Prepositions after "excessive"

"excessive in" or "excessive for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases excessive in is used

There is nothing excessive in this.

Penalties are excessive interest rates.

However, the use of force must not be excessive in relation to the harm threatened.

ON Energie's annual turnover, could not be considered as excessive in the light of.

Excessive borrowing carries a lot of risk, doesn't it? Clearly, the borrowing was excessive in the last election.

For the authorities were excessive in oppressing them, abasing them, and forcing them to do what they had disliked.

In 18% of cases excessive for is used

That is pretty excessive for Irving.

This does not seem excessive for five months.

Noise may be excessive for a number of reasons.

There were times when the load of passengers became too excessive for equilibrium.

A table was the go-to choice but the markup seemed excessive for such a small table.

The 15M price tag may seem excessive for a player that simply doesn't do much wrong.

They are also investigating claims that Miss Nagy's severance package was excessive for a person of her position.

You could argue 24m is excessive for RVP due to his age and past injury record but the quaility is unquestionable.

In addition, Quest endeavours not to hold information which is unnecessary or excessive for its intended purpose/s.

It's very hard to lease vacant premises to new tenants when the expenses are excessive for any property of their type.

In 12% of cases excessive to is used

That seems excessive to me but that's the law.

And telling one family friend doesn't seem excessive to me.

What may seem excessive to you may be average for someone else.

At almost $400 spent and to have it last for about 5 months, seems excessive to me.

Using the death penalty for crimes such as rape and kidnapping seems excessive to me.

I am the first to defend the franchise on product placement but it seemed excessive to me.

Because the slack in the chain alows excessive to and aft movement, beyond the correction capabilities of the VVTI.

But now since then I have had 4 periods in a month and a half which is excessive to me i was on depo for over 2 yrs.

These figures might seems excessive to the general public who know nothing about building works and the maintenance cycle.

Ok, a ' reasonable ' amount of time is required and probate itself can take many months but 5 years sounds excessive to me.

In 5% of cases excessive by is used

Secondly, the outstanding debt was still excessive by 2000.

The sacrifices were enormous; they were excessive by almost any standard and excessively great.

A thing of monetary value is one which is evidently or manifestly excessive by its very nature.

The company initially lobbied for an increase of 28% but this was thought to be excessive by the regulator at the time.

Profitability and purchases have to have excessive by 10% through the last tax year, the excellence of the credit requirements little.

Firstly, with regards to many of us the interest rate for the visa card is particularly excessive by the demands of a lot of other types of funding.

Even if someone requests a book off your list on Saturday evening, having to wait until Tues or Weds for a response wouldn't be excessive by any means.

It's a pretty cruel thing to do to a kid, but given the cruel things Daken probably does to his lovers I doubt it's all that excessive by his standards.

Ludicrously excessive by RL's lights, woefully understated by VR 's, the tone of exu's response made sense only in the buzzing, dissonant gap between them.

In the end, his demands were deemed too excessive by Lakers executive Jim Buss, son of team owner Jerry Buss, who never hit it off with Jackson in his previous stint as coach.

In 4% of cases excessive with is used

Americans are excessive with everything we do and now we are paying the price.

Be sure to not be too excessive with your link exchanges and do not make this your entire link building method.

Unfortunately, they hid a dark secret: Ike was excessive with drink and drugs, and domineering and violent with Tina.

Include this with the fairly priced accommodation and if you don't go excessive with the luxuries you can manage on $45.

If you're using recreational drugs or are a little excessive with alcohol, you'll want to curb your use of these substances.

Thus two nights ago she was already prepared mentally; she still praised the fans for being very nice and not trying to do anything excessive with her.

Being excessive with workouts can certainly help build muscle mass a lot faster, but it could also rupture the collagen and elastin fibers under the skin.

There are innumerable totally free casino websites that will give you an opportunity to play your best game that too without investing excessive with your part.

Pasqual(6) -- shuts down Maicon all match, had some decent crosses, got a yellow for excessive complaining in the refs mind, in reality it was Valeri who was excessive with his cards all match.

In 2% of cases excessive due is used

Free, I only think its excessive due to the fact I hope she will change.

