Prepositions after "digital"

"digital in", "digital for" or "digital by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 20% of cases digital in is used

Then we can go digital in training.

I'd not opposed to digital in the slightest.

New Zealand television is going digital in stages.

I see your name popping up all over the place today in the Cape digital in South Africa.

The illusion that this space, however large, is infinite is the aura of the digital in action.

I'll probably have to have my antenna's direction adjusted to face that way when we go digital in 2013.

Here I wanted to say a few things to complement the strategy by putting our ideas about assisted digital in context.

Therefore, the word digital in itself, is also something that can mean many things as far as a smart standpoint goes.

With two major launches under their belt in 2012, the IIA continue to lead the way in championing digital in Ireland.

And 300 out of the 400 are in India where we do a lot of work to ensure convergence of data and digital in real time.

In 12% of cases digital by is used

Too much reliance on ' digital by default '.

UK is a key element in the Digital by Default agenda.

Khushbu was already running Digitree Digital by then.

As Will mentioned just now, digital by default policy is a defining trait of cs reform.

It is expected that Aurora viewers will make the switch to digital by purchasing a VAST set top box.

We propose that this relationship should be open by default, digital by default, networked and agile.

Based on experiences overseas there will be a small percentage of households that won't be digital by 30 September.

Going forward they'll used Government services online almost every day too; that's the implication of Digital by Default.

They make products that are digital by their very nature: database-driven applications, interactive video, or mobile apps.

In 12% of cases digital for is used

This isn't digital for digital's sake.

But I want to stay digital for a while.

For people who are going digital for their retail games they'll need an external HD.

FSC's been on standard digital for years, and they just added FS+ to the sports pak.

Not really new, was a collaboration with Polyphony Digital for Gran Turismo 5 back in 2010.

Smith had also been the Head of Digital for both Vodafone NZ and then Fairfax Media prior to undertaking consultancy work.

As more readers choose digital for easy reading and reference, Dove Digital is responding with a further series of ebooks.

Additionally, the company's advertising budget increased by 33 percent for fall, which includes digital for the first time.

In 8% of cases digital at is used

I bought them in digital at my expense.

I only went fully digital at the end of last year.

Other nations are also going digital at the moment.

Digital at its core Okay, so you might expect this in a book written by digital peeps.

He was also previously head of digital at Langland, winning over 30 awards for his digital.

Auerbach was formerly senior vice president, director, digital at Initiative Media in New York City.

About seven years ago, the head of digital at one of the major record labels said something that has stuck with me ever since.

Ali was enjoying his last week as Head of Digital at Cathay Pacific when the company finally made the official press announcement.

What I think is interesting though is how we go about embedding digital at the core of what very traditional established venues do.

In 8% of cases digital to is used

The adaptor contains a DAC (digital to audio converter).

They called themselves JES Digital to the NY Daily News.

Technology trend of the year: From digital to real world 6.

Measure from the front of the body of your digital to the base of your antique camera.

All the computer generated imagery (CGI) was been handed over from Weta Digital to ILM.

Those with a considered and well executed strategy can connect the dots and drive retail from digital to destination.

Story time! In my transition from compact digital to DSLR I was not happy with the close-up photos I was now getting.

Would anyone want to move from Digital to Film? I can't answer that in general but for myself the answer is a probable MAYBE.

In 6% of cases digital as is used

It's digital as opposed to digitised.

Digital as a mindset not a skill set.

I only distrust digital as a replacement of film.

Carving out digital as a standalone discipline just doesn't make sense in this context.

And, a while back I put up a short presentation on usuing digital as part of your job hunting.

I feel for it to be effective, it must be global and use digital as a tool for knowledge production and distribution.

In my observation, there are many people embracing digital as a fashion accessory but unfortunately lack the passion.

It can buy it whenever it wants, not break a sweat, and establish digital as the permanent form of distribution forever.

The aura of information reveals itself via the digital as a mystification that strips physical reality from consciousness.

