Prepositions after "envious"

envious of, at, about, for or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 92% of cases envious of is used

I for one am envious of you all.

Also- I am envious of your curls.

And I am certainly envious of you.

For Americans, all their enemies are barbaric and envious of the great American life.

Your descriptions and metaphors are terrific and I'd somewhat envious of your talent.

Envious of their exalted state, Narada wished to become the most famous of the Rishis.

I'd envious of your idyllic location, and getting out in the snow even a little bit can help chase away cabin fever.

I in no way detest or judge your decision to ride a bike, I am in fact envious of it (again, the ego in action here).

From flag-waving American undergraduates to overseas graduate students, you are all envious of the Canadian mystique.

In 2% of cases envious at is used

At some point, I felt envious at him.

But I guess people would be envious at the fact that you get to see the world.

Having read about your life in the last couple of months I admittedly have felt envious at times.

Indians feel envious at the prosperity of the Muslims whether they are Bangladeshis or Pakistanis.

At this point, I can't help but be amazed and even envious at how strong Junrey is even at his tender age.

We're pretty envious at the thought of how many people are currently pondering on what to spend their money on.

You've seen rift game enthusiasts that can manage to admire every day, have you been envious at these types of occasions.

I would not dispute life can be grim on certain estates, and that some people become envious at the apparent success of others.

Though we were a little envious at the end as we watched them greeted with glasses of champagne by their VIP tour company when they reached the bottom.

Anyway, I found myself envious at all my mommy friends who had decked their little girls in matching dresses, white shoes, new hats, and their boys in new matching suits, etc.

In 1% of cases envious about is used

Want to hear more to be envious about? 6 metres for $5.

There is much less to be envious about and we are weaker.

She was also envious about Franklin's attention for the baby.

His spirit becomes upset because it feels that it has less than what he is envious about.

However, some unpleasant people were envious about the reputation and popularity of Imam Bukhari.

People need to start tlooking at what peopel pay rather being envious about what people have left.

Generally in these situations we will find it is the relationship we are more envious about rather the the friends mate.

Isn't translation the best profession in the world? It surely can be something to be envious about, but it's not impossible.

As a man of faith, I doubt he would have sunk to the level of being so materialistic and envious about who makes more money than so and so.

Diana could have lived and easily got away being compared fashion wise but there was one thing Diana might have been envious about the younger woman.

In 1% of cases envious for is used

I'd not envious for them and I don't want to be them.

I was somewhat envious for a long time, the doll that every girl at school seemed to own.

Watson went off and addressed his keeper in terms which made that worthy envious for a week.

Many countries that were not colonised by the British are envious for want of the English language.

Then the beautiful flame tree appeared with its red flowers and the baobab was envious for flower blossoms.

It doesn't make the Nexus 7 any poorer as a tablet, even if it leaves me a little envious for the full Nexus 7 experience.

The folks over at AusDroid have just clued in to the Play Store going live for purchase, and everyone else in the world is envious for just a few hours while you guys get the head start.

In 1% of cases envious to is used

She is jealous and envious to both of them.

Mita-vag anasuyakah: and not envious to anyone.

A person full of anguish heart, jealousy and envious to everyone.

As their friendship grew, she -became more envious to the point that she would be very upset.

Exquisite line, beautiful feet and rotated legs, displaying a technique envious to most, enabled Amber to be presented so skilfully by Adam.

In 1% of cases envious with is used

I feel envious with you sometime.

Yes, I feel very envious with people who would be able to lead a ' happily ever after ' life.

Mac and Flack confront the real James: he was broke and envious with how well Mitch was doing in his old life.

Martin have just had 5 weeks of Spanish classes in Quito, and speaks perfectly - we are quite envious with him.

So it is within the of anywere that your pentoxifylline was envious with him, but the vent went usualy and favored anyway.

I remember that someone who was envious with the beauty of the ladies pictures on the ' Sigiri ' walls painting the drawings with tar.

We can easily get envious with what our neighbors and friends have achieved financially and are willing to do what's possible to earn the same.

But in other dryer countries, people there are always envious with their neighbours lawn because it looks more beautiful than their own and more green than their own.

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