Prepositions after "double"

"double in" or "double for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases double in is used

It will rise and at least double in size.

More than double in comparison to the public.

This number will more than double in 25 years.

They are common in small Arizona towns and have reportedly double in the past few years.

Its prices are hovering around $1 per lbs, which was almost double in the previous year.

At a risk of sounding condescending, that's more than double in favour of the Spaniards.

The UK has an ageing population, with the number of people aged 75 or over set to almost double in the next 25 years.

The number of Muslims in the countries in the Americas is projected to more than double in the next 20 years, from 5.

This sees the event effectively double in size and scale, and the audience is increased to over a thousand attendees.

Canadian securities saw foreign net purchases nearly double in size for September from their previous total in August.

In 16% of cases double for is used

The same goes double for the U.

That goes double for Ter Stegen.

This goes double for older girls.

It goes double for a blogger because there are so many bloggers who can't be trusted.

That goes double for the uber-cretins who didn't miss them but failed to pass them on.

Milwaukee Brewers (8-10 ): That last Matt Kemp comment? It goes double for Ryan Braun.

Dehumanise and train people to kill for a nation and what do you really expect? Goes double for those in the taliban.

In order to be so, the output would have to roughly double for domestic use and double again to service overseas demand.

That goes double for AT &T; and its PR fiasco over the last couple of weeks over its throttling of unlimited data plans.

That goes double for people who's career's are spent behind the computer screen only to go home and watch another screen.

In 10% of cases double to is used

The $7 prizes ALWAYS double to $14.

The $100 prizes ALWAYS double to $200.

That figure is expected to more than double to 10.

Military family quarters built by the Defence Ministry saw costs nearly double to RM3.

US output from eight tight-oil prospects covered by the report will more than double to 1.

Emissions of nitrogen oxides from aircraft will more than double to 4 million tonnes a year.

Today, the same property is being valued for a ' forced sale ' rate by the bank at more than double to what Yours Truly paid in 2002.

In four years the number of channels on Indian television will more than double to 1,500, says a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers report.

The school population was almost double to 1,500 and the Academic staff increased to over sixty (60) including a second Vice Principal.

By then the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Turkish republic -- Erdogan wants GDP per capita to more than double to $25,000.

In 9% of cases double of is used

In fact, it was double of what locals had to pay.

Because in a sense 3840x2160 IS double of 1920x1080.

The maximum time is the double of the standard time.

The number of candidates for the BoD must be at least double of the number of vacancies (i.

Reports show that those with Bachelors degrees make almost double of those that have no college education.

You'll find these agents in Gonder and a trip through them costs approximately double of doing it yourself.

A city like Bangalore generates around 3500-4000 tons of waste while Mumbai and Delhi average almost double of this.

The ' under-recovery ' of oil marketing companies in 2011-12 was Rs 1,38,500 crore, nearly double of that in 2010-11.

Everyone knows that the price of food in Genting is really crazy that all food are priced almost double of normal price.

In June 2009, the price of maize, the country's most important staple, was nearly double of what it was two years earlier.

In 8% of cases double by is used

This is expected to more than double by 2036.

It will more than double by 2016 to $250 billion.

This stock will be double by Easter! Posted by rajdeep.

The number of condoms needed for HIV/AIDS-prevention goals will more than double by 2015.

WHO projects that the number of people with diabetes is likely to more than double by 2030.

While still comparatively low at? 2million, the figures look set to more than double by 2022.

The number of adults 65 years of age and older in the United States is expected to more than double by the year 2040.

The beggar after few minutes got irritated and said he makes more than double by begging and why would he give that up.

For food alone, the World Bank estimates that demand for water will rise 50% by 2030, and the IWMI fears it could nearly double by 2050.

The EU has an average of 25 people over the age of 65 for every 100 people of working age, a figure predicted to more than double by 2060.

In 8% of cases double from is used

During playoff time, the parking is double from $25 to $50.

The time you bought at 11++ was almost double from its low.