In 6% of cases digital with is used

Learn how to go digital with iTunes.

In other words: I shoot digital with a film mentality.

My aids now are fully digital with a graphic equaliser.

Retro Thing combined digital with vintage technology in producing its new joystick.

We hear about reasons why students in general are not going digital with textbooks.

Even if I have old VCR tapes, those can be converted to digital with a DVD burner and a cable.

I moved to digital with the D50 way back in 2005 and was still using it until it was stolen recently while on a trip.

Are they an experienced marketer with little or no exposure to Digital? Or someone who is, on the whole, a believer in digital with reasonable exposure to it (e.

In 6% of cases digital on is used

I also shoot digital on the on the D700's.

We're going all digital on the Limbaugh Letter.

The screen was converted to IMAX digital on 3/11/2011.

Q: With digital on the rise, the role of the publisher really does come into question.

I also figured one day everything would show up in digital on subscription music services.

And part of it is the sheer volume of it I have -- and this having gone digital on two key bills.

And oh my! What a treat to have our messaging move from a buzzer or voice-activated message to digital on our pagers.

Matt is a business strategist and speaker who has worked in digital on both the agency and enterprise side since 1994.

Squirt the Digital on a clean cloth then softly get rid of the tv screen or utilize an anti -- stationary Digital cloth.

I would still need persuading to go completely digital on any platform as well but if cost is too high I wouldn't even consider it.

In 2% of cases digital out is used

The mobile device brings digital out of the home and office.

Sonos digital out is a good one, as well as the digital out of a Squeezebox Touch.

It is part of a wider campaign supported by radio, outdoor, digital out of home and print placements.

Daypart advertising on digital out of home formats allows advertisers to tailor their message/product to time.

I don't normally write about digital out of home (DOOH) because it's rarely an interesting or evoling area of digital marketing.

Digital Out of Home Experience OMD created a storefront campaign at the MLB Fan Cave that would engage consumers through FourSquare.

Outdoor and Mobile Media Embrace Further Development Digital Out of Home (OOH) advertising will increase in China at a faster rate than non-digital outdoor, the report says.

Digital out of home, digital television, mobile, APIs are all creating new ways of consumers to access information, control flow and content and contribute to the conversation.

Digital Out of Home) leaving the 4th screen being your mobile phone!!! We don't particularly like that view, if you look these days at teenagers, tweenagers, 18 -- 30 folks etc.

In 2% of cases digital versus is used

In summary, I don't see a digital versus physical argument in general.

This dichotomy can be easily seen in the treatment of digital versus physical products.

It won't apply so well to old digital versus new -- because the sensors changed so much.

And, the average reader can not tell the difference between digital versus offset printing.

Does it really have to be a case of digital versus creative? About the author Sara Stanford Sara Stanford graduated from Cardiff School of Journalism in 2010.

It is not a question of digital versus print, nor is it a case of digital destroying print journalism; it is recognising whether how your brand should evolve if revenue and readership call for it.

In 2% of cases digital into is used

These are like eruptions of the digital into the physical world.

I utilize a large format printer to translate the digital into the real world as a flat inkjet print.

Over the last year or so, McDonald's has developed a long term strategy to bring digital into the heart of the business.

He has been working with clients to provide award winning campaigns and results for over 10 years and sees his role as translating the magical world of digital into tangible business.

In 2% of cases digital from is used

Honestly i think the vita is kind of getting it right because everything was digital from day one.

RT, I don't entirely disagree, having done my own d &p; and enlarging for 40+ years and then digital from 2002.

Changing Production? Well its going to be digital from the camera through to the end device even if it is broadcast.

But anticipating future runs where there may be multiple SKU's and smaller runs, they decided to start with digital from the beginning.

One of the things our grandchildren will find quaintest about us is that we distinguish the digital from the real, the virtual from the real.

