Prepositions after "enjoyable"

enjoyable for, in, to, with or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases enjoyable for is used

It was truly enjoyable for all.

But enjoyable for the fans out there.

WSB may just be more enjoyable for him.

It was our pleasure to make it both relaxing and enjoyable for you and the family.

It's brilliantly alive, increasingly challenging, and all the more enjoyable for it.

It is a great experience for candidates and surprisingly enjoyable for the audience.

Here's how to spend the next week, so next Thursday is as enjoyable for you, the cook, as it is for your guests.

The idea of having a useless tag-along that couldn't even slightly defend itself was not enjoyable for me at all.

Musically it's great for me, but they're all giving their time for charity so I want it to be enjoyable for them.

One of the things, is that it is going to make education affordable and enjoyable for me and other people as well.

In 11% of cases enjoyable in is used

It's enjoyable in spite of that.

Don't expect it to be enjoyable in May.

Chilly morning is enjoyable in Balcony.

Hard to give up everything enjoyable in life to focus on building a silly structure.

It was a lovely day, and it was very enjoyable in large part due to being in Jim's care.

The city has its own array of seasonal charms that makes it enjoyable in all the months.

Beginning your blog may be enjoyable in addition to rewarding if you've found yourself the basic principles suitable.

I mean TDKR for example is a movie not suitable for 3D but Avatar definitely is and it's less enjoyable in 2D format.

Probably they're not having any enjoyable in their lives, maybe devoting as well significantly interest to their work.

Apparently the journey can be less enjoyable in the dry season as the lake is quite shallow and groundings are common.

In 8% of cases enjoyable to is used

Life in the school is enjoyable to them.

That seems to be the most enjoyable to me.

That makes purchasing easier and enjoyable to the.

Always exercise in a way that is enjoyable to you and that fits with your lifestyle.

It is particularly enjoyable to holding in the hand where it feels completely natural.

The important thing is that these activities are enjoyable to you and are chosen by you.

Still, it has been a million times more enjoyable to was Habs ' games in the middle of the night all these years.

A number of spices and herbs are used in Mexican cooking, making these dishes more enjoyable to the Indian palate.

Why concern yourself with how much time you spend doing things? They are enjoyable to you and that is reason enough.

The Florida teams are very enjoyable to me, and if I ever move, I'll really need to find a way to watch them from afar.

In 6% of cases enjoyable with is used

It is much more enjoyable with a gamepad.

Rather, attempt to have enjoyable with it.

This game is much more enjoyable with friends.

Lectures become very enjoyable with all the current affairs and trends in market.

Our members were enjoyable with the games and food provided by our sub-committees.

Together, His or her silliness can be a majority of enjoyable with correct approach.

As I met, new people, taught them what I know and overall it was fun and enjoyable with my friends at lunchtime.

It is especially enjoyable with a -10C wind out of the north so when it is time to take it off it is frozen like a board.

Regarding user experience, my Playbook is more enjoyable with sideloaded applications like Kindle, Words with Friends etc.

The tournament was thoroughly enjoyable with Ireland losing only one match, a semi final to a powerful New South Wales side.

In 5% of cases enjoyable as is used

Brewed to be enjoyable as a sipping or fireside beer.

Ice fishing ought to be enjoyable as well as relaxing.

It's very easy going and enjoyable as opposed to work.

There are few things as calming an enjoyable as a drive with a fun gang in the rain.

Cities are more enjoyable as a place to visit knowing you will be leaving again soon.

Mercenaries Mercenaries mode return in Resident Evil 6 and just as enjoyable as it was before.

All walks in Mafia are enjoyable as the people of Mafia are friendly and do not harass visitors for any gifts or money.

For example, Exit Ghost is much more enjoyable as a takedown of the literary world than as a story of literary suffering.

For those who discover water attractive you'll find a lot of amazing, enjoyable as well as fun sports activities in water.

FUNNY! Star Trek, as new animated cartoon, could be very enjoyable as a light hearted parody or spoof of our favorite tv show.

