Prepositions after "disloyal"

disloyal to, for, in, by or towards?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 85% of cases disloyal to is used

Criticism of PAP = disloyal to SG.

Nor as violent and disloyal to democracy.

Surratt was not disloyal to the Union cause.

And they have no real algorithm for assessing the cost of being disloyal to customers.

William Johnson's ancestors had had their property seized for being disloyal to Britain.

A woman of suspicion imagines that her husband is, lawfully or unlawfully, disloyal to her.

Many GP's thinks that this idea will be disloyal to them and due to this reason they are not supporting this idea.

She demanded loyalty to her from this group, but when it suited her as an individual she was disloyal to the group.

These agreed to live peacefully with the Spaniards and beg pardon for Soliman who was disloyal to his plighted word.

The life online buzzes in the background, a fact that leaves me feeling vaguely disloyal to my there-embedded friends.

In 4% of cases disloyal for is used

No one thought of them as disloyal for wanting to better their lot.

This failure to openly acknowledge defeat, made it almost disloyal for critical minds like Dr.

The bashing then reaches outrageous levels when players are branded disloyal for moving clubs.

Clearly Podolski and Giroud are disloyal for leaving their clubs, under contract too, no? Explain to me how RVP was disloyal.

I have been on leadership teams where dissent has been strangled and you are classed as disloyal for disagreeing at any time.

What gives them the right to act like the inquisition? How the hell is someone disloyal for not knowing how they will vote in three months time.

For Asiedu Nketia to turn round and attempt to expel the founder of the NDC for a mess caused by himself is particularly dangerous and disloyal for two reasons.

In 4% of cases disloyal in is used

He was disloyal in every sense of the word.

You are not being disloyal in allowing yourself to move forward.

This does not mean that expatriates have been disloyal in any way.

These Copperheads or Peace Democrats were not necessarily disloyal in the sense that they supported Confederate victory in the war.

There was nothing disloyal in the speech, but it will have reminded Lib Dem delegates very effectively that, were Clegg to stand down, another candidate is available.

The reckoning it defined and articulated was not with an adversary who had simply gone astray or been disloyal in their eyes, but with one who had betrayed principle itself.

Apart from the jibe about Cameron's lack of knowledge of Latin, and the reminder that Johnson won an election (unlike you-know-who ), it was hard to spot anything disloyal in it at all.

In 2% of cases disloyal by is used

I am not being disloyal by giving this fact away, it is simply the way it is.

Benton, who was also accused of being disloyal by McCarthy for having much of his company's work printed in England, was defeated in the 1952 elections.

Benton, who was also accused of being disloyal by Joseph McCarthy for having much of his company's work printed in England, was defeated in the 1952 elections.

In 2% of cases disloyal towards is used

The children may feel disloyal towards the absent parents.

In 1% of cases disloyal about is used

There's nothing inherently disloyal about running for office against someone.

In 1% of cases disloyal at is used

You have already had a major disappointment with this guy, he has been terribly disloyal at a time when you need him most.

In 1% of cases disloyal of is used

It would have been insensitive, wicked and disloyal of me to start saying it's better to hand over to Jonathan three weeks after the travel of my boss.

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