Zhang earned almost double from it although none won fame from it.

He got the platinum status by his only song and more than double from United States.

The less fun updates include an insane amount of client work (more than double from one year ago).

He scored on a hit-and-run with Vogelsong at bat, and then, a two-out double from Scutaro knocked in two more runs.

The OECD projects that the total public and private costs of long-term care will more than double from an estimated 1.

The number of eligible Hispanic voters in the United States is expected to almost double from 24 to 40 million by 2030.

In 4% of cases double over is used

Social media spending is forecast to more than double over the next 5 years, to 18.

The number of over-85s in the population will more than double over the next decade.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA, only you can bring in a Candy Candy reference to make be double over laughing.

As well, the number of recipients of OAS is expected to almost double over the next 20 years -- 4.

The IEA predict that, if unchecked, energy demand in non-OECD Asia will more than double over the next 25 years.

Top versus bottom, winless versus unbeaten and one major role reversal after Carlow's double over their country cousins.

The global market for eco-industries is estimated to be at least a trillion Euros, and is expected to almost double over the next 10 years.

On the contrary, under his disastrous economic strategy, national debt is set to nearly double over the next four years from 735 billion to 1.

It has the potential to more than double over the next year or so, if foreign capital begins to trickle back and domestic confidence is revived.

In 3% of cases double plus is used


This is double plus ungood for WUWT.

Double plus ungood is not even English.

If so, that will definitely be double plus ungood.

Double plus ungood is not even duckspeak, it's Newspeak.

Allusion on August 26, 2011 at 3:11 am The idea is double plus good.

But everyone's going to want the unaffordable double plus stuff then.

The Thought Police will be along soon to remove these Double Plus Ungood remarks.

Sven DiMilo February 3, 2010 Double plus ungood is not even duckspeak, it's Newspeak.

In 2% of cases double at is used

Secondary school children required roughly double at 770 per child.

The G63 will set you back 110,000 with the G65 costing more than double at 250,000.

READ MORE 23-year-old Paddy Gerety, who works for Sheila Crow, scored a first double at Eyton.

If you can't travel light, pay online in advance, as the charges usually double at the airport.

However, unemployment among those who had GCE Advanced Level or above was more than double at 10.

A double at Stafford Cross the following day saw Rachael close the gap on championship leader Polly Gundry to just four.

The actual terrain is flat underfoot, but it is common to see climber bent almost double at the waist to keep their balance.

Indoors, then focus on probably the five/ten double at USA's in Des Moines, which is going to be great having it so close to home.

The coverage is more than double AT &T's; 4G LTE coverage at the end of 2011, with still more expansion planned through the end of the year.

In 2% of cases double between is used

It expects Canadian oil sands production to nearly double between 2011 and 2025 to 3.

The aging population 65+ will more than double between the years 2000-2030, increasing to 71.

Food companies listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange saw their revenues more than double between 2006 and 2010.

Also, the number of persons aged between 65 and 84 years are expected to more than double between now and 2050.

Researcher IDC predicts the total shipments of smartphones will more than double between 2009 and 2013, to 391.

Significant investment was also made in tourist infrastructure, leading visitor numbers to almost double between 1998 and 2008.

CBO projects that the government's annual spending on net interest will more than double between 2011 and 2021 as a share of GDP, increasing from 1.

The number of people aged over 100 is expected to nearly double between 2030 and 2035, when it is projected there will be 97,300 centenarians in the UK.

Census Bureau figures, moreover, project that the number of people 65 years and older will more than double between 2000 and 2030--from 35 million to 71.

The population share of those aged 65 and over is expected to more than double between now and 2051, from 11% to approximately 22-26% around 2050 -- 2060.

In 2% of cases double as is used

The cafe walls also double as a gallery.

I also double as the Area President of Bibiani operational area.

One thing I really do like about tents is that they actually double as a staging area.

She also should have asked for more investment, possibly double as the $35K will run through quickly.

The kindergarten play areas often also double as a physiotherapy unit for children with special needs.

