Prepositions after "distinct"

distinct from, in, to, as or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 87% of cases distinct from is used

Distinct from those two pearl eyes.

Free speech is distinct from liberty.

Each pebble is distinct from the other.

First, prove there is a real operating law of gravity as distinct from the theory.

The world and souls depend on God, though they are separate and distinct from Him.

They are distinct from the other kinds of offerings that we have at the university.

You want to demonstrate the existance of a separate, supernatural law as distinct from the force and the theory.

Distinct from Confucianism, Taoism was one of the greatest religions in China before the appearance of Buddhism.

The beaming human person, as distinct from the shadowy distressed person, emerges through the cathartic release.

Sencha, Gyokuro - As distinct from the pan-fired teas of China, Japan's green teas undergo a process of steaming.

In 6% of cases distinct in is used

Each note was distinct in his head.

Each area is distinct in its own way.

Ogoni nationality is distinct in nature.

It is distinct in its physical attributes -- not too big but it is intimately sized.

Distinct in this instance means that the course is not part of an integrated curriculum.

Dancehall and reggae now exist side by side, for the most part very distinct in lyrical content and musical style.

Wagner planned five endings, yet one is particularly distinct in terms of context and philosophical underpinnings.

The Spanish culture is among the most distinct in the world, and is on full display along the country's coastline.

More than 96 percent of its over eight million borrowers are women making its clearly distinct in clientele nature.

In 2% of cases distinct to is used

The odor is very distinct to me.

That was distinct to nowhere: it was universal.

C Anderton) and 21 are races distinct to the Island.

A phenomenon distinct to Manyara is the occasional spotting of lions on Acacia trees.

Some supplements are distinct to stimulating a thyroid gland and quicken fat burning.

Flex your knowledge by developing a glossary of words and phrases distinct to the area.

Even Matt's approach to photography is quite distinct to mine, which is the primary reason we teach well together.

All pretty distinct to my mind, at least, and all a reflection of the regions in which each family has been based.

Is there something culturally distinct to Bangladesh why there is such a high repayment rate? That is a key question to ask.

Our ability to post a story or comment online to an audience of possible millions is a type of freedom distinct to our time.

In 1% of cases distinct as is used

Whence it follows that elements in the mixed body would be distinct as to situation.

Looking for this season will look simply distinct as the offer can swim on the market.

God is calling his people into a covenantal relationship which makes them distinct as a people.

A group of rock formations closely related in time of origin and distinct as a group from other formations.

The urticarial rash is quite distinct as the weals are very small (2-3 mm) with a red flare around each one.

Mars is distinct as a reddish star, but it is now too far away to see any features on its surface using a telescope.

Just like the two traditions they represent, our two Brigids are as separate and distinct as the cities of Cork and Dublin.

The muffled voices grew more distinct as the syllables began to test words and form sentences -- and then pleading questions.

It must be free from avoidable obscurity or ambiguity and must be as simple and distinct as the difficulty of description permits.

The snare gave an equally impressive performance, being as tonally distinct as the other drums and just as capable in the volume stakes.

In 1% of cases distinct for is used

It is distinct for its minty flavor and can be used with tea.

But two such kinds of aristocracy could not be kept distinct for lon.

Though the roads to success were diverging and distinct for each director.

Afroz is an accomplished artist who is distinct for certain aspects of her pictorial practice.

Culturally distinct for every individual is born differently as designed by God Creator of every religion.

Karibu hotel, a Two Star City Hotel, is distinct for its convenient positioning in the Central Business District.

Infrared headphones still remain to be distinct for the reason that of their ability to use infrared light to operate.

Andhra Cuisine is distinct for its hot and spicy food with a range of chutneys, curries, meat preparations and pickles.

Nevertheless, the two types of inferential difficulties are sufficiently distinct for it to be fruitful to study them separately.

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