Prepositions after "dumb"

dumb down, for, to, as or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 24% of cases dumb down is used

Dumb down the defaults -- fine.

I didn't dumb down this example.

It's a place that doesn't dumb down -- the museums tend to be really well thought out.

But hey, people will still continue to dumb down their speech rather than raise it up.

How much do we have to dumb down the message so people understand there is no free lunch.

I invented testosterone and oestrogen to DUMB down genetic defective humans into thinking they have all the answers.

You already see that it's to dumb down society and manipulate them, but most people can never imagine to what extent.

Since the 1950s and government intrusion we have this idea that we must educate everyone and dumb down the curriculum.

To get these, we ask one another simpler questions; we dumb down our communications, even on the most important matters.

In 13% of cases dumb for is used

All this is too dumb for desktop.

They were struck dumb for a moment.

I am dumber for having read this.

We are all now dumber for having newt in this race and may god have mercy on his soul.

And it's dumb for a very simple reason: because young people are mostly dumb; very dumb.

You get it Rush -- you're once again playing dumb for your audience whom will parrot you.

I feel a bit dumb for being optimistic, because I get to view the world from pretty high on the quality of life ladder.

This seems to hold good with the signs used by the deaf and dumb for light and darkness, for strength and weakness, &c;.

This policy will eventually remove the life blood from our communities and our children will be made the dumber for it.

Draya is sooooo two-faced and also just really dumb for saying that Gloria is fake just because she has her sister's back.

In 9% of cases dumb as is used

Dumb asses through and through.

The guy is dumb as a bag of rocks.

Others are dumb as a box of rocks.

However I'd sick and tired of everyone thinking that we're all blonde and dumb as a brick.

Mi no care who don't agree and who want to cuss, ur far from intelligent ur dumb as a rock.

This move was dumb as a results many customers are gona find alternative brands like Android.

They were stupid I doubt many were smart, but most people seem to regard all dinosaurs as being dumb as a bag of hammers.

I can be sharp as a tack when it comes to reading a book or a statute and dumb as a post when it comes to a relationship.

Posted by: Joe Kermann September 17, 2012, 5:23 pm 5:23 pm Wow, 0bama must think his followers are dumb as a box of rocks.

In 9% of cases dumb to is used

From the dumbest to the smartest.

Diaspora is deaf and dumb to all this.

Pretty still means dumb to most people.

It won't work, of course, but most government officials are just too dumb to understant why.

The box doesn't tell the whole story and alot of store clerks are dumb to the facts as well.

If their story is true, I nominate them for the TDTWAL award - Too Dumb To Walk Around Loose.

They are dumb, maybe not uneducated, but dumb to the world outside of what they have, they envy what unbelievers have.

Or, for that matter, Too Dumb to Fool, especially if the character is good at noticing what is too obvious to be seen.

Never be afraid to be seen or to just act yourself in front of total strangers or to say something really dumb to people.

Catherine is a young mother fretting about not being able to produce enough milk for her newborn and dumb to her own desires.

In 8% of cases dumb in is used

But, don't look dumb in front of her.

You might not look so dumb in the future.

You sure are dumb in setting him up as one.

Not to be rude, but there's so much dumb in this commentary that it pains me to read it.

It's dumb in a good way like gravity is dumb in a good way, and sunlight is dumb in a good way.

Some of these folks were not dumb in a traditional sense (a guy in financial services, a doctor, and a fellow lawyer).

Meaning if something is dumb in this country like a TV show or a politician it's only because there is a demand for it.

He was quiet, inarticulate, and dumb in the traditional sense while Genghis was the epitome of charisma and intelligence.

In 6% of cases dumb by is used

I think he is getting dumber by the minute.

So this book was just plain dumb by my judgement.

You're disgusting and get dumber by the second.

The whole game is unsustainable, the American population is getting dumber by the minute.

Ingrid And STILL the neo-convicts try to reel in the tragically dumb by conflating 9-11 and Iraq.

Ernest Gallo was called a dumb by his school teacher; Richard Branson was told he would end up in jail by his headmaster.

For Luke, it is the silence of poor old Zechariah who is struck dumb by an angel for doubting that Elizabeth would bear a child.

It worked because even though I knew I was getting dumber while watching it, literally, getting dumber by the episode, I still watched.

Fourteen years of higher education and a handful of Ivy League degrees, and there I was, stiff and stupid, struck dumb by my own dumbness.

In 6% of cases dumb of is used

First that was rather dumb of them.

That was dumb of me, and I'd sorry.

Of course I was the dumbest of all.

At my guru-rating page, I said Dave Del Dotto was the dumbest of the real-estate gurus.

When faced with an existential threat even the dumbest of animals know which way to jump.

How dumb of me! Really interesting what you said about how they were tinkering with the wording.

That being said, it is very dumb of men to destroy more than they need and I find capitalism very short sighted indeed.

And you have been patient with my questions, so its double dose of dumb of me to not be paying attention to who is who.

Bunch of average fighters scrapping it out, getting drunk, punching walls, acting like the dumbest of kids out there.

This is as dumb of an idea as Polaroid's decision to get out of the film business and adopt Lady Gaga as their pet monkey.