In 5% of cases enjoyable by is used

LBP should be enjoyable by all.

Music is another thing enjoyable by itself.

The trip was made enjoyable by it's smoothness.

However, millions of brave Chicagoans make the season more enjoyable by staying warm.

And even if you don't understand the lyrics, the music is usually enjoyable by itself.

What is inauspicious and unrighteous is only enjoyable by the demons and those who are evil.

This was made all the more enjoyable by the fantastic welcome that we received from yourselves and all your staff.

I wouldn't did this, especially since there was no contact not less than 8 years which was enjoyable by any means.

My first trip (alone) to Niagara Falls for a conference was made relaxing and enjoyable by your very friendly support.

They've updated the practical elements to a point that makes the game enjoyable by modern standards, without remaking the game.

In 3% of cases enjoyable about is used

The shift in tone is part of what is enjoyable about the poem.

There is nothing artistic nor enjoyable about seeing a player dive in with two feet.

That's what's enjoyable about those shows, no matter how much we don't want to admit it.

That? s what? s enjoyable about those shows, no matter how much we don? t want to admit it.

I do miss feeling more in shape, but there was nothing enjoyable about going to the gym for me.

Here's where I'd start: 1) Think about what's enjoyable about reading a magazine or a newspaper.

As a slightly spoiled rider, it's hard to find anything enjoyable about choking on dust or slipping out in corners.

Any of these activities can become boring if we don't strive to find something interesting or enjoyable about them.

And there's just something thoroughly enjoyable about a plot involving what happens when gold-farming goes so wrong.

There's something strangely enjoyable about sitting on the porch at night waiting for when its cool enough to sleep.

In 3% of cases enjoyable at is used

So not enjoyable at every turn.

The backgrounds are so much more enjoyable at this size.

Indeed, it'll be thrilling and enjoyable at the same time.

The pool itself seems comfortable and the atmosphere would have been enjoyable at times.

It was enjoyable at Williams and got great results, but I really didn't work hard enough.

It was really fun within senior high school and it is nevertheless enjoyable at this point.

I try to stay healthy and work in some exercise in my schedule, which is made more enjoyable at the Rockwell Club.

The English classes are so enjoyable at IHF Jakarta; I assist the local volunteer teachers with the English classes.

I know your work is important, but I hope it's also enjoyable at some -hopefully not too gluttonous for punishment- level.

The course will include information from recent scholarship, survey and excavation, and should prove enjoyable at most levels.

In 3% of cases enjoyable on is used

And that is why web browsing is more enjoyable on my 4.

I found airline food more enjoyable on the way back home.

While we love our city living, it was enjoyable on a rainy.

The whole idea is that you're re-releasing the game so it is enjoyable on new consoles.

I find YouTube much more enjoyable on my TV set - it's as much better viewing experience.

The game was no scary, it did not play well, and it certainly was not enjoyable on many levels.

Once you know what you really are doing, it is much easier to have enjoyable on the following camping out getaway.

Our time through Pakistan was also one of the most enjoyable on our trip, we must thank Ayub Khan http: //hkttreks.

Greatness comes in many forms, and all great movies are enjoyable on some level for anyone who's willing to think about them.

Sangria can be the perfect accompaniment to a light summer meal or a few tapas, and is perfectly enjoyable on its own (of course!).

In 2% of cases enjoyable from is used

It's super easy and enjoyable from here on.

It was pretty enjoyable from beginning to end.

You could possibly even have enjoyable from it.

Sea breeze makes the climate very enjoyable from June to September.

Nevertheless, I felt the fight was enjoyable from a technical perspective.

The extra mile was evident and really enjoyable from a customer point of view.

While still enjoyable from an adult perspective, it doesn't quite tick all the boxes you might hope.

Successful Story of a Bright Girl is full of laughs and tears and is enjoyable from beginning to end.

The decor in Bear is really cool and contemporary and just the entire experience was very enjoyable from start to finish.