Sean proceeds to welcome us to the launch of the party website and says that they were glad to have bloggers there and some Ogra FF members to hear more about Blue State Digital from Joe Rospars.

In 1% of cases digital of is used

There have been a number of physical store locations going digital of late.

Some products like software and TV schedules are also amenable to digital of electronic transmission.

All these are worthy points of concern which would justifiably inspire a little terror in even the most digital of archivists.

Kristian Segerstrale Executive Vice President, Digital Kristian Segerstrale is Executive Vice President, Digital of Electronic Arts.

The digital of the image stands in for the divinity of the Christ, while the iPad embodies the Virgin flesh in which the image is impressed.

In 1% of cases digital about is used

Something digital about social media.

You'll still have to go to the grocery store to pick up a carton of milk, there's nothing digital about that.

Baker spoke to All Things Digital about Watson's mistake, where he elaborated on how it can appear both smart and stupid at the same time.

Baker spoke to All Things Digital about Watson's mistake, where he elaborated on how it can seem both intelligent and foolish during a same time.

Currently touring the UK with the book, James Sallis spoke to Dazed Digital about the nature of Driver, writing a sequel and whether Gosling will star in a potential film adaptation.

It becomes evident that longevity is Lang's and Bamford's meeting point and perched on the shop's counter, the two collaborators speak to Dazed Digital about the significance behind these watches.

In 1% of cases digital over is used

H &R; Block has been making steady progress in digital over the last two years, outperforming its rivals in this space.

And even if they could, would they want to (read here, here and here )? That's the advantage of digital over mainstream.

Musili says that they have the technology and capacity to produce digital TVs, something which will become necessary as the broadcasters migrate to digital over the coming months.

If you're a Virgin or Sky subscriber, due to massive idiocy those companies STILL don't offer Dolby Digital over HDMI, so you'll need to use these to get the best sound out of the system.

In 1% of cases digital plus is used

The Kindle Fire HD has another first for a tablet: the next generation Dolby Digital Plus audio platform.

In 1% of cases digital rather is used

In travel it makes much more sense to have digital rather than traditional paper books.

These techniques have now been developed for digital rather than photographic recording of conventional radiographs.

I don't think Radiohead ever claimed to be doing anything more than inviting debate on the issues of leaked music, digital rather than physical copies of music, and music's intrinsic financial value.

In 1% of cases digital through is used

Of course, he has a close relationship with Weta Digital through Avatar.

The assistance package has been operating on the West Coast and in Hawke's Bay for seven months and Mrs Smith was the 2000th person to go digital through the package.

It is also about how ordinary people who are not part of the digital revolution access the digital through un-official means? such as piracy and thus stake their claims,? he said.

In 1% of cases digital vs is used

Digital vs linear arts TV Back at the BBC, Bell was upbeat about The Space -- the 2.

Tom Wright The digital vs print argument is a misnomer, a complete and total red herring, a total blind alley.

In 1% of cases digital before is used

The music industry went digital before the image industry.

You must upgrade to digital before 24 October to avoid losing your TV reception.

He started his career at Videocon and also headed Reliance Digital before his stint as President of Future Group Electronics Store Ezone.

As part of an EU directive to make all TV transmissions go digital before the end of 2012, both Free TV services have to be live before the end of the year.

In 1% of cases digital without is used

You can not have real creativity in digital without the understanding and working knowledge of the actual channels.

But it's pretty dumb to make pronouncements and projections about how much of the market will eventually go digital without factoring in those numbers.

Mp3 player is a good tool for them who've moved their music collection to their computer systems since they're digital without having any movable parts.

As Rumi Ahmed wrote in February 2009: A new generation of entrepreneurs, engineers and IT professionals made Bangladesh digital without much government help or vision.

It may be worth noting that you can convert your records to digital without the need for USB 's; using the audio input on your computer and the free audacity software.

No, what this means, what this actually proves, is that you can be a success in digital without being a nerd or a geek, without really knowing the first thing about computers.

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