The company's costs have plagued its progress, and are still excessive due to the manufacturing and logical requirements involved.

This is because English spelling is so idiosyncratic, the word-building is so irregular and the vocabulary is so excessive due to importation of synonyms.

Before that services were limited, investment was not available to improve equipment, and staffing was excessive due to politicization (which also led to poor discipline amongst employees).

In 2% of cases excessive of is used

Ayer met that most excessive of Continental thinkers, Georges Bataille, in a Parisian bar in 1951.

Selecting Christmas presents for buddies, acquaintances and loved ones that will certainly be born in mind and valued is therefore not excessive of a difficult.

Another thing of concern is excessive of piercings done in the ear or usage of all kinds of artificial jewelery which is made from cheap metals which are toxic to human body.

That being stated, never look for the Battery chargers to cave immediately until of course the injuries bug gets as well wonderful to in excessive of arrive in addition they frantically want McNeil.

In 2% of cases excessive on is used

There is excessive on the line.

My drinking was not excessive on a regular basis.

Unless the court finds the delay excessive on its face, it will not examine the remaining factors.

As a result, economists say there is a logic to the budget plan, even if the figures look excessive on first glance.

No, I'd very much in favour of cutting unproductive spending -- the grossly excessive on the military in both the US and the UK, for example.

There's all this complaint about how candidates for government offices this year were excessive on the usage of media to promote themselves and the massive amount they spent on it.

In 2% of cases excessive relative is used

The neo-Keynesian economic mainstream doesn't see anything wrong with this in principle, as long as debts don't become excessive relative to GDP.

If you find that the amount of time spent on the hiring process is excessive relative to the value delivered, then it is time to streamline in some way.

The main standard in explaining more than 250 crises studied is whether debt is excessive relative to national income, even though idiosyncrasies apply in each case.

If pensioners live longer, if investment returns are poor or if benefits have been promised which are excessive relative to cash contributions, the collective fund can go into deficit.

In 1% of cases excessive about is used

There is nothing excessive about good visibility.

Don't worry excessive about making your web site excellent.

There's nothing excessive about it and its qualities lie in its simplicity; simple in design and simple to use.

Furthermore, many individuals prefer to not feel excessive about piles up until the issue have designed to the stage exactly where these are rather not comfortable.

I never thought I was excessive about sun, but I was a lifeguard, used a home sun lamp (sold them in the 60 's) &; had so many bad burns I can't begin to remember how many.

In 1% of cases excessive according is used

The expenditure programme of the Papandreou government during 1981 -- 1990 has been described as excessive according to some.

In 1% of cases excessive as is used

Finally he argued that, even if competent, the 3 year order was excessive as the appellant had no previous history of causing trouble or violence.

Second, while the sentence imposed may well be stiff, the sentence was not so manifestly excessive as to warrant the interference by the Court on appeal.

A measurement of 88db isn't particularly excessive as a one off but don't be fooled into thinking you can remove your ear plugs just because it doesn't sound that loud.

In 1% of cases excessive at is used

Some noises can be excessive at any time of the day.

Had no problems with queuing though security can be excessive at times.

You are aghast at how much you drink in any given week though it never seems excessive at the.

It does seem quite excessive at times but it is more in fitting with the more grim tone of this game.

This is not a scenic Zhangjiajie, is one of nature's wonders, the best in all the land bridge name was not excessive at.

Going out twice a month is not excessive at all- in fact I have happily married friends who go out once a week with the lads.

In 1% of cases excessive from is used

I know they have to keep them under control, but it seemed a little excessive from where I was standing.

Weight problems is at an all time excessive from sugar and processed grains which themselves are turned to sugar when digested.

In 1% of cases excessive over is used

It will also enable you to see whether your training is adequate or excessive over time.

Excessive over heating leads to breakdown of transformer insulating oil with evolution of gases.

The Maharani's excessive drinking grows more excessive over the years and her beauty begins to fade.

To further tighten control the new manager removed certain parts of flexibility (less work from home options, no compensation/time-off for excessive over time, etc.

So its catch 22 in many ways, and if you are bipolar sleeping tablets are often the best way of interrupting a period of mania and deadening the excessive over thinking that goes with it.

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