Prepositions after "exciting"

exciting for, to, about, in or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases exciting for is used

How exciting for a 12 year old.

It is so exciting for the school.

Make it fun and exciting for them.

This is exciting for people of all ages as it is a factual part of American history.

The author has produced a well-researched history that is no less exciting for that.

It must be exciting for you and in some ways romantic, you know, confronting danger.

People have got to realize that all reality shows add a liitle fakeness to make it more exciting for the viewers.

And what better way to make Christmas exciting for kids than with toys, gadgets, electronic games or cell phones.

I think this might be particularly good for children, who always need something new and exciting for their dinner.

Though resupply is important, significant science sample return capability is exciting for the research community.

In 12% of cases exciting to is used

This stuff is so exciting to me.

It was all pretty exciting to me.

Definetly nothing exciting to me.

It's exciting to us to see that same sort of response from the media, from the fans.

I always love to teach this course, and this version is particularly exciting to me.

The French side had given everything in a game that was exciting to the last whistle.

There is no doubt that the idea of an interactive hot spot is more exciting to marketers than consumers, ' she adds.

We have a marketing agency in San Francisco and what is exciting to me is how important content becomes in all this.

Dubbed ' The Sound of Young Scotland ' by label head Alan Horne, the music remains vital and exciting to modern ears.

Organise a sleepover Not many things are as exciting to children as staying up past their bedtime with their friends.

In 10% of cases exciting about is used

Nothing too exciting about that.

That's what's exciting about it.

I am so exciting about this drama.

The fact was, I was milked like a cow and there isn't anything exciting about it.

Plus, there is something incredibly exciting about the start of a new school year.

What is exciting about it is that GECPD came up with the land through local donors.

What's really exciting about Fine Art America's story is that the company earned $1 million in revenue in 2009.

There's nothing exciting about opening up a bunch of briefcases and unlike Hotseat you can't play along at home.

There's something so exciting about rummaging through old stuff -- you never know what gem you're going to find.

Comfort is just as important as the quality of your tires and that's what's so exciting about these newest tires.

In 10% of cases exciting in is used

But it was exciting in hindsight.

Everything James finds exciting in a man.

This has made sports more exciting in my opinion.

It will be the first time we have come together to race which is exciting in itself.

It's fresh, new and exciting in a way that it can never be with future partnerships.

To help add level to your landscape images put something exciting in your foreground.

If you have ever found anything surprising, unusual or exciting in our collections we would love to hear about it.

It whispered lies in the dark, and eventually turned all that was beautiful and exciting in this world to darkness.

But this was more; in its lonely seclusion, in its dark and terrible history, it was exciting in its impressiveness.

In 5% of cases exciting of is used

The most exciting of all was an 84 ' drop.

First, the less exciting of the two stories.

Shaw and (most exciting of all) of defending Mr.

Disclosure of World Changing Information This next part is the most exciting of all.

But this is the biggest and most exciting of the 3 sets and what everyone wants to buy.

I for one can't wait and most exciting of all, Ma Puce is raring to try it out as well.

The zip line is operated by Chukka Caribbean Adventures and the most exciting of their three zip lines in Jamaica.

And not just any storm, but that most pants-wettingly exciting of all meteorological media creations: A weather bomb.

I was travelling in Jordan and had to spend a couple of days in the capital, Amman -- not the most exciting of cities.

The Executive LLM is one of the most innovative and intellectually exciting of LLM programmes offered in Europe today.

In 4% of cases exciting at is used

It's exciting at the same time.

Everything is exciting at night.

Boring and exciting at the same time.

Life for those with political blood in our veins gets very exciting at election time.

I would suggest that the game is more exciting at 2000 points than at the larger size.

Starting your own company can be frightening and exciting at the But for sure its never boring.

This Connacht final might have been dreadfully exciting at times but for long periods, it was just plain dreadful.

I tend to ignore stuff like that because, to be honest, menswear as a whole just isn't that exciting at the moment.

In the later years doing things as mundane as refereeing school B division matches was as exciting at anything else.

So even though these articles might not seem too exciting at first glance, they make a difference in people's lives.

In 4% of cases exciting with is used

He's also exciting with the computers world.

Exciting with action and familiar characters.

Life is more exciting with adventure! Keep a journal.

What is exciting with this place is the vast art and culture you could experience.

The game got more exciting with the prize money snowballing as the game progresses.

Rosy Business III (???? 3) -- Looks exciting with all those explosives and gun fights.

It's a combination of cheese and bacon on a crusty flat bread made all the more exciting with caramelized onion.

It was selectively amusing to all ages and at times exciting with many nods and references to the original story.

Introducing the new Kids Menu, Aria makes family dining even more exciting with its choices of child-friendly dishes.

This little journey has made the past year pretty exciting with all of these uber-gadgets to work with and write about.

In 3% of cases exciting as is used

Santorum is about exciting as a a 405 traffic jam.

And pro surfers are as pro and exciting as the other sports.

The future of the web is exciting as a communication medium.

Travelling and going on holidays can be exciting as well as quite daunting at times.

Conclusion This is an exciting as well as a critical time in the history of coral reefs.

