Prepositions after "easy"

easy for, on, in, to or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 76% of cases easy for is used

It's easy for the bugs to go in.

Admittedly, is not easy for the U.

It was too easy for the Rossoneri.

Their distance from England made it easy for the colonists to simply ignore these laws.

Microsoft's Exchange and RIM's don't just make it easy for staff to access their email.

Here's a huge customer service tip: Make it EASY for customers to do business with you.

That said, Nolan definitely doesn't make it easy for the viewer, but that's what makes the film so utterly brilliant.

Make it easy for the references to rave about you! Remember that your brand must be transparent in your social media.

So we had to find a way to make it easy for the greater part who uses both Flickr and Facebook to share their photos.

Text-buttons: I'd currently most enthusiastic about text-buttons, because they're easiest for the eye to skip over.

In 6% of cases easy on is used

It is simple, easy on the eyes.

He's pretty easy on the eye too.

The matt ink is easy on the eye.

They were easy on the eye, with the likes of English working his wristy magic in attack.

Laura Nelson: He's extensively easy on the eyes, he's a total buck, and you're - you're.

It does not only allow you to control your down slopes well it is also easy on the back.

Asian wedding invitations are easy on the eyes, as these ones would always have a unique and beautiful feel into them.

Lighting overhead by long-life flourescent bulbs is easy on the eyes and long lasting before needing bulb replacement.

Just as he had thought Begin too soft on Sadat, so he was now regarded by many on his own side as too easy on the PLO.

Just go easy on the caffeine during the day, I have found that if I overload on tea/coffee I feel tired and lethargic.

In 4% of cases easy in is used

It seemed so easy in my memory.

Nothing ever comes easy in life.

He made it look easy in the end.

Vivant is back in form now, but it was not so easy in the beginning when I got him back.

The first and probably easiest in terms of disruption is to get the loft boarded out.

And going far away does mean high fuel costs, which is not easy in these Chinthana days.

Availability of Lithium cells is not that easy in some remote areas, but double-A alkaline cells are easily available.

I think the best way to do good to the poor, is not to make them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them from it.

Racism requires conditioning, the sort of conditioning that is easy in a place like SL, where you have only two races.

I think people who have had it too easy in their early life tend to turn out as uglier people in the ways that matter.

In 4% of cases easy to is used

Friends never came easy to him.

It makes it incredibly easy to.

Make it short and easy to type.

However, I have found that dress-up is a very easy to way to host a young child's party.

Php is easier to learn than that of other programming language like java, c, perl etc.

Cameron (Westminster, WA) Easy to use, and convenient for a foreigner new to the system.

Fabrizio Faniello is not happy representing 2 times in past his country!? Just let the way easy to your sister man!!!!

Ukulele is fun and easy to play--lots of one and two finger chords, and you can pick single-line melody fairly easily.

They are more easy to him who loves, and still more easy to him who perseveres in the practice of these three virtues.

The writer of this illustration is to display the content easy to understand painting is the work along with the text.

In 3% of cases easy with is used

He wasn? t easy with people and.

It is easy with the mention (+).

EASY with the calorie phone app.

And with guests coming over for parties, we suggest you go easy with comfort clothing.

That may be easy with movies, yet harder to come by when we think about a colonoscopy.

Shopping has never already been easy with all the latest purchasing offers accessible.

All sorts of things can happen when you're free and easy with ideas and encouraged by the other lunatics around you.

I must admit that this does not sit easy with me, but there is nothing in the narrative that condemns what they did.

That's easy with the built in commands: type n to jump to the next search hit, then zz to vertically center the line.

Once he told this scribe that he never felt easy with the typewriter and that he could never become a computer-savvy.

In 1% of cases easy as is used

Writing never gets easy as such.

Easy as a refined sugar free pie.

Easy as a pie! You will also notice that you can not post on other people's Twitter pages.

Life wasn't easy as a follower of Jesus but he used none of it as an excuse for giving up.

Getting here is very easy as the East Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station is only a short walk away.

Like this: who forget filling the dishwasher: Nobody! Who started the fire: Somebody (but not me )! See, easy as that.

Easy as! Each Bus traveling to Summerlands will have an allocated amount of seats available until the bus is sold out.

The task of catching corrupted officers is never easy as the state government has hundreds of agencies and departments.

Finding a placement can often be quite easy as lots of companies offer these opportunities due to the lower paid salary.

In 1% of cases easy at is used

This is not as easy at it sounds.

I won 2-0 but it wasn't easy at all.

It's just easier at home, i think.

I really had to build up my skills upon graduation - for me, it was easier at the time.

I know it must not be easy at times, but we do appreciate everything as fans that you do.

Travel is not easy at times with all the planning, packing and even last minutes changes.

What he didn't realise was that good things don't come easy at Leeds, in fact most of the time they don't come at all.

It is easy at times to take the credit, but it is also about the midfielders and strikers because they defend as well.

It's ok though, his parents can sleep easy at night knowing that they did the right thing by denying him a vaccination.

Now it was comparatively easy at that time to trace the horses with the help of professional thieves among the gipsies.

In 1% of cases easy by is used

It is not easy by any means but.

Invention is easy by comparison.

Life really should be easier by.

Getting to Mahabalipuram is easy by road as it is just a two hours ' drive from Chennai.

They make your dress shopping easy by staying up to date with the latest fashion trends.

SEO software will make your life easy by being able to help in search engine submissions.

Rab Nawaz was a very junior officer and his job was not made any easier by the absence of a height finding facility.

Crowd-sourcing was made easy by Twitter, and our conversation reached people none of us had previously connected with.

At last, a great big lump, like our old Major, could do the work made so easy by one of these little grey Ferguson 20s.

The shades are extremely pretty it is quite easy by having an adult to take a position some time by using their certain.

In 1% of cases easy of is used

Everyone has too easy of access.

It is simply too easy of a target.

It's not the easiest of choice.

This called for single mindedness as wine is not the easiest of products to get into.

I hit my 20 Degree Rescue to within 20 inches of the hole for the easiest of birdies.

It looked like the Vees were going to have to nurse a one-goal lead on the road in not the easiest of environments.

Rodgers started with Utd, City and Arsenal in his first five games, not the easiest of ways to ease into a new job.

Despite the numerous challenges to achieve this level in reality, this is actually the easiest of the three levels.

This is the one that Scoilnet Blogs and EduBlogs use and is by far the easiest of the professional platforms to use.

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