Theres other ways to make the experience enjoyable from the Nova Centre's Argyle street side and i think you know my thoughts on what that could be.

In 2% of cases enjoyable of is used

Breaking Dawn, part 1, was, in my opinion, the most enjoyable of the three.

I have ALLways found that choosing LOVE was the most enJOYable of choices to BE made.

An amazing way to start what turned out to be the most enjoyable of the Weta Nationals to date.

Feeling like a wallflower until a boyfriend happens along is probably the least enjoyable of them.

His beautiful performance reminds us what a musical piece this most poignant and enjoyable of plays is.

This surprise adds an extra depth to the story making Bride of the Beast all that more enjoyable of a read.

Having watched all three numerous times with my 2-year-old, I find that one the least enjoyable of the trilogy.

The best and enjoyable of all is riding on the camels and seeing many more doing it at the sand dunes of the Sahara.

Place silk leaves, gourds, apples or small pumpkins across the cake display table to include an enjoyable of entirety.

I've had a number of who were offended by it, thinking we were looking to make enjoyable of these with speech impediments.

In 1% of cases enjoyable after is used

It's sad because the first Xros Wars was actually somewhat enjoyable after a while.

After the fruit starts to fade, you get the fine tannins, which were very enjoyable after 45 minutes in decanter.

Monsters Inc (Judged by the fact that the kids kept watching it and I found it still enjoyable after the third time.

Life will be very pleasant and enjoyable after his descension and the Muslims will live in comfort in his reign as a Khalifh.

Not bad, and all without any planning! Finding that yoga has become more enjoyable after losing weight and becoming fitter through PCP.

However, the facilities tend to be basic, so if you have the necessary finances staying in a comfortable hotel can be very enjoyable after a day on bumpy park tracks.

One could think of all the pleasures one could have and realize that it is the job that makes these possible and from there see the hob is actually enjoyable after all.

While I can say that it surprised me that the show was lightly attended, it only made it that much more enjoyable after a crazy weekend of sold out shows and ravenous crowds.

In 1% of cases enjoyable because is used

It was enjoyable because of Ali's energy, humour, and depth of his self-awareness.

The trail will be fully enjoyable because of the help from the Alpine hiking sessions.

So, our victory celebrations were all the more enjoyable because of the birth of my son.

Both Adam and Kris seem relaxed into the evening - just enjoying performing in the way they do, and all the more enjoyable because of that.

The laughter is also plentiful throughout the play, and all the more enjoyable because of the strains of heartache running underneath the surface.

The irony is that when I do turn it on, it is enjoyable because of the memories those images evoke and the inspiration to go out and capture more.

The lemon jelly curd was also very delicious, The art tea was enjoyable because of the great service and the combination of works of art and pastry.

I would never do this port on my own, but I felt very safe with Jamal and would definitely recommend him, as our trip was made more enjoyable because of him.

In 1% of cases enjoyable without is used

Very enjoyable without being over the top hoppy.

Making commuting by bike safer and more enjoyable without all the exhaust.

The whole terminator angle is amusing, but the article would be just as enjoyable without it.

Retail lighting needs to provide the function of making a shoppers experience enjoyable without being intrusive or glaring.

I headed back after this, the roads were a lot more enjoyable without the rain, although the tyres were still not up to scratch.

However, the pace was much more enjoyable without a 100 pound rucksack, rifle, and 250 rounds of ammunition! All told, we covered 30.

Most other people want a drink they can enjoy, that has a good flavor and is more enjoyable without incapacitating you in 20 minutes.

Rand is again in fine touch here, and this is enjoyable without any antagonism from ignorant audience members, as was the case on the Donahue Show.

I liked as a piece of film making too - it took an idea and played it out just long enough to be enjoyable without becoming a bum-crunching 2 1/2 hour epic.

I think the racing genre needs to rest for a few years and wait for a time to reproduce games that are actually fun and enjoyable without so much of a ' grind.

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