In 4% of cases dumb about is used

And Disney isn't dumb about their property either.

So they are keeping completely deaf and dumb about it.

So hopeful, so good at English class, so dumb about boys.

Then I spent the next half an hour playing dumb about everything they asked me to do.

We did say though that if she decided to play dumb about it all we would go along with her.

Regarding the Eve, what was dumb about that was the implication that she is THE missing link.

The issue is, if I want free speech, I must defend that right in others, and there is absolutely nothing dumb about that.

You would think that Castillo had a momentary lapse of reason and posted something dumb about the candidate he did not like.

In other words, this Administration is making people dumber about really important policy for their own political benefit.

And what's so dumb about me not wanting to go out of my way to defend a female I'd not even with or love? He wasn't even there.

In 4% of cases dumb on is used

It's a dumb one, too, by the way.

The revival is dumb on two counts.

In my opinion it's kinda dumb on how TOEI actually did that.

Hilariously enough, Faren was actually playing dumb on behalf of the dwarven noble protagonist.

Anonymous Dumb on so many levels you win the Gold, Red and Blue Ribbons to go with your pointy dunce cap.

I am dumb on this I think, and tried to follow the link you gave me, but still kinda left me in the dark.

I guess you would like to blame the fact that you're generation's current youth population is the dumbest on the planet.

This is what you're about and criticizing and harvard economics grad or and grad for that matter is utterly DUMB on your part.

For instance, she has played dumb on tasks she would ordinarily be responsible for, leaving me to figure things out on my own.

Lets see if they will apply consistency and ridicule FFG themselves, or will they feign being dumb on this lone, just like Mr Higgins.

In 4% of cases dumb with is used

They are dumb with a capital D.

They are struck dumb with delusion.

It seems kinda dumb with the system they have now.

Raging Bee July 6, 2011 This Noodle guy seems to be getting dumber with each comment.

They were struck dumb with surprise when Napoleon announced that he had sold the pile of timber to Frederick.

This music will always define a time in my early twenties, dumb with youth, drinking, stumbling round Camden.

The writing was just so bad and i repeatedly wanted to kick the main character in the teeth for being so dumb with her Bella-isms.

Recently a friend of mine from overseas was struck dumb with terror when a policeman insisted on her producing a valid passport and visa.

Mom brain is a real thing - I swear, I'd getting dumber with each baby I have so the notebook is a must! Pretty notebooks are a must for me too.

She needed to have a pee and left the dance class and met Martha Graham in the corridor and was completely struck dumb with terror in her presence.

In 3% of cases dumb at is used

You guys are beyond dumb at this point.

Half of being smart is knowing what you're dumb at.

Remember how dumb you were at 19? I sure was dumb at 19.

I really felt dumb at that point and not at all like an international education blogger.

Honohan said he would have favoured a differant form even though he sung dumb at the time.

We are forced to choose between dumb and dumber at each election and it is just diabolical.

I Determined to Stay with My Strengths and Not Work on My Weaknesses Half of being smart is knowing what you are dumb at.

I hate fan boys in general and unfortunately those in the Apple camp are both the loudest and the dumbest at the moment.

I was so dumb at school my teachers told me to just sit in the back bench, but through making mistakes a learned and learned.

They suck, but I'd not sure how you can call them too dumb at the time they were signed, unless you had an injury-predicting crystal ball.

In 3% of cases dumb like is used

I will, I'd just dumb like that.

Barack is dumb like a fox and just as cunning.

I wish other LTTE terrorists are also dumb like you.

I see that President Obama was being dumb like a fox.

They're not dumb like Jeffrey Thompson; they spend legally.

They phoned three times, played dumb like one of the previous posters, until they clued in.

Make sure her diet covers the basic food groups and she not into vegetarianism or anything really dumb like that.

There is quite a bit of holding on any given play, so let's not play dumb like the offensive line is pure as the driven snow.

Despite the warning, and because he's dumb like that, Nathan goes to see Mosley and is busted and ejected from the hospital by Sarah.

Karen replied to Sahara Mon 11 Feb 08 (07:29pm) This is hilarious! Vegetarianism or anything really dumb like that! you crack me up sahara.

In 1% of cases dumb after is used

So, she is not that dumb after all.

She does seem dumber after this election.

Everyone is now dumber after reading your post.

Now those same forecasters worry the model wasn't so dumb after all, and thus need to bring down the third quarter.

Hard to believe anyone would vote dumb and dumber after four years of law breaking, misuse of presidentual authority, and cowtowing to radical islam.

Timing is everything, and the deeper I go into Scheiber's book, the more I have the impression that Obama and his economic advisors weren't so (politically) dumb after all.

In 1% of cases dumb from is used

I feel like I've gotten 10X dumber from reading your comments.

Inglis was spiting the dumb from Morris toweling him up twice was adorable.

The Son's home invasion gig has been dumb from the start, the return of Hale was.

Moreover, it's dumb from an economic perspective, not helping people get back on their feet to have a good job.

I already knew I wasn't dumb from report cards, exam results and breaking into the teacher's storeroom in year 6 to get my IQ test results.

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