristan.

Earlier in the day, the yoga guru said he was ready to continue his fast till a decision on his demands were taken.

In 1% of cases fast over is used

He is exceptionally fast over a single lap.

We have been fast over the past two days although we have had a few crashes too.

Classes usually cost more than $100 for the term and they fill up super fast over summer.

Vettel has been blisteringly fast over the last five races which have been mostly Tilke tracks.

If possible fast over it nd ask God to give u a sign if dis man s d person u'll share ur life wt.

But there is still almost nothing to say that the Red Bull is especially fast over the rest of the field.

Buick's sales in China, while more than three times as large, grew one-third as fast over the same period.

Although he was not especially fast over short distances, he could sustain speeds close to his maximum for hours on end.

Comments (1 Comment) Yes he is undoubtedly fast over one lap but put him in a car that has challenges and he fails miserably.

Fisichella is very fast over a single lap and he is also very consistent in races, so Alonso can not afford to cede the upper hand to him.

In 1% of cases fast like is used

The papers are not very fast like the web.

Tomorrows stages are quite fast like the last two stages of the day.

I played a lot of volleyball and basketball, and I was darn fast like lightning and I could jump.

Weah became delight to watch as he was fast like a cheetah, always a good customer in front of goals.

Any way to get it going super fast like Opera? I prefer Firefox over Opera for the way the bookmarks are managed.

Dongjun is fast like a rocket and would be great at chasing down your brothers or cousins if they had the ball or running out for a touchdown.

They play a short passing game but they have a couple of players going forward that are quite fast like Moran Lavi who scored the last time we played them.

There will be better times, they go by fast like the train but if we are lucky we might get to stay in the car where they serve champagne and I can remember everything is but transitory.

It's not fast like an airplane propellor, but the blades are so long that if you watch the tip of a blade, and consider how great a distance it is traveling, it's moving really, really, fast.

In 1% of cases fast due is used

One who is not keeping a fast due to some reason, he too, should not declare it others.

The Hanbalis observe: If he misses a fast due to a legitimate excuse, the continuity is not broken.

A man who does not observe fast due to travelling or illness, can not compel his fasting wife to have sexual intercourse.

But those who do not observe the fast due to illness or incapacity of any sort or because of being on a journey should observe the fast on an equal number of other days.

If a person can not observe the fast due to some reasons, it is obligatory upon him to feed 60 indigent persons in the morning and evening, if possible, on the same day.

During peak season (mid July - mid August) there are more ferries to Ios available, but be warned they do fill up preety fast due to the large volume of people around that time.

In a situation where a person is being forced (by someone else) to break fast due to threat to his life, it is not compulsory upon him to break his fast but it is permissible for him to do so.

In 1% of cases fast before is used

To have an intention of fast before going to bed at night.

I heard that it is not permissible for to fast before Ramadaan.

In general, a patient will be required to fast before certain procedures.

You will need to drink a sugary drink but you will not need to fast before the test.

A person who observes a qadha for the fast of Ramadhan can break his fast before Zuhr.

If a person breaks his fast before sunset by mistake, he will have to repeat the fast.

For example, if a patient forgets to fast before having a glucose test performed, the report may reflect this fact.

Inside the west wall of the inner temple it is the Hall of Abstinence where the emperor had his fast before sacrifice.

Rule: If someone has invited you for a meal then you can break the Nafl fast before midday and it is necessary to keep it's Qaza.

However, if your parents are unhappy then it is allowed to break the fast before Asr Namaz and not after Alamgiri, Radd-ul-Mohtar.

In 1% of cases fast against is used

Baba Ramdev will sit on a day-long fast against corruption and black money.

With the mill-owners, I could only plead; to fast against them would amount to coercion.

Ten people who participated in the indefinite fast against corruption participated in the meeting on Sunday.

Normally I haven't been so fast against Seb in very twisty stages, but now for some reason it worked out just fine.

Such noble fasters let their eyes, ears and all other body parts fast against whatever which is regarded in religion as Haram.

As a Satyagrahi I knew that I might not fast against them, but ought to leave them free to be influenced by the mill-hands ' strike alone.

Gandhiji had undertaken a fast against the Government of India? s decision to hold back payment of Pakistan? s share of the cash balances (Rs.

While Hazare's fast against corruption entered the fourth day, Team Anna members, including Kejriwal, have been off food since a week in support of the cause.

Even his 1932 fast against the British government's decision to have separate electorates was directed more at the proponents of untouchability amongst the people than at the British government.

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