As with any journey, the ' spiritual journey ' can also be exciting as well as challenging.

This should be exciting as the two artistes are capable of taking their audience through myriad states of emotion.

Gameplay, like your character's interaction with the environment, can be as boring or exciting as the player wants.

It'smore exciting as an actor to discover that I can make today's SMS generation realise that love is of one type only.

This multiplicity from the aspects of Italy in addition is an exciting as well as assorted vacation within a one region.

In 2% of cases exciting by is used

Ooohhh we got exciting by reading what they offer.

You can make it exciting by doing something that even scares you.

Could be seen as exciting by some! Rafa had a chance and never took it.

She tried to make it a bit more exciting by tweeting the following about it: ' New Tat.

You can make this change more fun and exciting by getting an original bed or new sheets.

But to the team who took on the work, it was a challenge made exciting by its absurdity.

It got no less exciting by the end of the time that all the second riders had been in the arena in Greenwich Park.

This tour is made all the more exciting by lots of little trivia nuggets, giving you great behind-the-scenes insight.

The results, published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, are called exciting by researchers.

We all have our favorite wrestlers and it's natural to want to keep things exciting by building them up alongside others.

In 2% of cases exciting from is used

I guess it was exciting from a fan standpoint.

Very bright and exciting from start to finish.

At the same time, it is exciting from an opportunity viewpoint.

The match was exciting from the start, as Murray won the first-set tie-breaker 12-10.

Nothing particularly exciting from either of them, but they kept the crowds entertained.

Veronica: It sounds so exciting from that very day when you wrote your first angry words.

The island had looked more exciting from shore? the kind of place you'd send Morse code signals to if you were a kid.

How have things changed since the takeover by EA Games in July 2011? PB: It has been very exciting from our experience.

Even solutions to problems that never existed (useless features) can sound extremely exciting from Apple marketing presenters (eg.

In 2% of cases exciting on is used

Do something exciting on a river.

Pros: They're exciting on many levels.

I'd sure it will be exciting on both sides.

You were like naming all Liverpool players like they did something exciting on Sunday.

This is totally exciting on my end and hopefully I won't pass out from the adrenaline.

There are some stand out moments in the campaign, such as the exciting on rails sections.

The South African has his faults defensively but is exciting on the ball and can provide width from a central area.

The visions to throw the Aquatics Centre and the velodrome open to the public, in particular, are exciting on paper.

In 1% of cases exciting after is used

So October turned out be really exciting after all.

It turns out that the Morlocks eat the Eloi! It gets more exciting after that.

It's the simple pleasures that keep cliff jumping exciting after all these years.

And what you should know is that sex is no longer exciting after sum age in life.

And the trip hadn't started yet! We knew that things will go more and more exciting after that.

It is truly exciting after so many years to see a playground which fires the imagination like this.

Once I took the course and finally lost my Internet virginity, it didn't seem that exciting after all.

So when her secret lover moved on to something more exciting after six years and had no apologies about it, she was heartbroken.

The original Back to the Future remains fresh and exciting after a quarter of a century largely thanks to its inherent simplicity.

I was pregnant with our fourth child, which was very exciting after a painful miscarriage, but I was so tired, and so taxed, and so hormonal.

In 1% of cases exciting because is used

It's very exciting because of that.

It was all the more exciting because of that.

Cricket has gotten more exciting because of it.

Historical fiction is exciting because of the similarities, not the differences.

HTML promised a connectivity that was exciting because of the narrative device it could become.

To me to deny that something can be exciting because of something that happens extremely rarely is.

R is exciting because of who is working on it, and how much net-new innovation is happening on a daily basis.

To a console gamer who's just joined Facebook FarmVille is exciting because of where it is as well as what it is.

But I think that the opportunity in the current role is far more exciting because of the ability to serve the market with scale.

In sci-fi an ordinary protagonist discovers an extraordinary world, and the genre is exciting because of the emotional dissonance.

In 1% of cases exciting like is used

Then, on a special day like a holiday, we may do something exciting like rock climbing.

These contingencies are not funny or exciting like coincidences; they are cruel and cleverly shocking.

Eoin: There's no romantic story of me inheriting my Grandad's Leica that he used during the war, or anything exciting like that.

I would rather read something exciting like Harry Potter and DaVinci Code than something vapid like Huckleberry Finn and Hamlet.

Introduction to Rockets are Things To Do With Kids Hertfordshire this half term, will your kids be doing something exciting like this.

The future should always completely open, alive and vibrant, exciting like a fresh flower as long as we do not bring the expectation of the past.

She took part in team activities (which she does at school anyway, but these more exciting like kayaking etc ), shared a dorm and ate lovely nutritional meals as part of a group.

Pictures of Tim McVeigh looking like a biker, disguised, because what he was engaged in was not innocent street-racing, not even something a little more exciting like drag-strip racing.

And for goodness sakes, if you're going to be out and about in your underwear, at least wear your good underwear, maybe something exciting like satin or leopard print or satin leopard print.

I kept waking up and trying to think of something else to dream about, something more exciting like how I was going to do laundry the next day, but inevitably my brain would go back to knitting.

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