Middle class white nerds also double as the sorts of people who become professional television writers.

They also double as a bedroom, so you can save on accommodation by sleeping at a campsite instead of a hostel.

In winter, our electricity bills can almost double as heat is turned up and lights and electronics are on longer.

There is a large four-poster bed in the centre of the room which is framed by delicate, white drapes -- these also double as a mosquito net.

A notebook will help to keep records, may be double as a sketchbook, and in time would record a lot of useful and important knowledge as well.

In 2% of cases double with is used

This goes double with videos with Monckton.

The top 1pc are up more than double with a 117pc rise over the 25 years.

Website clicks nearly double with videos being incorporated into emails 18.

Average cost: Double with bathroom usually around US$25, hostel bed around US$9.

You can invest your own money (that is yours) and make almost DOUBLE with minimal risk involved.

Now that I have this loader mounted, I cut 15 trees that bent double with the recent ice and popped in half.

Following which Kimetto bent double with the effort (and I don't think he was kidding ), suggesting that he had already been at his limit in those final stages.

The non-linearity of temperature can be illustrated by the observation that the rates of chemical reactions broadly double with each temperature increment of 10 oC.

Sam gazed at his Mother -- withered and wan, The rose in her cheek, her bright hair, gone, And her poor old back bent double with years -- And he scarce could speak for the salt, salt tears.

Once safe, Basil's tensity relaxed, and as he considered Riply's unconsciousness of the responsibilities presently to devolve upon him, he bent double with hilarious laughter in the darkness.

In 2% of cases double on is used

ALMOST double on the middle class at the end of this year.

Especially when some airlines charge almost double on the return flight home.

December 11, 2009 Double on debut Makes his Test debut against India at Chennai.

The US already spends more than Double on defense than China and Russia, combined.

Make sure you stock up on your necessities as prices are almost double on Ko Lipe.

They account for only 3% of overall emissions but have grown by 87% since 1990 and could more than double on current trends by 2020.

Democrats five years ago put this cliff in the law that would require student loan interest rates to more than double on July the 1st.

We were grinding it properly and ended up with a 2,000 double on Germany to beat Sweden and Argentina to beat Mexico, both games in the second round.

When u decide to get married what u have done to other married women will be double on you nd ur children cos the tears those women have cried will haunt u.

In 1% of cases double within is used

Hence it is often called God's double within the individual who in turn dedicates a shrine to him.

The estimated percent of the population in the USA over 65 is expected to more than double within the next few years.

Galilee is the proposed site for a series of mega mines that will cause Australia's coal exports to more than double within a decade.

The national debt has increased by 50% in eight years, with almost $1 trillion of this increase due to the war -- an amount likely to more than double within ten years.

If the planet's energy needs will at least double within the next 20 years as expected, a major energy shortage is unavoidable unless renewable energy can take over from fossil fuels.

What does distinguish the Vancouver real estate market from all others is that in the wake of the 2010 Winter Olympics property values are forecasted to almost double within the next four years.

In 1% of cases double since is used

It may be noted that US ETFs have seen their assets more than double since 2008 to $1.

Audit His daughter Tegwen, the charity's operations director, had also seen her salary more than double since 2008, to just over 50,052.

In 1% of cases double inside is used

Swiss midfielder Siem de Jong's double inside the hour was enough to start the party in the Amsterdam Arena.

Double inside thigh wraps - Throw them under your leg and do some maneuvering to have them stay back there and wrap on the opposite leg before pulling them back out.

In 1% of cases double during is used

Increased annual budget by more than double during my tenure as chief grand writer and fund raising staff liaison.

In 1% of cases double Down is used

Not to worry: the Spam Double Down T is here to make your spicy, meaty day.

Ok, and I'd assuming that you, the reader has heard of the Double Down sandwich.

For bars that aren't filled with corpulent families from Idaho, for example, head for the Double Down Saloon (www.

The Double Down irony is that those whom look on us westerners with such envy are those who have more in reality than we do.

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